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25 Jul 2012 description

On July 9, 2011 South Sudan became Africa’s youngest nation. On July 14, the UN General Assembly unanimously voted to admit South Sudan as the 193rd member of the community of nations. Independence followed a referendum where Southern voters opted overwhelmingly for secession from Khartoum. This paper looks at the partition of Africa’s largest country, the challenges facing South Sudan, the unresolved conflicts in Darfur and along the North-South border, and some of the constraints on international efforts to promote peace and stability in the two Sudans.

04 Mar 2011 description

Edited by Jennifer Erin Salahub

African Women on the Thin Blue Line explores how women in civil society and their female counterparts in the police are experiencing police reform processes in two conflict-affected African contexts: Liberia and Southern Sudan. It highlights the challenges of fully integrating a gender perspective into police reform as well as the many opportunities and strengths of such an approach. Two case-study chapters focus on the perspectives of Liberian and Southern Sudanese women themselves based on interviews and focus group discussions.