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15 Jun 2009 description

Abdi Elmi Gedi spent almost 15 years living in African refugee camps, after civil war broke out in his native Somalia. Then in 2005 he and his family were granted entry to Australia on humanitarian grounds.

Abdi, who now lives in the Northern Territory, recently returned to Africa for a reunion with his mother and a son he had not seen in almost two decades.

04 May 2009 description

Australian Governor-General, Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC will launch a Red Cross photography exhibition that highlights the impact of war on women across the globe.

Presented by Australian Red Cross in conjunction with the International Committee of the Red Cross, the series of 34 stark images portrays the many ways in which women experience war today and explores themes of displacement, physical and sexual violence, loss of contact with loved ones, detention and lack of access to food and medical care.

Dr Helen Durham, Red Cross Strategic Adviser International Law, says the …

17 Aug 2007 description

AusAID, the Australian Federal Government's international aid agency, is contributing $2 million to Australian Red Cross to support its ongoing response to the devastating humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan.

Australian Red Cross, with British Red Cross, is running two therapeutic feeding centres for malnourished children in Gereida camp, one of Darfur's largest displaced persons camps where over 100,000 people remain in urgent need of food, water, healthcare and sanitation.

30 Mar 2006 description

More than 3 million people have been directly affected by internal conflict in the western Sudanese province of Darfur. According to the UN, approximately 2 million people have been made homeless, with a further 200,000 people having sought refuge in neighbouring Chad.

01 Feb 2006 description

One kilometre east of the town of Gereida lies a vast camp housing thousands of internally displaced people. Curving round the town in a giant crescent, the camp is home to some of the victims of the conflict in Darfur.

21 Oct 2004 description

Thousands of people living in rural Darfur are at serious risk due to a shortage of food owing to the current levels of violence and insecurity, as well as insufficient rains in the region, says Australian Red Cross.

The warning is based on a study by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), carried out in 20 different villages in Northern, Western and Southern Darfur, through interviews with around 400 people as well as visits to different households, in areas where violence and rain shortfalls are directly undermining the survival of the affected communities.

'There …

05 Oct 2004 description

An Australian Red Cross medical clinic in the remote western province of Darfur in Sudan has treated some 1500 patients mainly for diarrhoea, malaria, eye and skin infections since it opened last week.

The clinic lies one kilometre east of the town of Gereida on what used to be paddocks and sport fields now housing a vast tent city with some 40,000 internally displaced people, victims of what the UN has described as the world's worst humanitarian crisis in 2004.

The clinic is a unique operation run jointly by the Australian and British Red Cross under the auspices of …

14 Sep 2004 description

Additional Australian Red Cross delegates have been deployed to the Darfur region of western Sudan, as continued clashes, in particular in rural areas of northern and southern Darfur, gave rise to further casualties and displacement of civilians.

It is estimated that the number of displaced persons in Gereida, south of Nyala, has increased from 12,000 to 32,000 since mid-August. A recent influx of people in towns east of Nyala is reportedly leading to serious food shortages.

02 Sep 2004 description

Australian Red Cross is increasing to 10 the number of aid workers it is providing for the global humanitarian effort in Darfur, the conflict-stricken province of Sudan. The current contingent of Australians on the ground numbers four, working with an 80-plus multinational humanitarian team and hundreds of local Red Crescent volunteers to bring aid.

Greg Platt, a logistician from NSW, and Maree Dunn, a nurse from NSW, are being deployed as logistics and health delegates respectively.

16 Aug 2004 description

As the International Red Cross continues to increase its humanitarian response both in Darfur and in Chad, aiming to assist the displaced population of Darfur, the health situation is worsening with the onset of rains. Currently the main illnesses affecting the displaced population are diarrhoea and malaria, and acute respiratory infections are also on the rise.

There is an overall lack of appropriate hygienic conditions and a shortage of medical supplies.

09 Aug 2004 description

Last week the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) carried out two major distributions of food and material relief in the Kutum area of Northern Darfur and in Gereida camp in Southern Darfur. Medical and water and sanitation programs continued to develop in all three provinces.

02 Aug 2004 description

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Federation) is taking the responsibility for the establishment and management of a camp for 20,000 refugees at Treguine, in Eastern Chad, near the two existing UNHCR camps in the region.

19 Jul 2004 description

At a time when aid workers and the international community continue to express grave concern for the plight of over one million people in the Darfur province of western Sudan, Australians have shown compassion responding swiftly and generously to the Sudan Emergency Appeal of Australian Red Cross by donating $100,000 of vital funds to assist those in need of drinking water, shelter and food.

12 Jul 2004 description

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in partnership with the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS), continues to reinforce its set-up and operations in Sudan in response to the humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region. The organization currently has operational bases in El Fasher, Kutum and Kabkabiya in Northern Darfur, in Nyala in Southern Darfur, and in El Geneina and Zalingei in Western Darfur.

07 Jun 2004 description

The United Nations is calling it one of the world's worst humanitarian crises with almost one million people from the western Sudanese province of Darfur on the move, seeking shelter and assistance. With the conflict brewing since early 2003 hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people urgently require humanitarian assistance including health care, nutritional support, shelter and clean water. The situation is exacerbated by the upcoming rainy season. Responding to the crisis, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is mounting a large-scale humanitarian assistance operation.

03 Jun 2004 description

Australian Red Cross has joined the Global Appeal of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), to assist up to 500,000 internally displaced people affected by the humanitarian catastrophe in the western Sudanese province of Darfur.

14 May 2004 description

Almost one million people require urgent humanitarian assistance including clean drinking water, food and shelter supplies as well as health and medical support in the western Sudanese province of Darfur, which has been devastated by a conflict forcing people to flee their homes, warns Australian Red Cross.

23 Apr 2004 description

Australian Red Cross (ARC) delegate Paul Drossou leaves on Monday, 26th April for the western Sudanese province of Darfur, at a time when escalating tensions have lead the United Nations to describe the exodus of people from the province as the world's worst humanitarian crisis.