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27 Aug 2015 description


Coordination of the child protection (CP) response to Sudanese refugees in South Sudan has been mainly driven by the field. In Gambella, there is a child protection working group (CPWG), and two specific groups on information management and case management. At the camp level, there is a weekly working group which covers CP as well as Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV). The Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs (ARRA) participates in the CP working group and in the camp level coordination meetings.

25 Mar 2015 description

Students in a South Sudanese refugee camp embrace education

(LWI) – “I came here to learn”. 18-year-old Mobarak Habil Ibrahim introduces himself. He fled the conflict in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan, and left his parents. His temporary home is Ajuong Thok refugee camp in South Sudan.

25 Mar 2015 description

Teaching in the Global Village

(LWI) - “In most cases the mouse is green and the keyboard purple,” the teacher explains. 27 men and women stretch their necks and inspect the back frame of their PCs to find the connector ports the young woman in front of them is talking about. It’s the first class of the “Informatics, Computer and Technology” (ICT) project at Ajuong Thok refugee camp.

03 May 2005 description

Baltimore, MD, May 3, 2005 - Hopes among more than three million people in Sudan were raised with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord, created to end Africa 's longest-running conflict. Driven from their homes and communities by more than two decades of war there, this massive wave of internally displaced people returning to their home areas raises many challenges in the process. And an urgent need for support.

27 Apr 2005 description

Solidarity Visits Called for Northern Uganda, Togo, Burundi

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa/GENEVA, 27 April 2005 (LWI) - Religious leaders have warned of imminent escalation of conflict in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). They are appealing for immediate intervention by an Inter-Faith Action for Peace in Africa (IFAPA) mission and representatives of international peace agencies.


28 Feb 2001 description

General Country Situation
Close to 2000 Zanzibaris mostly from the island of Pemba have arrived in Shimoni south of Mombasa on Kenya’s coast, following political violence on the islands during January and early February. UNHCR in collaboration with Red Cross and other agencies has been providing food, water and non food items.

In late February (27th) Uganda declared itself free from the deadly Ebola virus. However the quarantining of newly arrived refugees at the transit camp in Lokichoggio continues for new arrivals from south Sudan.

14 Feb 2001 description

Foreword - "Looking Forward"
The year 2000 was generally a good year for the Kenya/Sudan programme.

Project Implementation:

31 Jan 2001 description

General Country Situation
Kenya has ratified the UN Treaty on the Banning of Landmines. Official communication from the Kenya Coalition Against Land Mines indicated that the instrument of ratification was deposited with the United Nations Secretariat on January 23rd, 2001.