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09 Oct 2009 description

WASHINGTON, Oct 9 (OneWorld.net) - Aid organizations are appealing for global help as millions of families face hunger, water shortages, disease, and death across the eastern part of Africa.

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A multi-year drought has destroyed harvests, driving up the price of remaining food, and forcing people to drink and cook with whatever water they can find, even if it's unsafe. Animals are wasting away in some areas.

20 Jun 2008 description

Haider Rizvi

UNITED NATIONS, Jun 20 (OneWorld) - Calls for tough international action in Darfur are growing as the United States prepares to leave the UN Security Council's rotating presidency at the end of this month.

"Without a sustained escalation of U.S.

03 Aug 2007 description

UNITED NATIONS, Aug 3 (OneWorld) - Groups involved in worldwide humanitarian efforts welcomed the UN Security Council decision this week to send a hybrid force to Darfur, but demanded it send its peacekeepers to the war-torn region immediately.

"It remains to be seen whether rigorous action will now be taken to ensure deployment," said Nii Akuetteh, executive director of Africa Action, a Washington, DC-based organization that has been calling for swift U.S. and UN action in Darfur for the past three years.

18 Jun 2007 description

Haider Rizvi, OneWorld US

UNITED NATIONS, Jun 18 (OneWorld) - Amid lingering doubts about Sudan's promises to cooperate with the world community, advocacy groups are reiterating calls for the immediate deployment of UN peacekeeping forces in the war-torn Darfur region.

"The UN Security Council must put the deployment (of peacekeeping forces) on a fast track," said Nii Akuetteh, executive director of Africa Action, a Washington, DC-based organization that lobbies U.S.

16 Feb 2007 description

Haider Rizvi

UNITED NATIONS, Feb 16 (OneWorld) - While already finding it hard to get into the war-torn Sudanese region of Darfur, aid groups say it is becoming increasingly difficult to help displaced people in neighboring Chad as well.

"In some areas, you have got 12,000 to 15,000 people with no latrine," says Roland Van Hauwermeiren, head of the humanitarian aid group Oxfam International in Chad.

11 Oct 2006 description

For the first time, heavy fighting between Sudanese rebel groups and the government of Sudan has spilled across the border from the embattled Darfur region into eastern Chad, where aid agencies are helping about 250,000 of the 2.5 million Darfuri displaced by the ongoing conflict.

15 Aug 2006 description

Michael Huang, OneWorld US

The May Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) between the Sudanese government and several rebel groups has brought anything but peace, as the region is ravaged by escalating violence and crisis. More aid workers were killed in Darfur within two weeks than in the two years previous, marking July as the deadliest month of violence since the conflict began.