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07 Oct 2002 description

Fighting broke out Sunday around the northern city of Bouaké as cease-fire talks faltered.

By Nicole Itano, Special to the Christian Science Monitor

ABIDJAN, IVORY COAST - Late Saturday afternoon, eight foreign and defense ministers from six West African countries sat slumped in the red canvas seats of a roaring French C-160 cargo plane, sweat dripping down their faces, frustration in their eyes.

18 Sep 2002 description

How one African country went from a bloody 10-year civil war to a stable democracy in just two years

By Danna Harman, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE - A few days after New Year's 1999, the rebel group Revolutionary United Front (RUF), together with gangs of former government soldiers, staged the most violent attack yet on the capital, Freetown. The mission was code-named "Spare No Living Thing." Thousands of civilians were killed, raped, and mutilated with machetes. The sky filled with circling vultures, drawn to the blood.

20 Aug 2002 description

By Greg Campbell

27 Jun 2002 description

By Ann Scott Tyson, Special correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

03 Jun 2002 description

Refugees are gathering in camps and flowing into Sierra Leone as rebels may move on Monrovia.

By Danna Harman | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

GBARNGA, LIBERIA - The refugee camp is deserted, the displaced people gone. They ran away in a panic, not even sure who was after them. They did not leave much behind: a child's shoe here, a diary there. But then, they didn't have much to begin with. And now they are homeless again, shuffling down the roads looking for their next shelter.

22 May 2002 description

Diamonds fueled a decade of civil war. Can the nation's new leaders rein in illegal mining and trading?

By Danna Harman | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

KOIDU, SIERRA LEONE - The murky river Meya runs straight through Koidu town. Six months ago, a visitor would have seen thousands of teenage boys doubled over in the river - shirts off, brows dripping with sweat - sifting for diamonds.

Today, most of those boys are gone.