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09 Aug 2007 description

HelpAge International welcomes the UN Security Council's decision to send a 26,000-strong international force to Darfur to stop fighting between government and rebels.

The conflict has has created nearly 2 million internally displaced people (IDP).

30 Apr 2007 description

On the fourth anniversary of the Darfur crisis, HelpAge International is calling on humanitarian organisations to adopt an intergenerational approach to the delivery of aid and to building peace and reconciliation initiatives.

HelpAge International is calling on the health delivery organisations to train staff to address the specific health needs of older people.

More than 2 million people have been displaced and many face the prospect that they will not be able to return home.

27 Nov 2006 description

Sudan crisisViolence in Darfur has displaced more than 2 million people from their land. This has left them without shelter, with their basic needs unmet, and unable to access their crops.

The United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator now estimates that almost 300,000 people have died from disease and malnutrition. Darfur is considered to be the world's worst ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Many displaced people have sought security in camps.

22 Nov 2006 description

Executive summary

Responses to humanitarian emergencies on the scale of the Darfur crisis concentrate on meeting immediate basic needs and ensuring the safety and protection of the endangered population. It is well documented that older people, as a vulnerable group, are often neglected or ignored in this initial response. Prolonged violence and displacement present a further challenge to humanitarian agencies, creating longer-term social, economic and psychological needs.

22 Nov 2006 description

A new report by HelpAge International Rebuilding lives in longer-term emergencies' highlights gaps in emergency responses which have left 55,000 internally displaced older people isolated and without access to basic services.

02 Mar 2006 description

As the humanitarian crisis worsens in West Darfur, Sudan, Vincent Gainey, HelpAge International's Emergencies Programme Coordinator, reports on his recent visit to the region.

11 Apr 2005 description

A health and nutrition assessment by HelpAge International, in five camps in West Darfur, found older people felt isolated and lonely because of food insecurity.

12 Nov 2004 description

Kate Holt, reporting from West Darfur, talks to older people who have lost everything in the violence which has displaced more than 1.5 million people from their land.

22 Jul 2004 description

HelpAge International's Fergus Boyle has just sent this latest story back from the camps in Western Sudan:
Six months ago, militia attacked Fatuma's village. They looted everything - chickens, livestock, household goods and grain. Fatuma's husband was taken away and made to go to Chad.

20 Jul 2004 description

In Darfur, Western Sudan 1.2 million people have been forced from their homes leaving all their possessions behind. They are fleeing from an orchestrated campaign of violence, abuse and rape.

09 Aug 2001 description

Many older people suffer severe difficulties in looking after themselves, moving around and earning a living because their eyesight fails. "I was a walking funeral," recalls Ahmed Altoum Jajoub, 60, from West Darfur in Sudan. He had serious problems with cataracts for more than a decade. "If you don't have vision you don't have power."