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19 Jul 2013 description

As a spate of conflicts affect neighbouring countries, Chad is struggling to deal with an influx of returnees, many of them children.

12 Apr 2013 description

12/4/2013 - President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan has today visited South Sudan, for the first time since it became independent in 2011. This follows an agreement reached in March that allows for the resumption of cross-border oil flows. After decades of war and recent disagreement between the two neighbours, the move has defused tension. However, a worrying humanitarian situation may unfold as a result.

20 Sep 2012 description

17/09/12 – Defiant and consumed by violence, a group of teenage boys hung around the market looking for food. The atmosphere was tense; one false word and a fight would easily erupt. When an actor met with the child soldiers, his solution was to increase the drama.

31 Aug 2012 description

28/08/2012 - Returnees to South Sudan come in many forms. Some are recent and impoverished, desperately in need of humanitarian help, while others are well educated, offering much needed skills. Robert Sakaya, a nurse at SOS Children’s Villages Malakal, is a returnee who has become part of the relief effort.

Robert Mambo Sakaya was 13 when he left what was then Sudan to go to live in northern Uganda. He was alone at the time, leaving his parents who were living in an IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp in the south of the country.

10 Aug 2012 description

09/08/2012 - Malakal, a town in Upper Nile State, South Sudan, has recently seen an influx of Southerners returning from the north to begin a new life in a new country. But life is far from easy for the returnees.

William’s father Michael is 85 and lives in a house made from mud and sticks with a corrugated iron door. The house, which he shares with William’s family, consists of one room, plus two small canvas covered structures outside. Michael’s bed is next to the door.

22 Mar 2012 description

19/03/2012 - The Government of Sudan has ordered all Southern Sudanese to formalise their positions in the north or to return to South Sudan. As the April 8 deadline approaches the authorities, and SOS Children's Villages East Africa, are preparing for an influx of children.

27 Feb 2012 description

27/02/2012 - South Sudan is facing a looming humanitarian crisis as its northern neighbour, Sudan, plans to return refugees across the border. SOS Children's Villages is currently preparing an emergency programme to accommodate and temporarily care for some of the 2,000 unaccompanied children expected to arrive in South Sudan in the coming weeks.

08 Jul 2011 description

08/07/2011 - Most of the people in South Sudan have high expectations for the founding of the new state on 9 July and hope for a better life. But there is also widespread uncertainty on the transition process and the beginning of a new nation. SOS Children's Villages will of course continue and intensify its work for children and families.

18 Mar 2011 description

18/03/2011 - Nearly one week ago, all the children and staff from the SOS Children's Village Malakal had to be evacuated due to heavy fighting on the village grounds between rebels and government troops. They are still staying at a hotel in Malakal while the cleaning of the SOS Children's Village is carried out with the help of the UN Mission in Sudan. The SOS staff is helping the children to cope with the trauma.

Village director, Mr. Alwock Dok was finally able to enter the village on 16 March together with the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS).

14 Mar 2011 description

14/03/2011 - The SOS Children's Village in Malakal has become the scene of gunfights carried out between government troops and rebel fighters since Saturday. The children and staff of the village have been brought to safety after children and SOS mothers had even been taken hostage by rebels.

The situation in Malakal in South Sudan has deteriorated significantly over the last few days. On Saturday 12 March, rebels gained access to the SOS Children's Village, where heavy fighting broke out between them and soldiers of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA).

09 Mar 2011 description

Food security definitively is a challenge in the North Africa & Middle East region. The first victims are children and families living in poverty - with long-lasting effects on their health and development. It is also blamed for the unrest unsettling many countries in the region. At present, SOS Children's Villages is facing food prices in 'danger territory'.

Worldwide, there is growing concern over another possible full-blown food crisis only three years after the last one.

07 Feb 2011 description

07/02/2011 - The SOS Children's Village Malakal has taken in more than 150 families seeking shelter after 50 people reportedly died in gunfights. Violent clashes broke out over today's official recognition of the referendum results concerning the secession of South Sudan from the North.Violent clashes have erupted once more in the South Sudanese town of Malakal between armed militias and army troops over the results of a southern referendum in favor of independence from the North that was officially recognised by Sudan's president Omar Hassan al-Bashir today, 7 February.

02 Mar 2009 description

Though the situation in the area of Malakal has stabilised, many still fear that fighting might once more break out at any moment, since the warring parties are still in the area and the reasons that led to the fighting on 25 February remain unresolved.

The SOS Children's Village Malakal provided shelter for 150 families during the fighting, including 500 adults, mostly women, and 700 children.

26 Feb 2009 description

The situation in southern Sudan has been deteriorating since fighting suddenly erupted between the Sudanese People's Liberation Army and a group known as the Combined/Joint Forces on the morning of 25 February. More than 60 families from the neighbourhood have fled their homes and are currently being given shelter in the SOS Children's Village Malakal, sharing the limited food supplies available in the village with the children and co-workers.

The village is running out of food and water supplies.

12 Mar 2007 description

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie visits a refugee camp in Chad

Since September 2006, SOS Children's Villages has been helping refugees from Darfur who are now stranded in Chad. At the immense Oure Cassoni refugee camp, where 26,000 people have to live in the harshest conditions in the desert, teams from SOS Children's Villages, led by Yolanda van den Broek, are concentrating on providing support for seriously-traumatised children and women.

23 Jan 2007 description

After months of delays caused by security issues, SOS Children's Villages launched an emergency relief programme for refugees from Darfur in September 2006 in Bahai, eastern Chad. The SOS relief team, which also includes refugees, is working in Oure Cassoni, Chad's second largest refugee camp with around 26,000 people. The team focuses on providing psychosocial care for traumatised children and their parents.

15 Jan 2007 description

Despite the ceasefire among the warring factions in South Sudan and Darfur, people are still worried that conflict may erupt once again. SOS Children's Villages Sudan is also concerned about shortages in medicine and clean water in its facilities in these areas.

Hotspots in South Sudan and Darfur are experiencing a lull in the fighting that has allowed normal life to return to these areas. SOS emergency relief activities have restarted in Abu Shok refugee camp in Al-Fashir, Darfur. Most of the psychologists and social workers have returned to work in the psycho-social centres.

12 Dec 2006 description

Fighting has broken out in recent weeks in the area surrounding SOS Children's Village Malakal, located in the war-torn southern region of Sudan, where warring factions are mounting strikes against each other with tanks and guns.

Ali Mahdi, director of SOS Children's Villages Sudan, said that although SOS Children's Village Malakal is not likely to become a direct target, it is in close proximity the Malakal airport, one of the areas of heavy fighting.

14 Apr 2005 description

An estimated 4,000 underage children are still enlisted as child soldiers in Sudan, where a January 2005 peace agreement marked the end of a 21-year north-south civil war in the African country. But even when these children are freed, their reintegration into communities is often problematic and hampered by their past histories as child soldiers.

Over the past eight months, SOS Children's Villages, together with the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) and local authorities, has been operating a reintegration project for former child soldiers in southern Sudan.

24 Mar 2005 description

SOS Children's Villages to expand its emergency relief efforts in Darfur, Sudan