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03 Feb 2009 description

Abu Dhabi, 03 February 2009 - The first Global Aviation Safety Conference for Humanitarian Air Operations will take place in Abu Dhabi on February 18- 19, presented by the World Food Programme (WFP) and sponsored by Maximus Air Cargo, the UAE's specialist in delivering relief materials to disaster areas around the world.

The conference will focus on aviation safety and the unique difficulties faced in transporting aid personnel and materials to sites that are often barely accessible.

The first day will examine local and global regulatory issues affecting safety and security, and …

22 Nov 2008 description
report Maximus Air Cargo

Abu Dhabi, 22 November 2008 - Maximus Air Cargo has been commissioned to fly humanitarian aid to conflict-ridden Sudan.

The Abu Dhabi-headquartered heavy lifter of the airline world will carry about 4,500 tons of relief supplies from Khartoum over the next six months, including food, shelters, medicines and other relief supplies.

The mission is funded by the UAE government as a gift to Sudan's Humanitarian Aid Commission.

Maximus will dedicate one special purpose Lockheed Hercules L382G aircraft to the operation, along with 12 crew and support staff who will be based in …