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07 Sep 2017 description
report Deutsche Welle

A mudslide devastated the capital, Freetown, three weeks ago. Life is slowly returning to normal, but residents of the areas most affected are still coming to terms with what happened, as Olivia Acland reports.

In Kamayama, a community in Freetown built on and around steep riverbanks, life looked like it was slowly getting back to normal. Two local football teams were battling it out on a dry mud pitch. A hundred spectators stood by, watching keenly.

09 Feb 2015 description
report Deutsche Welle

The test by a German pharmaceutical company is easy to use and store. It comes at a time when Ebola infections in western Africa are on the rise again.

Good news in the fight against Ebola: German pharmaceutical company Stada announced on Monday that it would launch a rapid test for Ebola in March.

The test was developed by researchers at the German diagnostics firm Senova. It will be sold to aid organizations all over the world for 3.20 euro (3.66 US dollars) a piece and yields results in 10 minutes, based on patients' pre-treated blood samples.

05 Feb 2015 description
report Deutsche Welle

Former Ebola patients are complaining about after-effects. Some have vision problems, others joint-pains. Have they developed an autoimmune response or has Ebola triggered the outbreak of a pre-existent illness?

Medics treating survivors of Ebola are reporting numerous cases in which survivors are showing specific after-effects in the weeks and months after the infection. The symptoms now also have a name: Post-Ebola Syndrom (PES).

27 Nov 2014 description
report Deutsche Welle

Good news has been rare when it comes to the Ebola outbreak. Now, there's a glimmer of hope. One vaccine has yielded promising results in humans - even if it has its drawbacks.

For months, bad news - even bordering on the apocalyptic - was the norm when it came to Ebola in West Africa: Exponential infection rates, agonizing deaths, and an epidemic lasting much longer than expected.

For those waiting anxiously for a sign of hope, maybe - just maybe - here it is.

13 Nov 2014 description
report Deutsche Welle

Ebola patients in Liberia can now be treated in a new center set up in Monrovia with funding from German aid organizations. A German armed forces airlift will keep supplies flowing in.

18 Oct 2014 description
report Deutsche Welle

The federal government has upped its financial contribution for Ebola response efforts six-fold to 100 million euros ($127 million), calling the situation in West Africa "extremely worrying."

In the face of criticism that Germany is not contributing enough to international efforts to stem the spread of Ebola, Berlin announced Friday it would pledge 100 million euros, up from its earlier commitment of 17 million euros.

25 Sep 2014 description
report Deutsche Welle

The World Health Organization has warned in a new study that the number of Ebola infections could triple to 20,000 by November if efforts to stop the outbreak are not stepped up radically.

So far, just under 6,000 people are estimated to have contracted the disease since the first cases were reported six months ago, just under three thousand have died. Dr Christopher Dye is the Head of Strategy at the World Health Organization (WHO) and a co-author of a new WHO study.

DW: Dr Dye, is Ebola now out of control in West Africa?