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04 Aug 2011 description

Female child combatants - 40 percent of all child soldiers - often go overlooked. Greater attention is warranted to the gender-specific roles and challenges they face from combat to rehabilitation.

By Cassandra Clifford for ISN Insights

19 May 2011 description

In its 11th year of operation, internal cracks in the Kimberley Process are visible, as Zimbabwean, Ivorian and Congolese undocumented diamonds continue to trickle into the global market via third parties such as Mozambique.

By Michele Acuto for Diplomatic Courier (DC)

09 May 2011 description

To tackle Cote d’Ivoire’s intractable problems after the demise of Gbagbo’s regime, security sector reform, reconciliation, resettlement and development must work in tandem.

By Yusuf Bangura for openDemocracy

11 Dec 2009 description

Sierra Leone's brutal civil war is a receding memory, but corruption and poverty need addressing to avoid any relapse, Simon Roughneen writes for ISN Security Watch.

By Simon Roughneen in Freetown for ISN Security Watch

The civil war in Sierra Leone was one of the most violent conflicts anywhere in the late 20th century.