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24 Jan 2016 description

The World Health Organization confirmed a new case of Ebola in Sierra Leone Thursday, the second since West Africa celebrated the end of the epidemic last week.

By Ryan Lenora Brown, Correspondent Silas Gbandia, Contributor

12 Mar 2015 description

By Silas Gbandia, Contributor MARCH 11, 2015

Having lost family members themselves, Ebola survivors often face discrimination when they return to their communities. They also suffer from unexpected health side-effects from the virus.

FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE — For Fonti Kargbo, Ebola fills up his waking hours.

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23 Sep 2014 description

FREETOWN — A three-day lockdown in Sierra Leone aimed at stemming the worst Ebola epidemic on record has identified dozens of new infections, but has not reached everyone in the country and is likely to be extended, a senior official said on Sunday.

In one of the most extreme strategies employed since the epidemic began, Sierra Leone ordered its 6 million residents to stay indoors as volunteers circulated to educate households as well as isolate the sick and remove the dead.

28 Jun 2011 description

The West African nation plans to boost food production via a $400 million project to aid smallholders: subsistence growers farming on plots that average a mere four acres.

By Paige McClanahan, Correspondent / June 28, 2011

Freetown, Sierra Leone

• West Africa Rising is a weekly look at business, investment, and development trends.

26 Jul 2010 description

Forget the lack of rebels roaming villages or how many fewer women now face sexual violence, the best sign that Sierra Leone is moving past its brutal civil war is the fact that a trash truck now plies the streets of Freetown.

By Jina Moore, Guest blogger / July 26, 2010

Freetown, Sierra Leone

In Freetown recently, I came face to face with something that made me a believer: a trash truck.

A believer in what? That depends on what or whom you credit with the appearance of the trash truck. A newly buoyant national government?

09 Jul 2008 description

Forgiveness is more than a generous heart, it's a practical matter in hardscrabble village life.

By Jina Moore | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

GPAINGBANKORDU, SIERRA LEONE - Before the war, when his village and his family and his body were whole, Temba Kekura was a farmer. He had few things, simple things, the things he needed - land, crops, family, and two strong arms. Then he became part of a story that repeats, village after Sierra Leonean village.

The rebels came. They looted, burned houses, raped. They killed Mr.

07 Jul 2008 description

Inspired by childhood memories of community rituals, human rights activist John Caulker treks across Sierra Leone to reconcile war crime perpetrators and their victims.

By Jina Moore | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

Kailahun District, Sierra Leone - John Caulker might know the rough, red-rock roads of rural Sierra Leone better than he knows the hallways of his own office in Freetown, the seaside capital.

There, streets are crowded equally by people and piles of trash - a sign, in its own unintentional way, of abundance. Kids hawk candies, shammies, pirated DVDs, …

10 Aug 2007 description

The war-torn country holds its first election without foreign peacekeepers on Saturday.

By Tristan McConnell, Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

Freetown, Sierra Leone - The last time residents of Sierra Leone were asked to choose their president, the tiny West African country was just coming out of a brutal 11-year civil war fueled by the illicit trade of "blood diamonds." There were 17,000 international peacekeepers in the country and the process was run by the United Nations.

Five years later, the peacekeepers are gone and Sierra Leone is trying to show …

22 May 2002 description

Diamonds fueled a decade of civil war. Can the nation's new leaders rein in illegal mining and trading?

By Danna Harman | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

KOIDU, SIERRA LEONE - The murky river Meya runs straight through Koidu town. Six months ago, a visitor would have seen thousands of teenage boys doubled over in the river - shirts off, brows dripping with sweat - sifting for diamonds.

Today, most of those boys are gone.

07 Nov 2001 description

By Danna Harman | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

MAKENI, SIERRA LEONE - Gibril Massaquoi fiddles with his heavy gold rings, one on each finger, as he ponders an uncertain future.

"We are prepared to give in our weapons, but we want something to do afterward," says Mr. Massaquoi, spokesman for the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), the rebel group that is disarming under a November cease-fire with the government. Nearby, a dozen ex-fighters sit around Massaquoi's porch looking bored, as a bevy of young girls paint their toenails. "We need schools.

