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13 Mar 2013 description
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Internews Humanitarian Information Service's Program in Chad 2005-2012

Posted on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

03 Jun 2011 description
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(June 3, 2011) A community radio station in Southern Sudan has rapidly become a trusted resource for displaced Sudanese fleeing the contested border region of Abyei.

31 May 2011 description
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(May 31, 2011) Three radio stations in Southern Sudan established and supported by Internews are the most trusted and important sources of information in their communities, according to original scientific audience research conducted by the BBC World Service Trust.

“This extensive research confirms what we hear every day from these communities,” said Deborah Ensor, Internews Regional Director for Sub-Saharan Africa. “Getting local news and information, in one’s own language, massively impacts people’s lives. These stations really are the heart and soul of their communities.”

09 Jun 2010 description
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Zack Baddorf/Internews

(June 9, 2010) Internews trained 16 Sudanese journalists at a "Reporting on Human Rights" workshop in Juba, Sudan, from May 14-21 in partnership with the Sudanese Agency for Independent Media (AIM).

Hou Akot Hou, a reporter who works at Internews Sudan's community radio station Nhomlauu FM in Sudan's Northern Bahr al Ghazal state, said the training got him to think about issues not normally covered in Sudanese media, including the rights of women, children and the disabled.

Hou said the workshop was "empowering."

"The …

02 Apr 2010 description
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(April 2, 2010) Internews Sudan launched its fifth community radio station at a ceremony March 13 in Turalei, Sudan.

"The goal of the radio station is to inform all of the people that can listen to it about issues that are vitally important to them: about issues of health [and] education, issues of civic engagement around the [Comprehensive Peace Agreement], voting, all of these kinds of things," said Gordon Mangum, the Internews Sudan country director.

Mangum spoke at the launching ceremony along with the Warrap State governor, the Turalei commissioner, the state minister …

16 Mar 2010 description
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(March 16, 2010) Internews has stepped up preparations for local media coverage of Sudan's first democratic elections for nearly a quarter of a century. A specialist trainer from an Internews sister program in Kenya recently led a workshop for community radio reporters in the south of the country; a region devastated by decades of war.

Mary Kiio introduced the trainees to the concept of Conflict Sensitive Journalism (CSJ). She used methodology developed for reporters covering some of the most high profile African conflicts of the last decade.

16 Mar 2010 description
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(March 16, 2010) "Imagine what you feel as a refugee who's lost everything.

12 Nov 2009 description
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In Kauda, a remote town in the heart of the Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan, southern Sudan, many children don't attend school at all. If they do have access to a teacher, the lessons are often held under trees and the teachers lack even basic resources such as desks, books and pens.

Mary Joseph, who works for the education department of the government of South Sudan, and her friend Maclena decided to do something about it.

"I realized that friends of my own children couldn't even name the colors they were seeing around them.

28 Aug 2009 description
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Station Airs Only Live Broadcast in Region of Key Speech by Southern Sudan Leader

When Salva Kiir, First Vice President of Sudan and President of Southern Sudan, visited Blue Nile State for the first time since 2005, Sudan's major media outlets all covered his speech. But due to the lack of infrastructure in Southern Sudan, only one media outlet in this vast region was able to broadcast it live and in its entirety. That station, 88FM Radio al Mujtama Fi Kurmuk, allowed the people of this mountainous corner of Sudan to hear Kiir speak directly, unedited and unfiltered by government …

07 Jul 2009 description
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The eight reporters jammed into the studio of Nhomlaau FM were dancing, laughing, singing - full of spirit. Luka's fervor on the microphone was infectious to the others. Deng picked up the energy, and the community in this remote corner of Northern bar el Ghazal, Southern Sudan heard radio like they've never heard before - eclectic, mixed, dynamic.

What was incredible about this jam session was not the music itself, but rather the exchange taking place. Four of the reporters are Nuer, from Unity state, and four are Dinka, from Northern Bar el Ghazal.

07 Jul 2009 description
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Interactive radio programs designed to address women's issues air across Eastern Chad through Internews' network of community radio stations.

Seide sits cross-legged on a straw mat, surrounded by a dozen other refugee women in the training center of the Djabal camp for Darfur refugees in Eastern Chad. She reaches over for the bright blue radio set which is the center of attention, unfolds the handle of what looks like a child's toy and winds it vigorously to hear another 10 minutes of Women's Crossroads, a program on 89.9 FM, Radio Sila.

"This is a great program.

26 Mar 2009 description
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Independent, local media can improve humanitarian relief and enable people in the midst of crisis to take an active role in their own survival and recovery. In the past 20 years, the humanitarian community has dramatically improved the way relief is provided to people caught up in disasters and crises. However, much more could be done to keep those most affected by disaster informed of assistance efforts and able to engage in the relief process.

The first priority for humanitarian organizations is to provide services and critical aid.

23 Feb 2009 description
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"It's Your Radio, Your Voice"

Deborah Ensor/Internews

(February 23, 2009) When Naath FM, the only community radio station in Leer County, Southern Sudan, was officially launched in January, thousands of people came to honor and claim the station that has been a part of their lives for the past year.

"I have never seen anything like this," said Deborah Ensor, Internews Sudan Program Director. "There were literally thousands of people here, and they were all trying to get into the studio.

10 Feb 2009 description
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MacArthur Foundation Challenge Grant Enables Local Media to Provide Lifesaving Information in Emergencies

(February 10, 2009) With a three-year, $500,000 challenge grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Internews Network has established a fund to enable local media to provide vital news and information to survivors of humanitarian disasters and other crises.

"Internews' global reach and experience make it possible for us to respond immediately in emergency situations," said David Hoffman, President of Internews Network.

30 Oct 2006 description
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When fighting broke out in a region of northeastern Chad and medical staff were evacuated from a local hospital, Radio Absoun, a community radio station that serves refugees from Darfur as well as the local Chadian population, let people know not to take their wounded there.