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09 Jul 2012 description

The number of severely malnourished children far surpasses emergency thresholds with several months to go before harvest season

Today marks the one year anniversary of South Sudanese independence from Sudan. How do things fare for the South Sudanese population one year later? Today, we share the alarming news about the continued hunger crisis in one part of the country. And stay tuned to the blog later this month for more stories about our work in the world’s newest nation.

04 May 2012 description

The peace between Sudan and South Sudan was not to be, at least not for long. Even after the Republic of South Sudan’s independence last July, tensions remained high between the former civil war combatants. Oil fields—mainly located along the contested border region—became the focal point in a play for power that has intensified into violent clashes over last month. After months of border skirmishes between the two countries, South Sudan seized a disputed oil field in Heglig earlier this month, prompting the north’s retaliation.

30 Nov 2011 description

As international leaders descended on the coastal city of Durban, South Africa to determine environmental restrictions on some of the world’s worst pollutants, Action Against Hunger has urged the UN’s 2011 Climate Change Conference to act swiftly to institute programs to stave off the catastrophic effects that climate shocks are already having on developing countries.

25 May 2011 description

For families fleeing border violence in southern Sudan, malnutrition and poor sanitary conditions are life-threatening

22 Jul 2009 description

Action Against Hunger launches campaign urging the former VP to help end childhood deaths from acute malnutrition

New York, NY - Action Against Hunger announces the U.S. launch of an international grassroots initiative calling on Al Gore to make his next film about global hunger-a crisis that kills one child every six seconds. The No Hunger initiative, which began in Madrid, has gathered more than 64,000 signatures for a petition that will be presented to the former Vice President and Nobel Laureate this December at the climate change conference in Copenhagen.

13 Nov 2008 description


Melut is one of the 13 counties in Upper Nile state, South Sudan. It is bordered by four counties namely: Manyo in the South West, Malakal in the South East, Maaban in the East, and Renk County in the North. The county is situated in the Nile Sobat livelihood zone along the east of the Nile corridor.

Administratively the county has six Payams (administrative units defining a county) thus; Melut, Paloch, Galdora, Bemichuk, Wunamom and Panamdit.

30 Sep 2008 description


Tonga bulletin collates initial data collected in Nyibodo, Atigo, Tonga centre, Yom, Nyijwad and Dinyo Bomas constituting Tonga payam, Panyikang County.

Tonga Payam comprises of nine Bomas; Papuojo, Aidhajo, Nyibodo, Atigo, Tonga centre, Yom, Nyi-jwad and Dinyo. The main inhabitants are Shilluk and to a lesser extent Nuers among other commu-ties. The total population of the payam was 23,286(1). Settlements were situated mainly along the stretch of river Nile.

30 Sep 2008 description


This report presents the results of the seventh round of data collection of nutrition sentinel site surveillance carried out in the SouthernZone, Malakal County of upper Nile state in September 2008.

The main inhabitants of Malakal belong to Shiluk ethnicity with increasing numbers from other ethnic groups particularly the Nuer and Dinka. The main sources of livelihood in the area are employment and trade(1).

25 Aug 2008 description


Bentiu and Rub Kona towns are located in Rub Kona County, Unity State, South Sudan. Unity state is an oil-bearing state bordered by South and Western Kordofan states on north (border with north Sudan), Warrap State on west and Jonglei State on east. Theses twin towns are located at approximately 800 km south of Khartoum. They are separated by a 7km tarmac road that crosses the Northern Bahr el Ghazal River by a bridge.

31 Jul 2008 description


This is the first bulletin of the initial data collection in Obel 1, 2 and 3 of Panyikang County. Obel 1, 2 and 3 are situated along Sobat corridor and inhabited by mainly Nuer and Shilluk among other communities. During the inception phase, appropriate background information analysis and stakeholder consultations were done to establish the site. The site was set up concurrently with the inception of Integrated Community Based Recovery and Development (ICRD).

19 Dec 2007 description



Renk is one of the counties that constitute the Upper Nile state which is located North East of South Sudan. The County is bordered by Manyo County to the West, Melut County to the South, Longuchuk County to the South East and Jebelen to the North.

The county comprises of four administrative Payams namely; Renk, Jelhak, Shomedi and Geiger. Renk payam which is cosmopolitan is subdivided into planned block settlements such as Wunkiir, Medakon and Gaberona (Graves) IDP camps.

19 Dec 2007 description


This report presents the results of the pilot sentinel site established in Khorfulus, Atar County (Jonglei state) in October 2007. This bulletin provides information on the first and second rounds of results based on nutrition indicators as well as the other indicators related to the underlying causes of malnutrition for the months of October and November 2007. Every month, a new selection of 6 zones is selected randomly in the same area for surveillance. Data from October and November have been compiled together in order to show trends in each sector.

19 Dec 2007 description


This report presents the results of the pilot sentinel site established in the southern zone of Malakal County (Upper Nile state) in September 2007. This bulletin provides information on the second and third rounds of results based on nutrition indicators as well as the other indicators related to the underlying causes of malnutrition for the months of October and November 2007. Every month, a new selection of 6 zones is selected randomly in the same area for surveillance.

06 Dec 2007 description





- Type of Survey and Sample Size
- Sampling Methodology
- Data Collection
- Indicators, Guidelines, and Formula's Used

06 Dec 2007 description


Tonj North County situated in Warrap state borders Tonj South to the South, Tonj East to the East, Gogrial East County to the North and Wau County to the West. It is composed of 37 bomas and 10 payams namely; Alabek, Aliek, Pagol, Man Alor, Awul, Warrap, Kiirik, Akop, Rualbet and Marial Lou. The total population was estimated at 540,000.(1)

29 Oct 2007 description



South Bor County is part of Jonglei state, and borders Pibor, Awerial and North Bor counties to the east, west and north respectively. The county is sub divided into 6 payams namely Baidit, Jalle, Anyidi, Kolnyang, Makuach and Bor town.

The county is characterized by flat, low-lying terrain with black cotton and sandy soil. It is rich in oil field. The area has two water bodies: River Panjir which cuts across the county and the Nile on the eastern side.

21 Jun 2007 description

A la veille de la conférence ministérielle qui doit se tenir à Paris le 25 juin prochain, Action contre la Faim fait un point sur la situation humanitaire au Darfour.

A l'approche de la saison des pluies au Darfour, la situation humanitaire est « stabilisée » par les efforts conjoints des acteurs humanitaires, bien que leur travail soit rendu de plus en plus difficile, notamment par l'insécurité généralisée.

08 May 2007 description

Nepal : hunger on the roof of the world

In the mountainous regions of Nepal's far West, the connivance of several factors has led to a severe food crisis. Given the scale of the situation, Action Against Hunger has launched a number of emergency relief programmes and is trying to alert other organisations and the international community to the state of these forgotten people.

13 Mar 2007 description

Dans le sud est tchadien, les violences récurrentes, les attaques et combats ont contraint près de 120,000 personnes à se déplacer et se réfugier près des villes ou villages épargnés. Leur conditions de survie sont désastreuses et l'assistance internationale ne leur parvient qu'épisodiquement en raison notamment de l'insécurité.

29 Sep 2006 description

Beneficiaries Who Learn to Run Successful Businesses Don't Go Hungry

By Henry Weil, ACF Editor

In Indonesia, Action Against Hunger cured starvation by teaching accounting. No, we didn't expect our students to become CPAs. Instead, by recording and analyzing expenses and income from beneficiaries' livelihoods, we showed them how to discover costs that could be lowered as well as aspects of their businesses that were more profitable than others and worth expanding.

Regional conflict has sent rural villagers fleeing to safety in cities.