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16 Feb 2018 description

Violent clashes between the Government of Sudan and armed groups have caused large scale internal displacement since 2003. Approximately 1.1 million of the IDPs are still found in South and Central Darfur where the Darfur Program is intervening. During 2017, the level of armed confrontations in Darfur has continued to decrease but the situation remains highly volatile; increased criminality, the spread of firearms, inter-tribal fighting, the absence of law enforcement and unleashed militia are still major challenges.

09 Mar 2017 description
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The people of the Sudan’s Darfur Region have experienced numerous shocks of various types over the past 15 years. This report describes exactly how shocks have affected specific livelihood groups in Darfur, the extent to which people have been successful at recovering their self-sufficiency, and why. We found that households make calculated decisions based on balancing the potential risks and returns of activities in light of shocks. We found that some key factors influencing resilience and recovery in this context include:

17 Jan 2017 description



The 2017 Darfur Programme (DP) Appeal marks the 14th anniversary of the joint Caritas Internationalis (CI) and ACT Alliance (ACT) collaboration which commenced in 2004. NCA provides the legal basis for the operation in Darfur as well as taking the lead responsibility for management, procurement and financial management on behalf of the two networks. The operational entity has to be referred to in its totality as the NCA DP.

15 Dec 2014 description

Appeal Target: US$ 6,835,398 / € 5,257,998.

The 2015 Darfur Programme (DP) Appeal is the 12th annual appeal since the start of the collaboration between Caritas Internationalis (CI) and ACT Alliance (ACT) in 2004. Over these years the DP has been effectively responding to the humanitarian crisis that has crippled the Darfur region, leaving majority of the population living in poverty, many stripped of their homes and livelihoods assets.

16 Sep 2014 description
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2014 - Second Budget Reduction DP
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NCA DP-ACT- Caritas Appeal Budget 2014 2nd Revised Appeal

Dear Colleagues

Please find attached the revised appeal and budget for the NCA Darfur Programme, supported by the ACT Alliance and Caritas networks.

08 Aug 2014 description

After 10 years in Darfur NCA and partners now renew our engagement in the region. "Needs are still massive and funding is declining", says General Secretary of NCA Anne-Marie Helland.

After visiting Khartoum in June, the CEOs of NCA, Caritas Internationalis, CAFOD, and ACT Alliance have made a joint decision to renew commitment in Darfur for the next 3 next years.

According to UN/OCHA over 4 million people have been forced to flee since 2004 and 390,000 people have been displaced this year up until July 2014.

16 Dec 2013 description

Norwegian Church Aid Darfur Programme

SDN141 EA 24/2013 Darfur ACT-Caritas Programme 2014

Appeal Target: USD 9,885,640 (EURO 7,414,230)

Dear Colleagues,

02 Jan 2013 description

Executive Summary

According to the United Nations (UN) a total of 3.4 million people in Darfur are in need of humanitarian assistance, a figure which includes 1.4 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) in camps receiving food aid.

06 Jun 2011 description

Darfur receives very little media coverage, but the conflict there remains unresolved. Norwegian Church Aid’s humanitarian programme in the Sudanese province has entered its seventh year.

In Darfur, the civilian population is still affected by fighting between conflicting parties. The number of civilians forced to leave their homes and villages continues to increase. In 2010 alone, over 250,000 people were displaced.

22 Dec 2008 description

"The humanitarian situation in Darfur is still alarming, with 90,000 having been forced to flee their homes in the last three months alone", says Norwegian Church Aid's Bjørg Mide.

04 Jul 2007 description

NCA has joined a large-scale relief operation to bring assistance to refugees and internally displaced people in eastern Chad. "The needs are huge," says Irene Wenaas Holte.

Two specialists are currently on route to eastern Chad where they will immediately work to address both the water, sanitary and medical requirements of a large number of refugees and internally displaced persons.

31 Aug 2006 description

Three years after the conflict exploded, there is still little hope for Darfur's 2.1 million internally displaced residents. And their needs grow greater with every day that passes.

"It is positive that Norway is taking the situation seriously. If we are to find a solution, the international community will have to commit itself to a large scale offensive," says Norwegian Church Aid's Bjørg Mide.

Brutal conflict

More than 180,000 people have lost their lives and over two million have been forced to flee their homes.

04 Apr 2006 description

More than 40,000 teenagers will today take to the streets of Norway armed with collection boxes. Their aim? To help young people who live in countries affected by war and armed conflict.

"I am touched by the enthusiasm and commitment and solidarity these young people have shown for their peers in other parts of the world," says Atle Sommerfeldt, General Secretary of Norwegian Church Aid.

09 Feb 2006 description

Norwegian Church Aid has no plans to reduce or make changes to its working routines in Muslim countries. No Norwegians have been sent home, and Norwegian Church Aid maintains a close, broad cooperation with local Muslim organisations and personnel.

News reports that Norwegian non-governmental organisations are withdrawing from Muslim countries do not apply to Norwegian Church Aid. In Darfur and Afghanistan, Norwegian staff members have been temporarily relocated, but they will return to work as soon as possible.

02 Feb 2006 description

The crisis in Darfur is deepening. Armed militia groups are carrying out systematic terror and violence against refugees. Civilians are being forced to flee the camps in which they shelter.
The need for emergency relief supplies is acute, and Norwegian Church Aid has already applied to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the sum of ten million Crowns.

"Unless the civilian population is safe, this inconceivable disaster only risks getting worse," says Bjørg Mide, Norwegian Church Aid's divisional head for Eastern Africa.

26 Oct 2005 description

Norwegian Church Aid looks with concern upon the hostage-taking of 34 aid workers Darfur, but insists humanitarian operations will continue in Sudan's western province under tightened security.

04 Oct 2005 description

"There is a lot of hard work ahead, but we have to make an effort to ensure the peace can grow," says Gebregziabher Petros, a Norwegian aid worker currently positioned in Darfur, western Sudan.

He is a nutrition specialist and is currently employed by the international ecumenical network ACT/Caritas in Darfur, Sudan.

Fewer undernourished

Petros is a Norwegian national of Eritrean origin who has lived in Norway with his family since 1998.

20 Sep 2005 description

A Norwegian Church Aid relief convoy has been raided at gunpoint by bandits in Darfur for the second time in a short period. The security situation in Darfur shows signs of deterioration.

By Hege Opseth, NCA, ACT/Caritas field communicator in Darfur

The Darfur peace process is again underway in Abuja, and every time the negotiators have so far come to the table, the has been a marked increase in violence on the ground in Darfur. This round seems to be no exception.