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17 Mar 2016 description

From 28 February to 15 March, Groupe URD ran a training course in Sudan on gender issues, advocacy and project management, in partnership with the French Embassy in Sudan. The course was designed for 8 Sudanese NGOs working in prevention, protection and the response to gender-based violence. Having been initiated by the French Embassy in Sudan, the course aimed to build the capacity of local Sudanese organisations in project design and implementation.

08 Jul 2011 description

Bilal-el-Sudan : Le pays des Noirs, devenu Soudan

Imaginez : un pays grand comme plus de deux fois la France et deux fois moins peuplé... Un pays qui s’étend des sables des déserts de Libye et de Nubie jusqu’aux monts semi-équatoriaux et aux épaisses forêts galeries des franges de l‘Ouganda et de la RDC. Une bande de steppe aride et de savane borde la région des grands marais du Sud-Soudan.

03 Jan 2011 description


This short note aims at revisiting some of the current thinking on food aid and food security in South Sudan, in the light of 18 years1 of observation of the sector in both South and North Sudan.

30 Sep 2010 description


The challenges facing the new United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator Valérie Amos has recently taken up her position in New York, as the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator. With a reputation for courage and experience of diversity, she takes on the role at a crucial time for humanitarian aid.

NATO and the European Union are increasingly trying to integrate humanitarian aid into their strategic agendas. UN integrated missions are going in the same direction.

01 Sep 2010 description

Les humanitaires doivent pouvoir avoir accès aux populations dans les zones touchées par les crises avec un niveau acceptable de liberté de manœuvre pour analyser les besoins d'assistance et de protection, et y répondre sans entrave ni instrumentalisation. Les populations elles-mêmes doivent pouvoir développer leurs stratégies de survie.

19 May 2010 description

Executive summary


Part of a very unstable region, Chad has received waves of refugees from its neighbours, the Central African Republic (CAR) and Sudan since 2003. The UNHCR coordinates the assistance and protection provided to the 250 000 Sudanese and Central African Republican refugees in a number of different camps.

19 May 2010 description

Résumé exécutif

L'approche Cluster a été introduite dans le cadre de la réforme humanitaire en 2005. Elle vise à apporter une assistance humanitaire plus efficace en instaurant un système de coordination sectorielle avec des organisations chefs de file désignées. Depuis 2005, beaucoup d'énergie, de temps et d'argent ont été investis dans la mise en oeuvre de l'approche Cluster aux niveaux global et des pays.

19 May 2010 description

Résumé exécutif


Situé dans une région de grande instabilité, le Tchad accueille depuis 2003 des vagues de réfugiés venant de la République Centrafricaine (RCA) et du Soudan voisins. Le Haut Commissariat aux Réfugiés (HCR), via ses sous-bureaux, coordonne l'assistance et la protection de ces quelques 250 000 réfugiés soudanais et centrafricains installés dans une dizaine de camps. Cette aide est mise en oeuvre par les nombreux partenaires ONG du HCR.

19 May 2010 description

Executive Summary

The cluster approach was introduced as part of humanitarian reform in 2005. It seeks to make humanitarian assistance more effective by introducing a system of sectoral coordination with designated lead organizations.

31 Dec 2009 description


Don't shoot the ambulance!

Humanitarians are neither enemies to be killed, nor merchandise to be sold. And yet, the recent attack against the house of United Nations' staff in Kabul shows that aid workers in general, and the UN in particular, are clearly considered to be parties to the conflict. In Somalia, the war between the transition government and opposition groups has resulted in a huge increase in the price of militias. Those who do not have access to the spoils of piratry are looking for other sources of revenue.

30 Sep 2009 description


Hope amid the crises

Recently, good news has been in short supply. Journalists and civil society leaders continue to disappear or to be assassinated in the Russian Federation, the situation in the Caucasus remains explosive both in the north (Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia) and the south (Georgia and Nagorny-Kabarach). The crises in Darfur, Somalia and the DRC drag on.

08 Jul 2009 description


Le Groupe URD(1), institut de recherche, d'évaluation et de formation pour l'action humanitaire, met en place au Tchad un programme innovant d'apprentissage collectif : l'Observatoire des Pratiques de l'Aide au Tchad (OPAT).

30 Apr 2009 description


This year is the 150th anniversary of the battle of Solferino. It was the suffering witnessed at that battle which gave rise to an idea which, for many, has brought a little light to counter the darkness of war. This idea - that the wounded should be provided with protection - subsequently grew to incorporate the protection of prisoners and civilians in conflict situations. It led to the elaboration of a corpus of rules for the conduct of hostilities which attempt to preserve a modicum of humanity amid the unspeakable horrors of war.

31 Dec 2008 description


The complexity of crises and the variety of contexts mean that humanitarian actors have to continually learn and adapt without losing sight of their original commitment. Different humanitarian cultures and approaches have emerged as the sector has become more diversified, with an increasing number of new stakeholders. And as the sector has grown, it has become increasingly attractive to those who would seek to instrumentalise it.

Since 1993, Groupe URD has been committed to helping humanitarian actors face these challenges.