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16 Oct 2009 description
report Merlin

To mark World Food Day, Merlin is calling on the international community to step up support to help the drought-affected communities in the region weather the crisis.

An extended drought, failing crops and the escalating need for food support in East Africa has tipped the delicate balance of food security in the region, putting millions of people at greater risk of malnutrition and disease. Currently at eight million, the number of people in need of food support is expected to reach 12 million.

Clean water sources are also steadily diminishing allowing diseases to gain ground.

18 Aug 2009 description
report Merlin

On World Humanitarian Day, Merlin honours all those who have lost their lives carrying out humanitarian work in the field and acknowledges those who are currently working in some of the most hostile environments in the world.

Linda Doull, Merlin's Director of Health and Policy said: "We welcome this opportunity organised by the UN, as it has never been so dangerous to be an aid worker. In 2008, 122 aid workers were killed, compared to 79 in 2007 and 86 in 2006.

16 Apr 2008 description
report Merlin

We are greatly saddened to announce that a valued and respected team member was fatally injured on Friday 11th April in the ongoing violence which continues across Darfur. The exact circumstances are not yet clear, but we do know he was not directly targeted as an aid worker.

The team in Sudan have been devastated by the loss and Merlin would like to extend our heartfelt sympathies to the family.

04 May 2007 description
report Merlin

Following an intensive review of security procedures, Merlin has been able to increase the number of mobile and fixed clinics it operates

Merlin is scaling up its operation in Darfur in response to increasingly desperate health needs. The move follows a period of several months in which escalating violence had forced aid agencies to suspend many vital projects helping displaced people.

Two million people have lost their homes during the violent four-year conflict in this province of Sudan.

23 Oct 2006 description
report Merlin

Aid workers in Darfur are struggling to cope with a rapid rise in the number of people fleeing villages amidst increasing instability, British medical agency Merlin said today.

Merlin was forced to evacuate its base in Gereida - the region's largest camp for displaced people - three weeks ago when an armed group attempted to take over the town. An emergency medical unit has since been re-established in the camp and is treating 400 people a day.

Over the past month, clashes around Gereida have put more than 100,000 people at risk.

01 Sep 2006 description
report Merlin

At 9.00 am sharp our convoy pulls away from Merlin's base in Nyala. This poor and dusty town in south Darfur has been spared the worst of the conflict that has raged for the past three years. But the landscape for hundreds of miles around is marked by burnt out villages and sprawling camps set up by people forced from their homes. On the outskirts of town we pass Kalma, considered to be one of the world's largest camp for displaced people.

Our destination lies several hours further on, in Shearia district.

06 Apr 2006 description
report Merlin

The British medical aid agency Merlin is concerned at the continuing spread of a cholera outbreak in South Sudan.

30 Aug 2005 description
report Merlin

More than 350,000 people in the Adilla region of South Darfur, Sudan, do not have adequate access to basic health care, according to a recent assessment by British medical aid agency Merlin.

Only seven health facilities serve a total population of 425,000, with poor standards of services and extremely limited availability of routine vaccinations, basic curative services and maternal health care.

02 Nov 2004 description
report Merlin

Merlin is the first international humanitarian organisation to provide emergency health assistance to displaced communities affected by the ongoing conflict in the Sheeria locality of south Darfur, Sudan.

The region, between Nyala and Ed Dein, has experienced periods of heavy fighting between Government forces and the Sudan Liberation Army since May this year, and the security situation remains fragile.

An estimated 54,000 people have fled their homes across Sheeria and have no access to any form of routine or emergency healthcare.

19 Oct 2004 description
report Merlin

Merlin, the medical relief agency, has launched an emergency reproductive healthcare programme in Darfur, western Sudan, to reduce the region's appalling levels of maternal and infant mortality.

The situation in Darfur has been described by the UN as the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

18 Jun 2004 description
report Merlin

Merlin, the international medical relief agency, is to carry out an emergency assessment in Dafur, western Sudan with a view to starting a programme in the region, where the humanitarian need is at crisis level. Recent improvements in access have meant that humanitarian agencies are better able to reach the most vulnerable populations.

24 May 2004 description
report Merlin

London, 24 May, 2004 (Merlin) - Merlin, the international medical relief agency, is responding to the chronic health needs in Southern Sudan, where years of repeated droughts and civil war have had devastating effects on much of the population and has resulted in severely limited access to health care.

22 Jan 1999 description
report Merlin


  • Local staff continue to support health facilities in Farah province. A review of the programme has been undertaken.
Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Assessments of emergency health needs in both the east and the west of the country now completed.
01 Oct 1998 description
report Merlin

- Feeding centres have been established in Adet, Bahr el Ghazal province, south Sudan, in response to famine.

- MERLIN has successfully completed its Sleeping Sickness programme in western Equatoria, south Sudan. We plan to extend the programme to neighbouring districts.

MERLIN, 14 David Mews, Porter Street, London W1M 1HW. Telephone 0171 487 2505. Fax 0171 487 4042.

Registered charity no: 1016607.

30 Jul 1998 description
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05 Feb 1998 description
report Merlin

MERLIN NEWS RELEASE: 5 February 1998

Southern Sudan: British medical team joins attack on Sleeping Sickness epidemic.

A British medical team will arrive in southern Sudan today to fight an epidemic of the deadly disease, Sleeping Sickness.

Southern Sudan, an area torn by civil war, is being ravaged by the re-emergence of Sleeping Sickness. Half the population of some villages are infected with the disease, which is transmitted by tsetse flies and affects the central nervous system. Victims become comatose and will die if left untreated.