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09 Jul 2014 description

A group of seven major international aid agencies said they face a shortfall of $89m/£52m just when the South Sudan humanitarian crisis edges closer to the risk of famine. Speaking out on the 3rd anniversary of the country’s independence they warned their aid efforts to help hundreds of thousands of people caught up in the conflict was under threat due to a lack of funds.

06 Jul 2012 description
report Christian Aid

When the citizens of South Sudan flooded to the polls in January 2011 for the long-awaited independence referendum the result was decisive, with close to 99% voting to secede from Bashir’s Khartoum government.

15 May 2012 description

Refugee numbers soaring as violence continues

Seasonal rains due in Sudan and South Sudan will exacerbate already dire conditions in refugee camps, restrict travel and access, and heighten the risk of disease, a group of leading humanitarian agencies warned today. The rains, which in some places have already started, will make many roads impassable, trapping people in unstable areas and deepening the current hunger crisis.

31 Jan 2012 description
Policy brief: Re-shaping policy and institutions for integrating climate and disaster resilience

Changing climate, changing disasters: pathways to integration (and accompanying policy brief) is an essential step-by-step guide for more joined-up thinking and action in disaster risk management, especially for sudden and slow-onset disasters exacerbated by climate change. It supports disaster risk practitioners to:

  • connect with colleagues in development and climate change adaptation by creating a shared ‘language’ of resilience

  • assess existing (or develop new) organisations, policies or programmes and build partner networks to fill capacity gaps

16 May 2011 description
report Christian Aid

Commodities boom may be fuelling global hunger, warns Christian Aid

Pension funds and other institutional investors that have poured billions of pounds into commodity index funds could be unwittingly fuelling a rise in global hunger, says a new report from Christian Aid.

Such investments in indices of commodities bundled together have become increasingly popular in recent years following deregulation and the bursting of the dot.com bubble.

24 Sep 2010 description

The world's success or failure on Sudan will be judged by the next few months

New York: Friday 24 September 2010

World leaders at today's Sudan summit must take concrete action to help ensure peace, safety and development for all Sudanese people, five international aid agencies said in an open letter.

07 Jan 2010 description

The next 12 months will be critical for the future of Sudan. As the country marks the fifth anniversary of the signing of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended a devastating civil war, southern Sudan has seen a major upsurge in violence. In 2009, some 2,500 people were killed and 350,000 fled their homes. With landmark elections and a referendum on the horizon, the peace deal is fragile and the violence likely to escalate even further unless there is urgent international engagement.

Southern Sudan is one of the least-developed regions in the world.

11 Aug 2008 description
report Christian Aid

Controversy may be surrounding this year's Olympic Games in Beijing, but in Twic county in southern Sudan, the true spirit of the Olympics is alive and kicking.

The county - ravaged by civil war for 25 years - has hosted its very own version of the Olympic Games, helping to bring peace and reconciliation to a previously conflict-ridden community.

27 Dec 2007 description
report Christian Aid

Flooding across Africa in August and September washed away homes, crops and livestock, leaving hundreds of thousands in urgent need of food and shelter.

Thanks to the generous support of Christian Aid's supporters we raised £153,000/€210,000.

18 Sep 2007 description
report Christian Aid

Floods across large swathes of east and west Africa have washed away homes, crops and livestock leaving hundreds of thousands in urgent need of food and shelter. There are also fears of cholera outbreaks in some of the worst affected regions.

Christian Aid will be supporting the relief efforts of its local partners in the areas hit by the floods.

17 Sep 2007 description
report Christian Aid

Torrential rains have caused flooding across large swathes of Africa, leaving 40 dead and thousands homeless.

The flooding has affected more than 10 countries in east and west Africa, including Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Togo and Liberia.

The floods have washed away homes, crops and livestock, leaving many people in urgent need of shelter and food. There are fears of outbreaks of cholera in some of the worst affected regions.

Much of the devastation in west Africa has been concentrated in the north of Ghana.

14 May 2007 description
report Christian Aid


A world struggling to cope with the largest enforced movement of people in its history. Tens of millions displaced, living in parlous conditions - their very futures threatened by the enormity of the problem.

That was the dire situation at the end of the Second World War, and Christian Aid - known at the time as Christian Reconstruction in Europe - was founded to help address it.

27 Apr 2007 description
report Christian Aid

A year after the signing of the Darfur Peace Agreement the situation in Darfur is worse than ever. Rather than bringing peace to the region, it has led to further fighting and insecurity.

An estimated 1.9 million people are now living in over crowded makeshift camps. Clean water is in short supply. Food is scarce.

28 Nov 2006 description
report Christian Aid

Displaced people from the south of Sudan, who now live in the capital, Khartoum, face voluntary repatriations to homes they have not seen for decades.

Residents of the Sudanese capital Khartoum call it the 'black belt'. Right around the sprawling city are camps where displaced people have been living for decades; most were forced to flee by the civil war in the south and the severe drought of 1984.

Now there are attempts by the government and UN agencies to facilitate the return of these internally displaced people (IDPs). But this is not a straightforward process.

28 Nov 2006 description
report Christian Aid

Christian Aid partners in north Darfur continue with emergency work in spite of heavy fighting there. They are helping to provide aid to some of the millions of people who have been displaced and are now living in camps.

El Fasher is the capital of north Darfur, a dusty bustling desert town. It has been a magnet for people displaced by the conflict, which has been raging in Darfur since 2003.

Close to 200,000 people are crammed into three camps which surround the town.

22 Sep 2006 description
report Christian Aid

Christian Aid has welcomed the decision of the African Union (AU) to extend the mandate of its peacekeeping force in Darfur, Sudan, until the end of the year. The decision was announced in New York after a meeting of the African heads of state at the United Nations (UN).

'This is good news for the millions of displaced people in Darfur,' said Judith Melby, Christian Aid's Africa specialist. 'But it is only a first step.

19 Sep 2006 description
report Christian Aid

Activists rally around the world demanding an end to the conflict in Darfur. Prayers for the millions of Sudanese displaced were said by faith leaders in Downing Street.

There were rallies around the world on 17 September calling on the government of Sudan to allow United Nations peacekeepers in Darfur. The conflict in Darfur has claimed more than 200,000 lives since 2003.

30 May 2006 description
report Christian Aid

The recent peace agreement signed by the Sudanese government and the Sudanese Liberation Movement/Army has not brought an end to the fighting in Darfur.

08 May 2006 description
report Christian Aid

It now appears the Darfur peace talks in Abuja, Nigeria have reached an uncertain agreement. Intensive negotiations led by US and UK officials have finally persuaded the largest rebel group to sign a peace deal to end the carnage in Darfur.