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19 Dec 2007 description



Renk is one of the counties that constitute the Upper Nile state which is located North East of South Sudan. The County is bordered by Manyo County to the West, Melut County to the South, Longuchuk County to the South East and Jebelen to the North.

The county comprises of four administrative Payams namely; Renk, Jelhak, Shomedi and Geiger. Renk payam which is cosmopolitan is subdivided into planned block settlements such as Wunkiir, Medakon and Gaberona (Graves) IDP camps.

19 Dec 2007 description


This report presents the results of the pilot sentinel site established in Khorfulus, Atar County (Jonglei state) in October 2007. This bulletin provides information on the first and second rounds of results based on nutrition indicators as well as the other indicators related to the underlying causes of malnutrition for the months of October and November 2007. Every month, a new selection of 6 zones is selected randomly in the same area for surveillance. Data from October and November have been compiled together in order to show trends in each sector.

19 Dec 2007 description


This report presents the results of the pilot sentinel site established in the southern zone of Malakal County (Upper Nile state) in September 2007. This bulletin provides information on the second and third rounds of results based on nutrition indicators as well as the other indicators related to the underlying causes of malnutrition for the months of October and November 2007. Every month, a new selection of 6 zones is selected randomly in the same area for surveillance.

17 Dec 2007 description


A 29 ans, David Mahouy n'en est pas à sa première expérience humanitaire. Après trois missions en tant que chargé d'aide alimentaire pour Action contre la Faim, il revient d'El Fasher au Darfour où il a mis en place une distribution d'urgence de BP5 (Biscuit Protéinés) pour plus de 15 000 enfants.

David n'est pas de ceux qui aiment à rêvasser ! Son baccalauréat en poche, il se lance dans la coopération décentralisée au Sénégal où il est logisticien pendant un an.

06 Dec 2007 description





- Type of Survey and Sample Size
- Sampling Methodology
- Data Collection
- Indicators, Guidelines, and Formula's Used

06 Dec 2007 description


Tonj North County situated in Warrap state borders Tonj South to the South, Tonj East to the East, Gogrial East County to the North and Wau County to the West. It is composed of 37 bomas and 10 payams namely; Alabek, Aliek, Pagol, Man Alor, Awul, Warrap, Kiirik, Akop, Rualbet and Marial Lou. The total population was estimated at 540,000.(1)

29 Oct 2007 description



South Bor County is part of Jonglei state, and borders Pibor, Awerial and North Bor counties to the east, west and north respectively. The county is sub divided into 6 payams namely Baidit, Jalle, Anyidi, Kolnyang, Makuach and Bor town.

The county is characterized by flat, low-lying terrain with black cotton and sandy soil. It is rich in oil field. The area has two water bodies: River Panjir which cuts across the county and the Nile on the eastern side.

02 Aug 2007 description

Suite à la résolution 1769 votée par le Conseil de sécurité de l'ONU sur le déploiement d'une force hybride au Darfour, Action contre la Faim salue cette avancée significative mais appelle toujours à une solution politique négociée.

- L'acceptation à l'unanimité de cette résolution, ainsi que son acceptation immédiate par le gouvernement Soudanais, sont une avancée certaine dans ces négociations internationales.

Pourtant Action contre la Faim rappelle que :

- Une force de maintien de la paix doit œuvrer dans une zone en paix.

25 Jun 2007 description

The humanitarian situation in the region has remained 'stable' so far, thanks to the joint efforts of humanitarian actors, whose work has been jeopardized due to widespread insecurity. Nonetheless, both residents and displaced populations in Darfur are in an extremely precarious position and even seemingly minor incidents can have a serious impact on their lives.

25 Jun 2007 description

In southern Sudan, rice proves to be a more viable solution

Action Against Hunger has served beneficiaries in the swampy upper Nile region of southern Sudan since 2001-one of Africa's most underdeveloped areas. Its markets are poorly developed, it has few facilities for health or education, and its lack of infrastructure makes improving the region difficult. The areas we've served, including Toch, Old Fangak and Nyadin, are inaccessible by road. You can fly there or you can walk there, but the only other transportation option is boating among the local villages.

