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16 Oct 2007 description

A Libyan Cargo plane loaded with humanitarian assistance arrived in Khartoum International Airport heading directly to to El Fasher city in Darfur region assistance from the Great Jamahiriya on the occasion of Eid alFiter to help alleviate the suffering of the Sudanese people in Darfur region due to floods witnessed in the some parts of the region lately.

26 Aug 2007 description

Libyan cargo plane loaded with a shipment of humanitarian aid destined for Sudan early this morning .

The contribution from the Libyan people to alleviate the suffering of the Sudanese people because of floods and torrential rains in some parts of this brotherly country recently.

19 Nov 2006 description

Under the auspices of the Leader of the Revolution, President of Conference of Leaders and Heads of State of ( Cen- Sad ) Community, and in line with his sponsorship of peace in this Space and beyond and appreciation of all parties in Darfur Region for his calls and initiatives to establish peace and ensure stability in the region, a political protocol was signed Saturday evening in Tripoli between the government of Sudan and Sudan Liberation Army Movement in Darfur region in implemention of the Peace Accord in this Region that was signed in Abuja on the 5th of last May.

The signing of …

19 Jan 2006 description

The Leader of the Revolution announced his initiative to solve the dispute between the Sudan and Chad, both members of the Sahal - Saharn Community, Cen-Sad, on the bases of his high mediating role in the Cen-Sad space and beyond.

The Leader explained the bases of this initiative, in a statement to the Sudanese Satellite Channel, following his meeting with President Omar Hassan alBashir, by saying:-

" It is obvious that the problem of concern to us is the problem between two fraternal neighbouring countries, Sudan and Chad , which is what has been discussed in this meeting.

23 Nov 2004 description

A convoy of forty trucks left Al-Kufra city yesterday towards eastern Chad to deliver US food supplies within the UN food programme to the displaced from Darfur.

Co-ordinators of social people's leadership in Al-Kufra, WFP Deputy Regional Director, and Tony Hull, the American ambassador to the UN Food Agricultural Organization FAO attended the departure of the convoy.

In a press conference, Tony Hull praised Libya's role in sending humanitarian aids to Darfur refugees in eastern Chad.

18 Oct 2004 description

The African mini Summit on Darfur wrapped up in Libya, last night.