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05 Feb 2007 description

Nearly 60 people have been killed in recent violence between Guinea President Lansana Conte's government and trade unions. Union members rioted during a general strike, accusing the president of mismanaging Guinea's economy and condoning corruption.

While Conte's appointment of a new prime minister helped end the strike, instability may send refugees across the border into neighboring countries, especially Sierra Leone.

03 Jul 2006 description

Thirty women, ages 16-30, are learning basic tailoring skills and earning a modest income in a CWS-supported vocational training program. CWS partner, YWCA of Sierra Leone is providing a clean training and working environment, use of sewing machines, and 20 hours per week of work time for each of the women.
The program participants earn an income by sewing school and work uniforms, aprons, children's clothing, etc., that are then provided on contract by the YWCA to other groups and organizations.

25 Jan 2006 description

Liberian Vice President Boakai Tells Monrovia Conference, Peace Depends On People Seeing Improvement in Their Lives
Interfaith leaders from the United States and West Africa meeting this week in Liberia vowed to work together to monitor government activity, work toward justice and equality, and minimize corruption in West Africa to help achieve lasting peace in the region.

14 Nov 2005 description

One legacy of Sierra Leone's 10-year civil war is the widespread availability of small arms. Half a billion small arms are in circulation worldwide, one for every 12 persons. Small arms militarize societies and maintain a culture of violence long after peace agreements have been signed and combatants demobilized.

21 May 2004 description

The CWS Africa Initiative is focusing on countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone, where war and hunger have devastated families. The Africa Initiative seeks to address root causes of hunger and poverty affecting children, people living with HIV/AIDS, and the uprooted -- whether refugees, migrants, or internally displaced persons.

01 Apr 2004 description

Trauma Awareness and Recovery Trainings, School Safe Zones, Eminent Persons Mediation are Signature Programs

19 Jan 2004 description

CWS is currently presenting its Seminars in Trauma Awareness and Recovery (STAR) Program in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The STAR seminar - requested by CWS partner, the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone (CCSL) - is the lead-in to a three-day West Africa Trauma and Conflict Transformation Symposium initiated by CCSL. Marking its first training outside the U.S., the STAR skills seminar is being led by the Eastern Mennonite University's Conflict Transformation Program.

09 Jan 2004 description

Church World Service Bringing 9/11-Originated STAR Seminars to West Africa's Church, Grassroots Leaders: Trauma Healing as Conflict Prevention Initiative

25 Mar 2003 description

Church, Grassroots Leaders Supporting Civil Society, Taking On Peace with Justice, Development, NEPAD

11 Mar 2003 description

Nine-Member Delegation to the U.S. March 6-20 Is Hosted by Church World Service

05 Aug 2002 description

CWS is shipping $107,000 in emergency supplies - CWS Blankets, "Gift of the Heart" Health and Baby Kits, and additional supplies, some donated by Lutheran World Relief - to help meet the needs of Liberian refugees in Sierra Leone.

29 Jul 2002 description

"Remember Bill Clinton's informal campaign slogan, 'It's the economy, stupid!'? asks Carol Fouke-Mpoyo, a participant in the recent CWS delegation to West Africa. "I thought about that slogan many times as I met ordinary citizens in Sierra Leone's capital city of Freetown in the south, Kambia District in the northwest, and Koinadugu District in the north.

25 Jul 2002 description

Four-Country Tour Ends in Meeting with Liberia's President Taylor

24 Jul 2002 description

Appeal Number: 6445
Appeal Amount: $100,000

23 Jul 2002 description

FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE, WEST AFRICA - Members of the Church World Service delegation to West Africa traveled the length and breadth of Sierra Leone July 9-15 to see for themselves how the country is faring following a brutal 11-year civil war, which ended in January 2002.

22 Jul 2002 description

Alpha is a Liberian refugee. He's one of the luckier ones. He's working. Trained as a nurse before the war, Alpha is a health educator at Kimbia transitional refugee camp, where an 8-member CWS peace delegation visited earlier this month. Now age 30, Alpha has spent 12 years as a refugee. "That's a lot of my life," he says. But he hasn't stopped living. Alpha is married now. He met his wife, also a Liberian, in a refugee camp. They have two children.

17 Jul 2002 description

In response to an invitation of the Christian Councils of The Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, Church World Service (CWS) embarked on a visit to the Mano River Union countries and the Gambia in expression of its longstanding partnership and the solidarity of a greater ecumenical fellowship around the world.

08 Jul 2002 description

Tells Region's Leaders, "Churches Playing A Vital Role"

30 Jun 2002 description

The following represent some of the many ways Church World Service is creating a rainbow of help and hope - a beautiful Rainbow of Caring - through the Tools of Hope & Blanket Program.

26 Jun 2002 description

June 26, 2002, NEW YORK CITY - International humanitarian agency Church World Service Executive Director John L. McCullough will lead a nine-member delegation to West Africa in July, responding to a call for help from churches in the region that have reached out to each other across national borders to work for peace and human rights and against impunity.