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09 Jul 2012 description

The number of severely malnourished children far surpasses emergency thresholds with several months to go before harvest season

Today marks the one year anniversary of South Sudanese independence from Sudan. How do things fare for the South Sudanese population one year later? Today, we share the alarming news about the continued hunger crisis in one part of the country. And stay tuned to the blog later this month for more stories about our work in the world’s newest nation.

04 May 2012 description

The peace between Sudan and South Sudan was not to be, at least not for long. Even after the Republic of South Sudan’s independence last July, tensions remained high between the former civil war combatants. Oil fields—mainly located along the contested border region—became the focal point in a play for power that has intensified into violent clashes over last month. After months of border skirmishes between the two countries, South Sudan seized a disputed oil field in Heglig earlier this month, prompting the north’s retaliation.

30 Nov 2011 description

As international leaders descended on the coastal city of Durban, South Africa to determine environmental restrictions on some of the world’s worst pollutants, Action Against Hunger has urged the UN’s 2011 Climate Change Conference to act swiftly to institute programs to stave off the catastrophic effects that climate shocks are already having on developing countries.

25 May 2011 description

For families fleeing border violence in southern Sudan, malnutrition and poor sanitary conditions are life-threatening

18 Jan 2011 description

Environmentally-friendly stoves are safer, increase productivity, and cut down on deforestation

Ngong Tunc Malok's home feels eerie and deserted; the still smouldering ashes bear witness to the devastating fire that robbed the family of its livelihood just one day earlier.

"I was alone with some of the children when the tukuls [huts] caught fire from the open fireplace used for cooking; there were no adults here to come to the rescue. There was nothing I could do.

18 Jan 2011 description

Action Against Hunger provides seeds, tools, and agricultural training to farmers starting over

When Ahok Dut Deng was 20 years old, she, like many other southern Sudanese living in the Northern Bahr el Ghazal state, was forced to flee to the north.

"There were many reasons to leave," says Ahok. "The hunger was severe, there was no food, and planes were bombing the area, so there was nowhere safe to stay."

Life in the north was difficult. For 16 years Ahok survived by doing casual labor, earning just enough to buy food and clothes.

06 Apr 2010 description

A conversation with ACF's Senior Food Security & Livelihoods Advisor

You're back from southern Sudan. What's happening there?

I visited our teams in southern Sudan to evaluate our food security and livelihoods programs and to see for myself what the humanitarian situation is like on the ground. Southern Sudan is in a very fragile state. People are just beginning to recover and return to their homes after 20 years of civil war that killed two million people and forced another four million to flee their villages.

09 Feb 2010 description

Immediate and longer-term assistance needed to prevent hunger and malnutrition crisis

MALOUALKON, SOUTHERN SUDAN-Food stocks are running out in areas of Southern Sudan that experienced unusually poor harvests this year, Action Against Hunger | ACF International announced today. To fill immediate needs, vulnerable populations are resorting to coping strategies that could jeopardize next year's harvest and put their long-term food security and livelihoods at risk.

30 Sep 2009 description

ACF warns of increasing scarcity in region largely ignored by international community

Juba, South Sudan-The threat of a massive food deficit in South Sudan is growing, Action Against Hunger/ACF International cautioned today. The international organization is concerned about the humanitarian impact of a number of troubling developments: high staple food prices and poor stocks from last year's crop yields; an extended dry spell that delayed the planting season, a serious setback in a region plagued by seasonal flooding; and an alarming pre-harvest spike in acute malnutrition rates.

22 Jul 2009 description

Action Against Hunger launches campaign urging the former VP to help end childhood deaths from acute malnutrition

New York, NY - Action Against Hunger announces the U.S. launch of an international grassroots initiative calling on Al Gore to make his next film about global hunger-a crisis that kills one child every six seconds. The No Hunger initiative, which began in Madrid, has gathered more than 64,000 signatures for a petition that will be presented to the former Vice President and Nobel Laureate this December at the climate change conference in Copenhagen.

