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08 Jan 2014 description
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Cape Town — Although two of every three Africans believe their governments are performing well in the fight against HIV and Aids, fewer approve of their delivery of basic health services and education, and most say governments are failing to provide enough power, water and sanitation.

These are the findings of a new report from Afrobarometer, the 34-country survey which is becoming recognised as Africa's most comprehensive indicator of public opinion.

14 Feb 2011 description
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Tami Hultmanan

Juba - 'Mama Rebecca', widow of John Garang - the charismatic leader of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) and commander of its army - welcomes the opportunity for southern Sudan to build a new future. Nearly 99% of voters chose independence in last month's referendum.

Rebecca Garang served as Southern Sudan's Roads and Transport Minister after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between north and south Sudan was signed in 2005.

27 Jan 2011 description
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Results from South Sudan's referendum on independence earlier this month show overwhelming support for secession. But with the creation of a new country comes the responsibility of rebuilding it after decades of conflict. International donors, non-governmental organizations and the government of South Sudan are working to rebuild infrastructure, improve health and education, and create a governing framework to ensure long-term success. The U.S.

13 Jan 2011 description
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Wol Akujang was among the more than 20,000 "Lost Boys" who were displaced or orphaned during Sudan's civil war. He left his village of Pap at the age of six and spent time in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya before being relocated to the United States. He settled in the state of Arizona and graduated from the University of Arizona with an undergraduate degree in public health. He is returning to South Sudan this week after having voted in Arizona in South Sudan's historic referendum for independence.

09 Dec 2010 description
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Washington, DC - As the impoverished people of oil-rich southern Sudan prepare to vote on their future in a 9 January referendum, fears are rising that the expected vote for independence will not be accepted by the national government in Khartoum.

29 Apr 2010 description
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Olivier Kambala wa Kambala

guest column

Starting in Kampala on Monday, representatives of governments, the United Nations and civil society groups will meet for the first time to review the workings of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and of the international treaty which set it up, the Rome Statute. The 10-day review conference will consider among other issues the question of extending the court's mandate, which at present covers war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

09 Nov 2009 description
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The American government's new special adviser on the Great Lakes region, Howard Wolpe, comes to the post with the best part of three decades' experience in the Africa policies of U.S. administrations behind him. In the second of a two-part interview with AllAfrica, he discusses how the Obama administration could improve its diplomacy and strengthen peace-building in Central Africa.

Wolpe chaired the Subcommittee on Africa of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S.

06 Nov 2009 description
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Howard Wolpe has spent the best part of three decades helping to form and implement American policies on Africa. After chairing the Subcommittee on Africa of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives for 10 years, he later served as President Bill Clinton's special envoy to the Great Lakes region.

Earlier this year Wolpe returned to government in a similar role for the Obama administration. AllAfrica interviewed him in Cape Town at the beginning of his first trip to Southern and Central Africa in his new capacity.

02 Nov 2009 description
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Tensions are rising in Sudan as the country prepares for elections in 2010 and a subsequent referendum over whether the people of South Sudan want to break away and become an independent state.

The Sudan Tribune reported from Juba on Monday that the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) in Khartoum and the dominant party in the south, the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), are on "the verge of political crisis" over an SPLM decision at the weekend to boycott cabinet meetings of the national government.

The SPLM and NCP serve in a unity government established in …

19 Oct 2009 description
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guest column

11 Sep 2009 description
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U.S. advocacy groups concerned about Sudan are calling on President Obama to reverse course on his administration's strategy for dealing with the crisis in the Darfur region and conflict between the north and south. In a letter to the President this week, the advocacy groups called the current approach "fundamentally flawed." In an interview, two prominent leaders of the campaign, John Prendergast and Omer Ismail, both part of the ENOUGH Project, explained why they disagree with the administration's approach and what they believe U.S.

24 Aug 2009 description
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Diplomatic efforts by both African and Western nations to bring peace to Darfur are intensifying as President Barack Obama's special envoy for Sudan comes under increasing domestic pressure over his allegedly "conciliatory stance" towards the government of President Omar al-Bashir.

From Khartoum, the Sudan Tribune reports that a high-level African Union Panel on Darfur led by the former South African President Thabo Mbeki was scheduled to visit the country beginning August 22 for talks with government officials, civil society groups and and Darfur rebel groups.

10 Jun 2009 description
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Cape Town - The annual report of the Africa Progress Report says that despite authoritarian and corrupt leaders, wars and coups, the overall trend in Africa is towards less conflict, more democracy and greater development.

Selected highlights from its 2009 report:

Progress in the areas of governance and education are mixed, with more democracy and access to education on the one hand, but coups d'etat and low school enrolment still …

01 Jun 2009 description
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Darfuri women who have fled as refugees to Chad live in fear of being raped and as a result ostracized by their families, says a new study.

The study, based on interviews with 88 women in Farchana Camp in eastern Chad, found that 17 of the women had been raped, some more than once.

08 May 2009 description
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Barbara Among

Kampala - REBELS of the Lord's Resistance Army on Wednesday attacked villages in the southern Sudanese town of Yambio, abducting an unknown number of people, according to the Sudan Tribune publication.

Local authorities said the rebels attacked two separate villages of Bureangburu, where they abducted a man and his wife.

15 Mar 2009 description
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Kampala - Over 40,000 refugees in Nakivale refugee camp in Isingiro district have received insecticide-treated nets from the United Nations Nothing But Nets programme.

Nothing But Nets is a global campaign to save lives by preventing the spread of malaria.

The foundation's executive director, Elizabeth Gore, said malaria was a major killer of refugees in Africa.

"Refugees in these camps have survived losing their lives, homes, violence and genocide.

13 Feb 2009 description
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John Allen

More than a year after the deployment of the joint African Union-United Nations peacekeeping force in Darfur (UNAMID), the UN is still begging the international community for the helicopters the peacekeepers need to do their jobs.

In an interview ahead of UNAMID's deployment, its commander, General Martin L.

31 Jul 2008 description
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John Allen

Cape Town - An international coalition of activists on Thursday set out to name and shame governments around the world for their failure to provide even one of the additional helicopters needed for peacekeeping in Sudan's troubled Darfur region.

Last November, the commander of the joint African Union-United Nations peacekeeping force in Darfur (UNAMID), General Martin Agwai of Nigeria, told AllAfrica in an interview in Cape Town that the lack of roads in Darfur, especially during the rainy season, made helicopters essential for his peacekeeping mission.

"The …

19 Feb 2008 description
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President George W. Bush announced in Rwanda Tuesday that the United States would provide African nations with U.S. $100 million for peacekeeping in Darfur, including $12 million for Rwanda.

"My message to other nations," said Bush, "is join with the President (Paul Kagame of Rwanda) and help us get this problem (Darfur) solved once and for all... We (the U.S.) will help through sanctions. We will help through pressure.

06 Nov 2007 description
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Cape Town - When the new African Union-United Nations hybrid force for Darfur (Unamid) deploys at the end of the year, its commander expects to have only half the 20,000 troops planned for. Moreover, while he needs a minimum of 30 to 38 military helicopters for his task, right now not a single country in the world has pledged even one.

His main problem, General Martin L. Agwai says in this interview, is the high expectations which Unamid faces.