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20 Dec 2006 description

Dans la nuit du lundi 18 décembre, la base d'Action contre la Faim à Gereida ainsi que les bases d'autres ONG ont été violemment attaquées et pillées.

20 Dec 2006 description

During the night of Monday, December 18, the base run by Action Against Hunger (ACF) as well as bases managed by other humanitarian organizations were violently attacked. Following this vicious incident, all 23 of Action Against Hunger's workers in the area were evacuated and their assistance to the Sudanese people cut off.

17 Dec 2006 description

How we use planes, land rovers, even motorbikes

By Henry Weil, ACF Editor

Among the array of challenges facing humanitarian workers, one of the knottiest is transporting people and supplies to distressed beneficiaries who need assistance. The goal, says Frazer Murray, our Mission Management Logistician, is to deliver "the right thing at the right time in the right place for the right price."

Price is a major consideration. The more inexpensively we can operate, the greater the number of beneficiaries we can assist.

14 Dec 2006 description


Old Fangak is located in the Zeraf County, in Central Upper Nile region. It is bordered by Atar/Khorfulus county to the East, Tonga County to the North East, Ruweng County to the North, Guit County to the West, Rubkuona county to the North West and Ayod county to the South.
The Old Fangak payams is sub divided into four Bomas namely; Old Fangak, Wanglel, Chotbora and Pulpam.
These Bomas are inhabited by Nuer Laak (that includes Chieng kuacbor and Janyang sub clans) and Nuer Thiang clans (that includes Bang and Riak sub clans).

17 Nov 2006 description

La délégation Action contre la Faim de Toulouse vous propose une soirée exceptionnelle en partenariat avec le Rotary Club : DARFOUR : Géreida, le plus grand camp de déplacés au monde. Cette soirée au profit de l'association aura lieu le mercredi 6 décembre 2006 à 20 heures à l'Orangerie du Caousou 42, avenue Camille Pujol à Toulouse.

Depuis février 2003, date à laquelle les milices pro-gouvernementales soudanaises ont lancé leurs attaques contre les populations civiles, 250 000 personnes ont été massacrées et l'on ne dénombre pas moins de deux millions de réfugiés.

13 Nov 2006 description

Since 2003, Eastern Chad has been increasingly affected by the repercussions of the Darfur crisis. Over 200,000 Sudanese refugees have fled Darfur and sought refuge in Chad. Here, insecurity generated by armed Chadian or Sudanese groups has resulted in significant population displacements. The humanitarian situation, notably in the south of the border, gives increasingly rise to concern, with over 50,000 Chadians displaced. Action Against Hunger is concerned about a possible "Darfurisation" of Eastern Chad.

08 Nov 2006 description

Depuis 2003, l'est du Tchad a été progressivement atteint par les répercussions de la crise qui sévit au Darfour. Plus de 200 000 réfugiés soudanais ont fui le Darfour pour se réfugier au Tchad. Et dans ce pays, l'insécurité générée par les groupes armés tchadiens ou soudanais a entraîné des déplacements importants de populations.

30 Sep 2006 description

For more than three years, this region of Sudan has racked up dismaying statistics: tens of thousands deaths, 1.8 million people living in Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps, 200,000 refugees in Eastern Chad. Action Against Hunger is implementing programmes in the North and South of Darfur.

A very complex crisis

The international press has often characterised the war in Darfur as an 'ethnic' conflict between black and Arab populations or as a struggle against the region's marginalisation.

29 Sep 2006 description

Beneficiaries Who Learn to Run Successful Businesses Don't Go Hungry

By Henry Weil, ACF Editor

In Indonesia, Action Against Hunger cured starvation by teaching accounting. No, we didn't expect our students to become CPAs. Instead, by recording and analyzing expenses and income from beneficiaries' livelihoods, we showed them how to discover costs that could be lowered as well as aspects of their businesses that were more profitable than others and worth expanding.

Regional conflict has sent rural villagers fleeing to safety in cities.

29 Sep 2006 description

ACF Intervenes in northern and southern Darfur

By Sylvain Trottier

For more than three years, this region of Sudan, as big as France, has racked up dismaying statistics: Tens of thousands have died, 1.8 million have been displaced into camps and towns in the west, north, and south of Darfur, and 200,000 have taken refuge to the east in Chad.

A More Complex Crisis Than It Might Seem

The international press has often characterized the war in Darfur as an "ethnic" conflict between black and Arabic populations, or even as a struggle against the marginalization of …

11 Jul 2006 description

La situation humanitaire du Darfour semble s'être enlisée et des centaines de milliers de personnes restent extrêmement dépendante de l'aide humanitaire. Action contre la Faim ouvre une nouvelle base dans le sud Darfour, dans le camp de déplacés de Gereida. L'association va y procéder à des distributions alimentaires pour environ 100 000 personnes.

15 Mar 2006 description

Pays d'Afrique des Grands Lacs à peine plus grand que la Bretagne, le Burundi est en proie à une insécurité alimentaire dite chronique qui précipite les plus vulnérables dans l'urgence au moindre choc. Elise Rodriguez, du service communication, revient du Burundi.