10 Mar 2009 description

ACF ensures safe water for communities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Landlocked in the center of sub-Saharan Africa, the Central African Republic (CAR) has suffered from ongoing conflict and instability over the past two decades. With 73% of the population struggling to survive on less than one dollar a day, it remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

05 Mar 2009 description

Expulsions eliminate 60-80% of aid for the displaced in Darfur, millions threatened

Khartoum, Sudan - On Wednesday, March 4th, authorities in northern Sudan ordered the global humanitarian organization Action contre la Faim (ACF) to leave Darfur along with nine other international aid organizations. With registrations revoked, ACF's offices in Khartoum were sealed off and the organization's programs brought to a halt.

13 Nov 2008 description


Melut is one of the 13 counties in Upper Nile state, South Sudan. It is bordered by four counties namely: Manyo in the South West, Malakal in the South East, Maaban in the East, and Renk County in the North. The county is situated in the Nile Sobat livelihood zone along the east of the Nile corridor.

Administratively the county has six Payams (administrative units defining a county) thus; Melut, Paloch, Galdora, Bemichuk, Wunamom and Panamdit.

30 Sep 2008 description


Tonga bulletin collates initial data collected in Nyibodo, Atigo, Tonga centre, Yom, Nyijwad and Dinyo Bomas constituting Tonga payam, Panyikang County.

Tonga Payam comprises of nine Bomas; Papuojo, Aidhajo, Nyibodo, Atigo, Tonga centre, Yom, Nyi-jwad and Dinyo. The main inhabitants are Shilluk and to a lesser extent Nuers among other commu-ties. The total population of the payam was 23,286(1). Settlements were situated mainly along the stretch of river Nile.

30 Sep 2008 description


This report presents the results of the seventh round of data collection of nutrition sentinel site surveillance carried out in the SouthernZone, Malakal County of upper Nile state in September 2008.

The main inhabitants of Malakal belong to Shiluk ethnicity with increasing numbers from other ethnic groups particularly the Nuer and Dinka. The main sources of livelihood in the area are employment and trade(1).

25 Aug 2008 description


Bentiu and Rub Kona towns are located in Rub Kona County, Unity State, South Sudan. Unity state is an oil-bearing state bordered by South and Western Kordofan states on north (border with north Sudan), Warrap State on west and Jonglei State on east. Theses twin towns are located at approximately 800 km south of Khartoum. They are separated by a 7km tarmac road that crosses the Northern Bahr el Ghazal River by a bridge.

31 Jul 2008 description


This is the first bulletin of the initial data collection in Obel 1, 2 and 3 of Panyikang County. Obel 1, 2 and 3 are situated along Sobat corridor and inhabited by mainly Nuer and Shilluk among other communities. During the inception phase, appropriate background information analysis and stakeholder consultations were done to establish the site. The site was set up concurrently with the inception of Integrated Community Based Recovery and Development (ICRD).

28 Jun 2008 description


Aweil East Country is situated in Northern Bahr El Ghazal (NBeG) sate, in Southern Sudan. It is under the Government of Southern Sudan, following the peace agreement signed in January 2005 between the government of Khartoum and the SPLM (Sudanese People Liberation Movement). NBeG is one of the smaller states of Southern Sudan but the most densely populated. It is a returnee/IDP entry point from Khartoum and Darfur.

21 Jun 2008 description


Khorfulus and Atar areas are situated in the north eastern corner of Jonglei state. The areas border Upper Nile state, Old Fangak, Ayod and Nyirol counties to the north, south, south west and south east respectively. Rivers Nile and Sobat which traverse the region are important for fishing and transport.

Generally, Khorfulus and Atar are characterized by a flat low lying topography. Black cotton loamy soil with clay content is the main soil type. Acacia senegalis species and elephant grass formed the predominant vegetative cover.

21 May 2008 description


Khorfulus and Atar areas are situated in the north eastern corner of Jonglei state. The areas border Upper Nile state, Old Fangak, Ayod and Nyirol counties to the north, south, south west and south east respectively. Rivers Nile and Sobat which traverse the region are important for fishing and transport.

Generally, Khorfulus and Atar are characterized by a flat low lying topography. Black cotton loamy soil with clay content is the main soil type.