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11 Oct 2005 description

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone - Bintu Mansary's father was shot and killed as she and her family tried to escape the rebel attack on her village during the brutal Sierra Leonean civil war.

"I had to keep running," says Bintu, who was overcome by emotion as she recounted the nightmare she lived through a decade ago. "My father, even after he was shot, he yelled, 'Bintu, run, run.' But I was captured by rebels. I was so small. I didn't even have breasts."

Bintu, now 20-years old, and her seven-year-old sister were taken into the bush by the soldiers.

10 Jun 2005 description

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone, 10 June 2005 - A three-year project to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among refugees, displaced populations and their host communities in the post-conflict border areas of Guinea, Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire and Sierra Leone was launched here today.

"By your presence here today, you have clearly manifested your unequivocal interest in our united effort to fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic, particularly in conflict and post-conflict situations," said Fama Hane Ba, Director of the Africa Division of UNFPA, the …

09 Jul 2003 description

In March, UNFPA launched a groundbreaking two-year programme for HIV/AIDS prevention and gender awareness among peacekeepers in Sierra Leone. With over 15,000 troops, the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) is currently the largest peacekeeping force in the world.

09 Jul 2003 description

UNFPA Representatives from eight African countries and regional officials from WHO, UNHCR, UNAIDS, OCHA and the International Centre for Migration and Health (ICMH) met in Ghana in early June to share findings on the impact of more than a decade of conflict on women's health and the transmission of HIV/AIDS. They also worked on national and sub-regional plans to better protect millions of displaced and otherwise war-affected women, men and children in West Africa.

09 Jul 2003 description

In a tiny shelter on the outskirts of Freetown, the UNFPA-supported "Women in Crisis" project is supporting more than 400 women and girls, many of whom suffered terribly during Sierra Leone's recently concluded civil war. Many of the women were raped, sexually abused, or purposely disabled during the conflict. Some were raped in front of their husbands, who were then executed in front of them. Thousands of Sierra Leonean women have turned to commercial sex work to survive, but with HIV/AIDS on the rise, such work can be a death sentence.

06 May 2003 description

On the outskirts of Freetown, up a red clay road gashed by hard rain, sits a makeshift shelter some women call home. One of these women is 19-year-old Khadija Bah. "I found this place a long time ago," she said. "I was living a bad life and met Auntie Juliana."
"Auntie Juliana" is Juliana Konteh, a 42-year-old Evangelist missionary who started the Women in Crisis project in 1997. "I met some ladies in a brothel and decided to help them," she explained. "They needed food, clothing, care and attention."

06 Mar 2003 description

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone, 6 March - After more than a decade of civil war, Sierra Leone is now confronted with a new enemy: HIV/AIDS. In response to this emerging crisis, the United Nations today launched a ground-breaking initiative involving United Nations peacekeepers to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and slow the spread of infection.

23 Jan 2003 description

UNITED NATIONS, New York, 23 January 2003 - Responding to the deadly interaction between HIV/AIDS and food crises affecting some 40 million Africans, UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is organizing three regional meetings to help ensure that relief efforts address both issues in an integrated manner.

13 Aug 2002 description

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone - Cheerful strains of "Thank the Lord" rang out from a makeshift shelter on a hillside overlooking the town of Hastings in Sierra Leone. This heartfelt song came from over 200 girls who one might think had little reason to be singing.

19 Jul 2002 description

UNFPA and other UN agencies face a gargantuan task as war-ravaged Sierra Leone finds itself on the brink of an HIV/AIDS epidemic.

16 Jul 2002 description

New survey finds war-torn Sierra Leone on brink of epidemic

29 Nov 2000 description

Joins UN Agencies in Consolidated Appeals, Asking Donors to Fund Emergency Relief Efforts