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12 May 2014 description
report Humedica

They arrive in overloaded boats, unprotected, bringing with them only the hope for a better life – the African refugees’ passage to Europe resembles a long odyssey over the open Mediterranean Sea, to which not all of them survive.

Those who arrive at the Italian coast will, first of all, go to one of the overcrowded reception camps. These are places, which make their previous hopes fade away and put a hard reality into the foreground.

04 Mar 2011 description
report Humedica

by Ruth B=FCcker, 2011/03/04

A proverb says that if one door closes, another will open in its place. Somewhat nostalgically, but mostly pleased about the number of people we could help, humedica concluded its six-year mission in the Sudanese civil war province Darfur at the end of June 2010.

humedica had been offering aid in the vast North East African state since 2004.

09 Jun 2006 description
report Humedica

Humedica wants to set up another clinic in Darfur

20 Oct 2004 description
report Humedica

Kaufbeuren/Nyala - Since mid August humedica has been looking after Sudanese refugees from the civil war with a team of German and local doctors in camp Hai El Siref. At present more than 30,000 people are staying at this camp near Nyala, the capital of South Dafur. The foreign office is now supporting the humedica project in Sudan with a donation of 245,000 Euro for purchasing and shipping medicine, baby food, woollen blankets and hygiene packs. humedica doctors daily treat 200 - 300 patients suffering mainly from malaria, diarrhoea, malnutrition, wounds or infections.

05 Aug 2004 description
report Humedica

Kaufbeuren, 5th August, 2004 - Due to the aggravating situation in the Sudanese province of Darfur, considered to be the country's poorhouse, humedica is sending its first medical team to that distressed region. This pioneer team is to assess the medical situation in the area and to prepare a potential aid project of several months. In addition to Dr. Gerald Joram, an experienced physician from Marienheide, and Kurt Heimann, a male nurse from Wilnsdorf, the assessment team will include humedica's manager Wolfgang Gross and project coordinator Fatih Celik.