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09 Sep 2013 description
report Think Africa Press

Sudan could be liable for environmental damage to South Sudan if it fails to tackle its locust problem.


Whether it is disagreements over oil fees, disputes over borderlands, or accusations of fuelling rebel groups in each other’s territory, there is no shortage of tensions between Sudan and South Sudan. The rhetoric from both sides of the divide is often barbed, and relations between political figures in the two countries are ever heated and precarious.

11 Jul 2011 description
report Think Africa Press

As millions of lives are threatened by a drought and resultant famine in the Horn of Africa, Think Africa Press asks what can be done to improve food security in the region.

Article | 11 July 2011 - 3:16pm | By James Schneider Share |

04 Jul 2011 description
report Think Africa Press

South Sudanese secession could leave the Nuba marginalised.

Article | 4 July 2011 - 4:11pm | By Sarah Collier

With South Sudan’s expected secession now just days away, the violence in South Kordofan has predominantly been seen through the lens of North versus South. True, the imminent break-up of Sudan has been an important trigger for the latest violence, and the violence poses a challenge to the already shaky peace agreement. However, the conflict has complex roots and should not be reduced to this dynamic.

29 Jun 2011 description
report Think Africa Press

Khartoum has been massing its forces in the border regions between North and South Sudan with the horrific results that one has come to expect. The US is preparing to push through a UN resolution for Ethiopian peacekeepers to be deployed in Abyei. Yet the two-state approach to managing Sudan’s civil wars is close to completion. The South is due to succeed in early July and relations between the states are set to be normalised.

21 Jun 2011 description
report Think Africa Press

African refugees do not need more pledges, but for governments to act on those already made.