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18 Mar 2005 description



The Sudan Joint Assessment Mission (JAM) was carried out from April 2004 to February 2005 by eight cluster teams that were co-led by representatives from the Government of Sudan (GOS) and the SPLM, along with designated international cluster leaders from the UN and the World Bank. The eight teams undertook separate needs assessments for the National Government (NG), the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS), the Northern States, and the Three Areas.

18 Mar 2005 description
  1. Capacity Building and Institutional Development

    2. Governance and Rule of Law

    3. Economic Policy

    4. Productive Sectors

    5. Basic Social Services

    6. Infrastructure

    7. Livelihoods and Social Protection

8. Information and Statistics

9. The Three Areas


1. A sound institutional framework and adequate organizational and human capacity are necessary for sustained development, and of critical importance in a post-conflict situation.

18 Mar 2005 description

Framework for Sustained Peace, Development and Poverty Eradication


31 Jan 2005 description


1. The conflict in the Sudan has been going on for almost half a century. As a result, most men and women and boys and girls have known little peace or security in their lifetimes. The conflict has affected women and girls differently. The conflict has served to increase the overall burden placed on women in terms of responsibilities in the community, while removing many of the supporting structures she once relied on in carrying out these duties. Women are taking on many new roles in the absence of men in their communities.