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25 Sep 2009 description

The Kimberley Process: Too Important to Fail, Too Important for Pretense

By all indications, and from the evidence gathered for this year's Diamonds and Human Security Annual Review, the Kimberley Process (KP), designed to halt and prevent the return of "conflict diamonds", is failing. The cost of a collapse would be disastrous for an industry that benefits so many countries, and for the millions of people in developing countries who depend, directly and indirectly on it. A criminalized diamond economy would re-emerge and conflict diamonds could soon follow.

25 Sep 2009 description

Le Processus de Kimberley : trop important pour échouer, trop important pour faire semblant

Tout porte à croire, notamment les preuves réunies pour la présente Revue annuelle sur les diamants et la sécurité humaine, que le Processus de Kimberley (PK), conçu pour mettre un terme aux « diamants de guerre » et en prévenir la réapparition, est sur la voie de l'échec. Le coût de son effondrement serait désastreux pour une industrie qui profite à tant de pays, et pour les millions de personnes de pays en développement qui en dépendent, directement ou indirectement.

26 Jun 2009 description

A coalition of civil society organisations acknowledged some progress at the close of the sixth Intersessional meeting of Kimberley Process Certification Scheme in Windhoek, Namibia this week but said that more action was needed from governments to ensure the scheme's effectiveness.

30 Nov 2008 description

Le commerce illicite : une porte d'entrée pour les diamants de guerre

Le commerce illicite des diamants bruts est l'une des plus grandes menaces auxquelles est confronté le Système de certification du Processus de Kimberley (PK) pour les diamants bruts. Le PK a été créé pour stopper et prévenir le commerce des diamants de guerre, qui a coûté la vie à un grand nombre de personnes au cours des deux dernières décennies.

30 Nov 2008 description

The illicit trade: Gateway for conflict diamonds

The illicit trade in rough diamonds is one of the greatest threats facing the Kimberley Process (KP) certification scheme. The KP was created to halt and prevent the trade in conflict diamonds that cost so many lives during the last two decades.

08 Aug 2000 description

Conference Report, Ottawa, June 21-23, 2000.

1. Summary
2. By way of an introduction, comments from the Conference...
3. Security
4. Resource Management
5. Relief and Development

12 Jan 2000 description

This study is about how diamonds - small pieces of carbon with no great intrinsic value - have been the cause of widespread death, destruction and misery for almost a decade in the small West African country of Sierra Leone. Through the 1990s, Sierra Leone's rebel war became a tragedy of major humanitarian, political and historic proportions, but the story goes back further - almost 60 years, to the discovery of the diamonds. The diamonds are, to use the title of Graham Greene=92s classic 1948 novel about the Sierra Leone, The Heart of the Matter.