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22 Dec 2009 description

Norwegian Church Aid Darfur Programme

Appeal Target: US$ 12,327,679 (EUR 8,629,376 )

22nd December 2009

Dear Colleagues,

As we appeal to our member organisations for their support for the NCA Darfur Programme in 2010, it is important to note that this programme was established in mid-2004 as a joint response to the urgent humanitarian needs of the displaced and host communities in Darfur.

27 Nov 2009 description

Appeal Target: US$ 3,345,125

Amount Requested: US$ 2,429,311

Geneva, 27 November 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Southern Sudan faces the consequences of more than two decades of civil war which is coupled with an influx of returnees, environmental factors and widespread tribal conflicts. Even after the 2005 peace agreement there is no significant increase of living conditions for people in Southern Sudan.

16 Nov 2009 description

By Claire Kirk

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Darfur is in danger of becoming a forgotten emergency, according to Nyika Musiyazwiriyo, the outgoing Head of Programmes for the joint ACT/Caritas Darfur Programme.

"Darfur is slipping from our minds," explains Nyika. "Funding for humanitarian work in the region has decreased substantially since the conflict first came to international attention. And Darfur is no longer a staple segment of our daily news shows."

Yet, the problems remain.

"The needs of the people are just the same", says the Zimbabwean.

16 Nov 2009 description

By Antony Mahony (CAFOD)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - For two hours our small plane droned its way south-eastwards from Khartoum towards our destination of Nyala, the capital of South Darfur. Straining through the porthole for to view the landscape, I could see only a great expanse of sand and scrub, with the occasional wadi or dry river bed. As the rainy season had only ended a few weeks earlier, there was still a trace of water in some places, but not for much longer in the great heat of Sudan.

Then suddenly the tone of the plane's engines dropped and we were coming down to land.

15 Sep 2009 description

Geneva, 15 September 2009 - People in various parts of Eastern Equatoria and Jonglei States in Southern Sudan are facing severe acute food shortage partly due to poor rainfall and subsequently failed cropping season (Eastern Equatoria State) and due to displacement caused by tribal fighting (Jonglei State). This has been confirmed by recent assessments and reports by UN.

In eastern Equatoria 20 % of the population (181.223 persons) are potentially at high risk.

19 Aug 2009 description

Derieg camp was and is Fiza's safe haven since she fled with her family from the Janjaweed 5 years ago. The noise and clutter of the 22.000 IDPs here is nothing compared to the fear of attack, rape or death. Here she can earn money as a tailor, drink tea in the afternoon with her friends at the women's community center and sleep safe.

Fiza Ahmad Ibrahim Mohammad fled from the Janjaweed.

11 May 2009 description

N'DJAMENA - ACT International member Lutheran World Federation has evacuated most of its humanitarian staff in a number of towns after the rebel group Union of Resistance Forces (UFR) has attacked the area. There is high alert and restriction on movements in Koukou where some of the ACT/LWF relief operations have taken place. No humanitarian workers are allowed to be in the area.

A spokesman from the UFR rebels stated on May 10th that the insurgents were regrouping and preparing for another offensive from the east.

04 Mar 2009 description

GENEVA, 4 March 2009--Calm is needed in Sudan following the International Criminal Court arrest warrant issued for its president, says Zambian-born ACT International director, John Nduna.

"I call upon the government and leading political parties to maintain a sober mind in light of the arrest warrant issued this afternoon," added Mr Nduna.

The ACT International alliance through its members is one the largest humanitarian actors in South and West Darfur.

"We in the ACT network are committed to continue to provide humanitarian assistance to affected communities in all …

04 Mar 2009 description

By Chris Herlinger/Church World Service-ACT International

N'DJAMENA, CHAD, 4 March 2009 - On a Monday morning in the capital of Chad, in a quiet neighborhood that only recently had been overrun by fighting between anti-government guerillas and army troops, you could still see shrapnel on the pavement.

It was from here that Esther T. Isaac was preparing to travel to the tense, unsettled region of eastern Chad that borders the western Sudanese region of Darfur.

She works within the ACT International alliance, employed by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF).

