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20 Jan 2000 description
report Africa News Service

Kampala (New Vision, January 20, 2000) - About 600 Sudanese herdsmen and their families have entered Kotido district, the Assistant Resident District Commissioner, Kaabong, Mr. Edward Eko, said yesterday.

He said ethnic Didinga from Lotukei had fled thewar, famine and drought in southern Sudan. He said the influx had caused an outbreak of livestock diseases in the district because the Didinga were grazing their cattle in Karenga and Kawalakol, west of Kidepo National Park.

Their families are camped at Kaabong trading centre, 72 kilometres away.

10 Jan 2000 description
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By Special Correspondent In Nairobi

Nairobi - A two-member Caritas Italiana team has completed an extensive tour of Southern Sudan aimed at identifying ways and means in which the Italian NGO can help alleviate the suffering of the thousands of civilian victims of the civil war.

The team, whose visit during last month lasted four days, included Paolo Cereda, who is Caritas Italiana manager in charge of international programmes and Davide Invernizzi, who is the organisation's programme manager in the Eastern Africa region.

19 Nov 1999 description
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News Article by ANS on November 20, 1999 at 00:56:44:

KHARTOUM (All Africa News Agency, November 19, 1999) - As the world prepares for the year 2000, many Sudanese victims of this year's floods would be among those welcoming the new year in pain. For them, the beginning of the year would not be a good reason for happiness, for it would be the extension of 1999, a year of floods and agonies in the Sudan.

The floods affected millions of Sudan's population this year and have imposed a pessimism that overshadows the thinking of the victims.

01 Jul 1999 description
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Nairobi (The Nation, June 29, 1999) - Correspondent Peter Kamau reports on the insecurity problem that has made the Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia border point a most volatile region. Easy availability of firearms and drought conditions have often combined to spark vicious battles between the Turkana, the Toposa and the Dongiro communities. However, there is hope that a new peace initiative may succeed where previous ones have failed.

29 Mar 1999 description
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All Africa News (March 29, 1999) - Dinka and Nuer chiefs including church and community leaders met in a peace and reconciliation conference at Wunlit, Tonj county in Bahr el Ghazal between February 27 to March 8 under the auspices of the New Sudan Council of Churches NSCC.

It was the first meeting of its kind after more than seven and a half years of fierce fighting following the split of the SPLA in August 28, 1991. Our Correspondent Makur Kot Dhuor attended and reports on the deliberations.

20 Mar 1999 description
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NAIROBI (AANA) March 22 (All Africa News Agency, March 22, 1999) - On January 15 this year both the government in Khartoum and the rebel Sudan People's Liberation Army declared a cease-fire to last for three months. Since then the rebel side appears to have abided by its undertaking. The government side, by contrast, has not.

12 Mar 1999 description
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Nairobi - Ever since President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda referred to child soldiers as 'cannon fodder' upon his ascendancy to power, the conscription of children into the Army has become a controversial issue in the region.

12 Mar 1999 description
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News Article by ANS on March 12, 1999 at 12:06:32:

Khartoum - Sudanese Opposition groups who recently attended a five-day conference at the International Conference Center, Kampala, undertook to intensify the struggle against various forms of human rights abuses in Sudan.

The conference held during February 8 -12 attracted representatives of 30 groups from armed forces, Opposition political parties, human rights groups and other civic organisations.

01 Mar 1999 description
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NAIROBI - A mysterious epidemic is spreading like a wild fire, claiming hundreds of lives in southern Sudan's Lake Province and Yirol County.

The newly appointed Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Rumbek, Monsignor Ceasar Mazzolari said here last week that the epidemic was first reported in December last year but so far there has been no international intervention to bring it under control.

Bishop Mazzolari was speaking on arrival from an extensive tour of the war-torn expansive state.

10 Feb 1999 description
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Kampala - The Minister for the Presidency, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, has said the conflict in Sudan is threatening its neighbours' security.

He said at a conference Monday, "Unless a quick and permanent solution to the Sudan political crisis is found, the security of neighbouring countries will continue to be threatened by the armed conflict between the SPLA rebels of Col.

08 Feb 1999 description
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News Article by PANA on February 08, 1999 at 12:46:48:

Africa News Service

Nairobi - Overlying Southern Sudan, the picture is one of dense vegetation, rivers and abandoned settlements with little or no visible activity, writes John Gachie, Nation Foreign News Editor, who has just returned from a week-long trip to the area.

05 Nov 1998 description
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News Article by ANS on December 06, 1998 at 10:30:16: - Africa News Service

12 Oct 1998 description
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NAIROBI (AANA) - Having declared its unilateral cease-fire for the south of the country on 15th July, the Khartoum government soon revealed that it was actually spoiling for another round of fighting.

By the end of August its Antonov bombers had already raided eight civilian targets in the area. Another eight such attacks were mounted in September, culminating in the raid on the Lobone camp for the displaced on 10th September, which sparked the 14th September rebel offensive and led to the loss of the government's garrisons at Jabalayn, Liria, Ngolere and Rodondo.

16 Jul 1998 description
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The Nuba determination to survive is legendary given that their country, Sudan, is ruled by a hostile regime out to remove them from the face of this earth. With the help of their own fighting muscles and their few international friends, they are able to get the bare minimum facilities that enable them to eke out a living. Our writer just back from the mountains, writes...

The plane thunders to a halt and you are instructed to quickly disembark.

16 Jun 1998 description
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During the celebrations to mark the 15th anniversary of the SPLA struggle against the Khartoum government, at Merawi, Nuba Mountains, last month, Charles Omondi talked to the region's governor commander, Yusuf Kuwa, on a number of issues.

What do you consider to be your main achievements in the Sudanese civil war so far?

"This a difficult question as I feel we have made many gains in the last 14 years. We have occupied a good territory but the most important achievement for us so far is the restoration of the Nuba pride and confidence.

09 Mar 1998 description
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Nairobi (All Africa News Agency, March 9, 1998) -- The Acting Archbishop of Sudan and Bishop of Yambio, the Rt. Rev. Daniel Zindo, has appealed for urgent assistance from the Anglican communion and other well wishers internationally to help tackle the killer epidemic of sleeping sickness in a number of dioceses in Western Equatoria.