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24 Jan 2011 description

JANUARY 24, 2011-A referendum on dividing Sudan into two countries proceeded peacefully last week, allowing the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) to continue community and humanitarian work in Southern Sudan. CRWRC is carrying out food security, agriculture, and community-organizing projects with about 1,000 farmer families in the Yei area, supported by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and two local partner groups.

"Things went remarkably well during the voting period," says a CRWRC-Sudan consultant.

26 Oct 2007 description

The crisis in Darfur continues and so does the humanitarian assistance provided by CRWRC and its partner agencies.

In mid September, Ken Little, CRWRC Senior Relief Project Manager, visited the project communities of Azerni and Sanidadi in West Darfur.

16 Aug 2007 description

Grand Rapids, Mich.: The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (www.crwrc.org) will ramp up relief for war-torn Darfur, thanks to a $1.4 million nod of continued confidence from the United States government.

CRWRC, along with five other relief organizations working together in Darfur as Global Relief Alliance (GRA), received word of the funding from the United States Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) on August 11, 2007.

29 Jan 2007 description

CRWRC in the Philippines

On September 28, 2006, the Luzon district of the Philippines was struck by typhoon Mileyno.  The high winds and unusually heavy rains devastated this poor area of the Philippines.  Poor farmers lost their crops, fishermen and farm labourers lost their jobs.

CRWRC provided immediate aid to those in need with immediate food and water and temporary shelter.

24 Nov 2006 description

Nov. 24, 2006, Burlington, ON - A man who was abducted while delivering relief assistance in Darfur, Sudan returned safely this morning, 48 hours after armed men had stopped his vehicle while he was returning from a food distribution centre.

Ahmed Abaker, a local driver for a Darfur relief consortium that includes the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC), was taken at gun point in Shaba, West Darfur. He turned up in Sanidadi approximately 7 a.m.

23 Nov 2006 description

BURLINGTON, ON- A man employed to deliver relief in Darfur, Sudan remains missing 24 hours after being abducted en route from a food nutrition centre Wednesday afternoon.

Ahmed Abaker, a local driver for a Darfur relief consortium including the North American agency, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC), was taken at gun point around 3:25 p.m. yesterday in Shaba, West Darfur. Abaker was driving six passengers in one of two vehicles back from a food centre in Warda when it was confronted by five armed men.

12 Oct 2006 description

Kristen DeRoo VanderBerg

The mission to deliver 28 vehicles to aid workers in war-torn Darfur, Sudan ended successfully this week. All 28 vehicles, including two purchased by CRWRC, arrived safely in El Geneina, Sudan on Tuesday, October 11. Despite the potential dangers that this trip posed, drivers met few obstacles along the way and gave God thanks for the uneventful trip.

"Thank you for circulating the prayer request and getting people to pray," said Nick Archer, president of the multi-agency effort to bring aid to Darfur.

28 Sep 2006 description

Kristen DeRoo VanderBerg

On September 24, aid workers from a variety of non-profit organizations left on a two week journey to bring 28 vehicles, including 2 purchased by CRWRC, to war-torn Darfur, Sudan. On their way, they may meet road blocks, rebel attacks, or other forms of violence. Yet, they are determined to get the vehicles to Darfur so that food, water, and other assistance can be delivered to Sudanese refugees living in the area.

"We ask for your prayers of protection for the drivers and the convoy," said CRWRC's International Relief Coordinator, Jacob Kramer.

07 Mar 2006 description

Nick Archer, World Relief

Nick Archer works with World Relief, which works as part of a consortium of NGOs in Darfur, including CRWRC. This excerpt was edited by CRWRC staff for length.

The security situation in West Darfur continues to deteriorate. There were more attacks on civilian villages, which were destroyed, with people running away and increasing the number of internally displaced people in camps. By the end of the month the UN decided to raise the security sublevel and has reduced their staff. It is expected they might reduce it further.

29 Jul 2005 description

Stephanie Zito, World Relief Communications

World Relief is an interagency humanitarian relief effort, providing assistance, training and relief to refugees in the Darfur region of Sudan. CRWRC International Relief is an actively participating agency of World Relief.

Sauntering through his village, staff in hand with his long white "jelabiah" gown blowing in the warm breeze, the gentle presence of Sheik Ali Abdallah Ahmed commands the respect of his people. The grey hairs in his beard confirm his status as elder and tell of his wisdom before he speaks.

02 Mar 2005 description

Amani Dahia Mohammed, born in West Darfur, is one of many women that have been forced to flee her home in search of safety. She was originally born in the village of Khomy Shomal outside of Azirni but is now finding refuge in a community about 15 km away called Ambalia, another sub-village within the Azirni area. Ambalia village is where her husband fled with her and their two children after Khomy Shomal was no longer safe.

28 Sep 2004 description

By Stephanie Tombari, Communications Associate

The first phase of a rapid, multi-organizational response aimed at reducing disease and hunger in Darfur is finally underway.

On August 1, CRWRC and five other relief and development organizations put the three-month effort into action.

21 Sep 2004 description

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH - As the crisis facing black refugees in Sudan is being hotly discussed within the US government and at the United Nations, the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) is responding to the needs of displaced families with emergency food and supplies.

The UN estimates that more than 50,000 people have already been killed by violence in this country and an additional 1 million people have been forced from their homes.

27 Aug 2004 description

By Stephanie Tombari, Communications Associate

10 Aug 2004 description

In the Darfur region of Sudan more than one million black Africans are fleeing for their lives. They have left their homelands in the hopes of escaping horrible violence at the hands of government-supported militia. Now they are homeless, hungry, and at risk for numerous diseases.

Media reports estimate that 40,000-50,000 black Africans in Sudan's Dafur region have been killed by government-armed Janjaweed militia so far. Those who have survived have been raped, maimed, and stripped of their possessions. Their homes and farmlands have been burned to the ground.

21 Jul 2004 description

CRWRC has entered the heart of conflict-ridden Darfur with one goal - to find a way to help feed more than one million people in need.