12 Feb 2009 description

Funds Sent To: Norwegian Church Aid

Amount Sent: US$ 49,013.64

Date: 12 February 2009

Details of Response

Emergency: Displacement in Southern Sudan Caused by LRA Attacks

Date of Emergency: 11 February 2009

Implementing Member(s): Norwegian Church Aid/ ECS/SUDRA


Since mid-December 2008 a series of brutal attacks by the Ugandan rebel Lords Resistance Army (LRA) has hit the border areas either side of the DRC/Sudan border. To date 23,569 people (OCHA, 28 Jan) have been displaced within Central and Western Equatoria states of Southern Sudan.

27 Jan 2009 description

Appeal Target: US$ 3,133,918

Balance Requested from ACT Alliance: US$ 2,478,181

Geneva, 27 January 2009

Dear Colleagues,

The humanitarian situation in Chad has mostly been generated by the worsening security situation in Sudan's Darfur region, continued insecurity in Central African Republic (CAR), and increasing internal instability due to activities by armed groups and inter-ethnic tensions.

23 Jan 2009 description

The Lords Resistance Army (LRA) has attacked a series of villages in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mundri and Yambio counties in south Sudan since 25 December 2008. Information has been slow to emerge from this remote part of the country but church and other civil society organisation leaders have reported vicious attacks on women, men and children as well as burning and looting of fields and houses.

23 Jul 2008 description

By Emad Eldin Ali Adam/ACT-Caritas

NYALA, SOUTH DARFUR, SUDAN, July 23, 2008-- Life in Darfur can be harsh at the best of times, but during the rainy season it can be particularly challenging. Many families who have lost their homes because of the conflict are now living in makeshift mud huts and straw shelters. Life in Darfur can be harsh at the best of times, but during the rainy season it can be particularly challenging. Many families who have lost their homes because of the conflict are now living in makeshift mud huts and straw shelters.

17 Jul 2008 description

ACT-Caritas Background

The programme in Darfur was established in 2004 when Action by Churches Together (ACT) International and Caritas Internationalis decided to join together in response to the crisis in Darfur. Almost four years later, ACT-Caritas continues to assist more than 250,000 people in South and West Darfur who are affected by the ongoing conflict.

ACT-Caritas has been able to reach out across Darfurian society, working with women and men, settled communities, nomads, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and both official and traditional governance structures.

15 Jul 2008 description

By Chris Herlinger/ACT International

KOUKOU ANGARANA, CHAD, July 15, 2008--Recent security concerns in the wake of rebel movements in eastern Chad have caused some organisations to evacuate staff, which included the temporary suspension of activities last month by the Lutheran World Federation-ACT International program here.

But the week-long LWF suspension, from June 15-22, has since been lifted, and normal humanitarian activities have since resumed, reports Diallo Mbemba, LWF site manager based in Koukou Angarana.

07 May 2008 description

South Sudan: Appeal Target: US$ 1,781,269

Geneva, 7 May, 2008- For South Sudan the Comprehensive Peace Agreement CPA means that a history of war, with societies' influx, has been replaced with a transition - again with societies influx.

25 Apr 2008 description

By Emad Eldin Ali Adam/ACT-Caritas

April 25, 2008MERSHING, SOUTH DARFUR, SUDAN -- A large group of children gather in front of Um Gozein School in Mershing, South Darfur, filling the yard with the excited chatter of their young voices.

20 Mar 2008 description

Funds Sent To: Church Ecumenical Action In Sudan (CEAS)

Amount Sent : US$ 50,000

Date: 19 March 2008

Details of Response

Emergency: Civil Conflict in Southern Sudan

Date of Emergency: From Began in January 2008 to date

Implementing partners: Church Ecumenical Action In Sudan (CEAS)

Details of the Emergency:

In January 2008 there were reports of an armed group operating in the western side of Juba County in Central Equatoria State, southern Sudan.

27 Feb 2008 description

GENEVA, February 27, 2008 -A representative in Chad from ACT member, Lutheran World Federation (LWF), says thousands who fled the capital of N'djamena into neighboring Cameroon following the early February fighting between government troops and rebels are afraid to return home citing fears over security, especially under the current state of emergency.

22 Feb 2008 description

Geneva, February 22, 2008 - Communities in Juba County in southern Sudan have abandoned their homes and converged on the villages of Wonduruba and Katigiri following looting by armed groups in early February 2008. The ACT Juba Forum reports that an estimated 7,500 people (1,300 households) are now displaced to Wonduruba and a similar number of people are estimated to be in Katigiri. Some 450 people from Katigiri are now displaced in the town of Juba.

Armed groups are reported to have looted food, seed, clothing and other household goods.