30 Oct 2001 description

Child protection groups in Sierra Leone believe that thousands of children were branded by rebel armies.

By Danna Harman | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

BAFODIA VILLAGE, SIERRA LEONE - It's a hot evening in Bafodia village. A handful of children sit around the Mango trees, drenched in sweat, half-heartedly humming tunes as they slap away the mosquitoes.

All of them are shirtless in the heat, except two. Kaiadicu Kamara wears a turtleneck. Alfred Mansaray itches at his wool sweater.

19 Jul 2001 description

By Greg Campbell Special to The Christian Science Monitor

A sick baby died in the African heat only hours before she was to be evacuated from the war zone in which she'd lived most of her short life.

She died amid a small knot of tired, desperate, and sick refugees who are among the estimated 2 million people who have been displaced during this country's two-decade civil war.

Early that Sunday morning they were registered for evacuation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and told to wait for a helicopter.

13 Jul 2001 description

Many have disarmed since a May 15 peace deal, but diamonds form stumbling block.

By Greg Campbell Special to The Christian Science Monitor

Only a few months ago, Bila Lahaji and Bukari Borbor would have shot the people they now call neighbors and friends.

30 Aug 2000 description

The weekend abduction of 11 peacekeepers sparks debate over 'mission creep' in Sierra Leone.

By Alexander MacLeod, Special to The Christian Science Monitor

In West Africa, Britain is facing a situation similar to what confronted the United States seven years ago in Somalia. The weekend abduction of 11 British peacekeeping troops by rebels in Sierra Leone has uncanny echoes of the American experience on Africa's east coast in 1993. Whether its response also echoes the US's remains to be seen.

10 Aug 2000 description

The UN today decides on an international court, and the US will send troops to train peacekeepers.

By Minh T. Vo, Special to The Christian Science Monitor

The rebel leader accused of seizing Sierra Leone's diamond mines to finance his rebel group's exceptionally brutal, decade-long civil war, may soon have to face an international court.

Today, the United Nations Security Council will consider a resolution, pushed by the United States, to establish a war-crimes court for the tiny West African nation.

12 Jul 2000 description

By Larry Thompson

Peacekeeping on the cheap is a recipe for failure. Sierra Leone is the latest case in point, as its fragile peace accord unravels unhindered by international peacekeeping efforts.

The resumption of hostilities between government and rebel forces in May - in which rebels took hundreds of UN peacekeepers prisoner - was hardly a surprise. It was clear from the moment the peace agreement was signed last July that the fragile accord would need a strong peacekeeping presence to enforce it.

06 Jun 2000 description

By Ed Royce

Out of the chaos of the Sierra Leone peacekeeping operation, Washington has a chance to lead a winning international effort. This will require quick action, bold vision, and a significant American engagement in Sierra Leone.

Unless the US is willing to make such a commitment, it would be best to leave Sierra Leoneans to their own fate.

17 May 2000 description

By Dennis Jett

The chaos in Sierra Leone presents the UN with no attractive options. With its largest peacekeeping operation teetering on the brink of failure, the UN can withdraw and suffer a humiliating blow to its prestige and its efforts at peacekeeping. It can reinforce the 7,000 troops there and confront rebels threatening the peace and peacekeepers. Finally, it can try to reason with Foday Sankoh, the leader of the rebels.

15 May 2000 description

By Minh T. Vo, Special to The Christian Science Monitor

Even before reaching its first anniversary, a peace accord that gave Sierra Leoneans an uneasy respite from eight years of civil war was shot to pieces. Fighting escalated yesterday as rebels retook the strategic town of Masiaka on the main highway to the capital, Freetown. And since May 1, they have taken some 500 United Nations peacekeepers hostage, confiscating their guns, ammunition, armored vehicles, and uniforms.

12 May 2000 description

As fighting erupted throughout the country this week, thousands of people trudged toward Freetown.

By Corinna Schuler , Special to The Christian Science Monitor

Reports of rebel attacks just 18 miles from Freetown have provoked thousands of people to flee their homes and move toward Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, in columns that stretched for as far as the eye can see.

"People say the rebels are coming," says Maria Kamara, sweating as she trudges toward Freetown with a bulging sack on her head and five young children at her side.