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19 Jul 2016 description
report International Alert

Peacebuilders have a duty to understand and demonstrate the impact of their work in terms of helping to create more peaceful, more inclusive and equitable societies. Gender is a key factor in conflict and peacebuilding, and in determining people’s positions of relative power or vulnerability, and thus having a better understanding of how different women, girls, men, boys, trans- and intersex persons are affected can only help in better grasping both conflict and peacebuilding.

29 Jun 2012 description
report International Alert

The Media, Information Flows and Conflict cluster of the Initiative for Peacebuilding – Early Warning project has aimed to understand how information flows can contribute to or undermine peace in post-conflict countries and what challenges media face in reporting accurately and responsibly.

24 Dec 2010 description
report International Alert

International Alert recently published a report examining women's representation in parliament in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

28 Sep 2010 description
report International Alert

In just two years' time, elections in Sierra Leone will mark a decade since the end of the bloody civil war. Since the war was officially declared over, there have been some notable achievements. The country's first peaceful and democratic handover of power from one political party to another took place in 2007. Free health care for all pregnant and breastfeeding women has been introduced to combat Sierra Leone's alarming maternal mortality rate.

21 Aug 2009 description
report International Alert

International Alert recently brought together in Gbarnga, Liberia, members of the traditional and formal justice communities to share experiences and expertise in order to improve access to justice for female victims of sexual violence, including both women and girls.

In Liberia, as in many parts of West Africa, women and girls suffer high rates of gender-based violence (GBV). After more than a decade of civil unrest and systemic lack of state capacity, the country's structures and institutions of justice have broken down and are under-serving victims of this violence.

01 Feb 2008 description
report International Alert

This report outlines the findings and recommendations of a workshop with representatives from Burundian and Sierra Leonean civil society organisations (CSOs) working in the field of gender equality and women's empowerment organised by International Alert on 25th to 29th February 2008.

01 Aug 2007 description
report International Alert

Historically, women have been discriminated against and are heavily under-represented in the traditionally male-dominated political and socioeconomic decision-making structures of Sierra Leone. Gender inequalities are prevalent throughout society, with women being more likely to be illiterate and suffer extreme poverty, their rights are frequently violated, and they have little access to resources or opportunities. This burden affects society as a whole, and can adversely affect the potential for sustainable peacebuilding and development by disempowering and marginalising more than half of …

23 Oct 2000 description
report International Alert

NGO Statement read out at the ARRIA FORMULA
Meeting of the UNSC
October 23rd 2000.
The NGO Working Group (1) on Women and International Peace and Security, including International Alert, the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Amnesty International, the Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children, and the Hague Appeal for Peace would like to thank the Government of Namibia for taking this opportunity to bring the issue of women, peace and security to the attention of the United Nations Security Council.