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04 Jul 2011 description

After two decades of civil war, a referendum on independence for Southern Sudan was held in January 2011, with 98.83% of the electorate opting for secession. Southern Sudan is expected to become an independent country on July 9, 2011. Upon independence, the country is expected to be named Republic of South Sudan.

02 Dec 2009 description

A total of 93 clinical officers and 42 community midwives graduate from the Maridi National Health Training Institute

Music and ululation rent the air. The dust rises from the hundreds of stomping feet, creating a hazy effect around the expansive green compound. The dancing crowds and the riot of colour combine to create an unmistakable atmosphere of celebration. Soon, the music crescendos and hits a frenetic pace as a 100m-long queue of blue and black gowns emerges, snakes its way through the square and slowly approaches the dais.

15 Apr 2009 description

Africa, the majority of people do not have access even to basic health care. Many die from preventable diseases, and many more slip into abject poverty because they are too sick to work or study.

At the root of the crisis is a critical shortage of health workers - the fewest per capita of any region in the world. In the UK, for example, there are 250 doctors per 100,000 people while in Sudan there are only 16.

The result is a sticking-plaster solution to a chronic and very serious health problem - one whose implications are far-reaching.

28 Jan 2009 description

My name is Mary Keji, and I recently heard about the Tali Health Care Centre while I was 8 months pregnant with my third child. I gave birth to my first two children at home and there was a problem with the first delivery -I fear this will happen again.

I was told that treatment at the Tali Centre was very good so I walked 12 kilometers from my hometown Bukan to visit the centre to ensure my unborn baby is healthy.

I met with a nurse and she told me my baby is fine, but lying in the wrong position.

06 Aug 2005 description

The sudden death of Sudan's vice president John Garang in a helicopter crash on July 31st has serious consequences for the long-awaited peace agreement signed in January and hence the whole development process in the country.