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18 Dec 2007 description

FSD has been working in Sudan since 2003. In 2004 they've started to work with a national NGO partner named Sudan Integrated Mine Action Service (SIMAS) who managed all the national staffing issues for FSD.

In 2006 FSD made the strategic move to develop the capacity of SIMAS so that they could stand alone as an independent, accredited mine action NGO. This allowed FSD to reduce their presence in Sudan to only two full time staff and some external head office support. All the other twenty five staff members are now SIMAS employees.

27 Sep 2007 description

As part of FSD's "Capacity Building Support" project for the Sudan Integrated Mine Action Service (SIMAS), the board member and FSD President Henri Leu attended the SIMAS Board meeting held at Rock City Hotel in Juba, South Sudan on 19th September 2007.

Also in attendance were William Makuac Bol (Chairman of the Board of SIMAS), Rev.

07 Jul 2006 description

Landmines and unexploded ordnance threaten civilian populations in number of regions of Sudan. They maim or kill civilians, and prevent the return of refugees and internal displaced persons to their homes. In addition, in emergency situations they obstruct aid and assistance to be provided. Opening up road networks not only allows safe passage for locals living in the area, it also allows peacekeepers and aid organizations to carry out their work without the danger of mines and UXO.

16 Jan 2006 description

The FSD, Swiss Foundation for Mine Action, founded in 1997, is one of the foremost international mine action organisations based in Geneva, Switzerland. FSD's focus is on locating and destroying landmines and unexploded ordnance to prevent accidents. FSD typically intervenes in countries that emerge from war to prepare the ground for further development initiatives. In many cases, FSD provides support to existing relief or reconstruction programmes.

01 Nov 2005 description

Tuesday, November 1, 10h50 - On Monday 31 October, a FSD mine clearance team working in support of the United Nations World Food Programme's road reconstruction and rehabilitation programme was ambushed in South Sudan. In this violent attack, the Iraqi international team supervisor and his Sudanese colleague have been killed, the two government soldiers who as usual accompanied the convoy, were injured.

28 May 2005 description

The FSD Survey Project continues to assist UNMAS to define the landmine and UXO contamination problem in Sudan.

The project has recently benefitted from the establishment of a small, highly mobile rapide reponse survey team. This team consisting of 3 Filipino expatriates has been deployed to Darfur to conduct survey and EOD operations.

In addition to this new team, the project also has two survey teams working out of Rumbek in South Sudan, and another two teams in the Nuba mountains.

15 Apr 2005 description

During the current month, all mechanical equipment will arrive into the operational area and full mechanical operations will start shortly after.

This involves one Scanjack (a 30 ton heavy flail), 4 Dok-Ing MV-4 (mini-flails), 8 CASSPIRs (mine protected vehicle),4 armoured Komatsu loaders, and Samil-100 mine protected trucks.

The project consists of four clearance teams, comprising both mechanical clearance and manual clearance assets. Currently, this FSD project employs 16 international expert and 190 national staff.

The aim of the programme is to clear supply corridors so that …

02 Jun 2004 description

The FSD teams are marking and recording any potentially dangerous area in relation to mines or unexploded ammunition (UXO).

18 Mar 2004 description

FSD route survey teams have so far surveyed more than 1 000 kilometers of routes in southern Sudan and identified a total of 81 dangerous areas equating to 6.5 million m2.

02 Mar 2004 description

Since December 2003, the FSD has deployed two survey teams to evaluate the state of major roads and routes in southern Sudan at the request of WFP. The FSD is also in the process to deploy 4 more road survey teams at the request of UNMAS.

12 Dec 2003 description

Five FSD staff members have started with the recruitment and training of deminers of local partner organisation SIMAS in Southern Sudan. The road survey on behalf of WFP will start in early January 2004.

18 Nov 2003 description

Two FSD staff members have left Geneva to start with the recruitment and training of local deminers in Southern Sudan.