21 Jun 2007 description

A 26 ans, Anaïs a un cursus impressionnant : sciences politiques, London School of Economics, puis des expériences de terrain avec des ONG locales (Palestine, Liban, Sénégal). Elle revient d'une mission d'un an avec Action contre la Faim au Sud Soudan dans la petite ville pétrolifère de Bentiu (Unity State). Sa mission : superviser les programmes de sécurité alimentaire d'Action contre la Faim sur toute la zone.

21 Jun 2007 description

A la veille de la conférence ministérielle qui doit se tenir à Paris le 25 juin prochain, Action contre la Faim fait un point sur la situation humanitaire au Darfour.

A l'approche de la saison des pluies au Darfour, la situation humanitaire est « stabilisée » par les efforts conjoints des acteurs humanitaires, bien que leur travail soit rendu de plus en plus difficile, notamment par l'insécurité généralisée.

18 May 2007 description

Witnessing the atrocities affecting Darfur's population on a daily basis, Action Against Hunger's teams are among those NGO's still present in this hard-hit province of Sudan. From its presence on the ground, the following can be concluded: as the conflict is spreading and the number of instigators of violence is growing, an armed and non-negotiated intervention would seem dangerous. An intervention would most likely make an already bad situation even worse, triggering yet more violence. Somalia and Iraq have demonstrated this.

08 May 2007 description

Nepal : hunger on the roof of the world

In the mountainous regions of Nepal's far West, the connivance of several factors has led to a severe food crisis. Given the scale of the situation, Action Against Hunger has launched a number of emergency relief programmes and is trying to alert other organisations and the international community to the state of these forgotten people.

02 Apr 2007 description


Upper Nile state borders White and Blue Nile states to the North; Ethiopia to the East; South Kordofan and Unity states to the West and Jonglei state to the South. The state comprises of 12 counties namely: Renk, Melut, Manyou, Fashoda, Malakal, Panyikang, Maban, Maiwut, Baliet, Nasir and Longuchok. Malakal has five administrative payams namely Northern, Central, Southern, Lelo and Ogod. Malakal town hosts the state headquarters.

23 Mar 2007 description

La Communauté Internationale, l'ONU, les ONG humanitaires portent à bout de bras des programmes d'urgence pour maintenir en vie des dizaines de milliers d'hommes, de femmes et d'enfants.

Les terres riches de la province du Darfour ont fait place à un désert vidé de ses paysans. Ces paysans sédentaires « africains » se sont agglutinés par dizaines de milliers dans des camps de fortune.

15 Mar 2007 description

In South-Eastern Chad, recurring violence, attacks and fighting have forced nearly 120,000 people to be displaced and seek refuge close to towns and villages that have been spared by the violence. People are living in terrible conditions and international assistance only reaches them sporadically mainly due to the insecurity.

14 Mar 2007 description


Melut County is located in Upper-Nile state. It is bordered by four counties in the same state: Manyo County in the south west, Maaban County in the east, Baliet County in the south and Renk County in the north. Melut County is situated in the Nile Sobat zone and along East of Nile corridor which it shares with Manyo County in the western bank of the river.

13 Mar 2007 description

Dans le sud est tchadien, les violences récurrentes, les attaques et combats ont contraint près de 120,000 personnes à se déplacer et se réfugier près des villes ou villages épargnés. Leur conditions de survie sont désastreuses et l'assistance internationale ne leur parvient qu'épisodiquement en raison notamment de l'insécurité.

23 Feb 2007 description

Face à la recrudescence des violences contre les personnels humanitaires, l'association est contrainte de réduire sa présence au Darfour mais a décidé de maintenir ses programmes « vitaux » dans les zones où les indicateurs de sécurité le permettent encore : les villes et les camps de déplacés.

Action contre la Faim ne retourne pas à Gereida

Deux mois après l'attaque de plusieurs ONG à Gereida, ACF a décidé, contrainte et forcée par l'absence de garanties de sécurité, qu'elle ne retournerait pas sur ce camp où elle assurait des distributions alimentaires pour 130 000 …