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12 Jun 2015 description

Local reporters contribute to making shows relevant, and “listener groups” help make sure they are.

In the Nuba Mountains of Sudan, information of any kind is in short supply amid an ongoing insurgency, but listeners around the town of Gidel are now getting weekly radio show focusing on women and with a lot of input from local reporters.

23 Mar 2012 description

Despite peace agreement and UN backing, many say it is not yet safe to go home.

By Janet Anderson, Tajeldin Adam, Zakia Yousif - International Justice - ICC
ACR Issue 316, 22 Mar 12

More than 100,000 people uprooted by conflict in the Darfur region of western Sudan have returned home since early 2011 as the conflict there begins to cool, according to United Nations officials. But the vast majority of displaced people remain in camps, and those interviewed by IWPR said they needed full security guarantees before they could return home safely

20 Feb 2012 description

Concerns about unfair targeting of young people from western region.

By Blake Evans-Pritchard, Zakia Yousif, Tajeldin Abdhalla - International Justice - ICC
ACR Issue 314, 20 Feb 12

Legal experts in the Darfur region of western Sudan are concerned at the violent suppression of student protests and the apparent lack of judicial redress when deaths occur.

09 Feb 2012 description

Gruelling, poorly-paid construction work seen as only way of earning an income.

By Blake Evans-Pritchard, Zakia Yousif - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 313, 8 Feb 12

Across the Darfur region of western Sudan, female workers weighed down by heavy buckets are a common sight on building sites.

The work is arduous and the pay pitiful, but many women in Darfur have no other way of earning a living.

08 Dec 2011 description

People from the newly-independent state in the south suddenly find themselves foreigners in Sudan.

The separation of South Sudan from the north has created a huge population shift as southerners find themselves disenfranchised by the Khartoum government, under new rules that treat them as foreigners even if they were born there.

Nearly 350,000 have already returned to the south, while thousands of others are held up by security and transport problems.

17 Aug 2011 description

Efforts to defeat feared group run into trouble as regional governments fail to address threat.

By Barrett Holmes Pitner - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 300, 17 Aug 11

Amid concerns that efforts to flush out Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA, are flagging, the international community is facing stark challenges to defeat the rebels as they continue to wreak havoc in the region.

08 Jul 2011 description

As Khartoum prepares for future without South Sudan, women’s groups say its recent human rights record doesn’t bode well for new era.

By Katy Glassborow, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, Zakia Yousif - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 298, 8 Jul 11

14 May 2011 description

Special report produced by IWPR Netherlands

An IWPR investigation into the floundering aid effort in Darfur has revealed the unwillingness of the international community to stand up to interference and obstruction from the government of Sudan.

Thousands of people uprooted by war continue to be cut off from aid as United Nations agencies and the governments which fund them fail to effectively confront Khartoum on the issue.

06 May 2011 description

By Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa - International Justice - ICC 4 May 11

Since conflict erupted in Darfur in 2003, several agreements have been put in place, but none has brought lasting peace to the region. The latest initiative, the Darfur Political Process, comes from the Sudanese government.

Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, a reporter for Radio Dabanga and a contributor to Fi al Mizan, an IWPR-produced radio programme about justice issues in Darfur, explains what the Darfur Political Process is and where it might be going.

19 Apr 2011 description

Governments that pay for humanitarian effort must act to curb interference by Khartoum.

By Simon Jennings, Katy Glassborow - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 296,19 Apr 11

Countries that fund the humanitarian aid effort in Darfur should pressure the Sudanese government to stop hampering the delivery of assistance to people displaced by conflict in the region, experts on international intervention in conflict areas say.

10 Mar 2011 description

Broadcasters in Uganda and Sudan are producing shows aimed at persuading rebels to come home.

By Nancy Sai - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 291,

10 Mar 11

As calls mount to put an end to the atrocities still being committed by Ugandan rebels, radio is increasingly playing a role in getting some of these fighters to voluntarily return home.

Despite International Criminal Court arrest warrants for the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, Joseph Kony, and his senior commanders, the rebel force continues to wreak havoc in the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, the …

19 Jan 2011 description

Security force excesses need to be curbed otherwise independence hopes may turn sour, observers say.

By Daniella Peled - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 286, 19 Jan 11

Amid the euphoria around South Sudan's seemingly imminent independence, experts are raising serious concerns about the human rights record of a putative state emerging from decades of war.

And with both its government and army dominated by former rebel fighters with limited administrative experience, there are fears that South Sudan will struggle to deliver the peace dividend that meets the …

07 Jan 2011 description

Agencies said to be reluctant to confront Sudanese government about obstructions to humanitarian aid effort.

By Simon Jennings, Katy Glassborow, Tajeldin Adam, Assadig Mustafa - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 284, 7 Jan 11

Amid growing levels of malnutrition, illness and instability in Darfur displacement camps, United Nations aid and peacekeeping agencies are being accused of capitulating to pressure and interference from the Sudanese government and failing in their duty to protect civilians.

Human rights and civil society activists are joining the region's …

24 Dec 2010 description

By Blake Evans - Pritchard - International Justice - ICC

With South Sudan's referendum on independence just weeks away, IWPR's Africa editor Blake Evans-Pritchard assesses what lies in store for southerners if they vote for secession.


There's some concern that separation will lead to renewed bloodshed, but would President Omar al-Bashir want to start a war that could weaken his own hold on power?

It is very unlikely that, whatever the outcome of the poll on January 9, there will be a …

13 Dec 2010 description

Concerns that international focus on referendum may be exploited by Khartoum to put squeeze on Darfuris.

By Daniella Peled - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 281, 13 Dec 10

The international focus on the upcoming South Sudan referendum could prompt Khartoum to forcibly return displaced people, activists and experts warn.

The January 9 referendum - in which South Sudan is likely to secede - is mandated by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, CPA, which in January 2005 ended more than 20 years of civil war.

But while diplomatic attention centres on ensuring that the vote …

30 Nov 2010 description

More than a million people in Darfur and Chad tune in to weekly justice radio programme.

By IWPR staff - International Justice - ICC

30 Nov 10

Amid a crackdown on press freedom by the Sudanese government, a radio programme on justice issues, co-produced by IWPR and Dutch-based Radio Dabanga, continues to provide a rare source of impartial news to Darfuris and refugees in eastern Chad.

The weekly programme Fi al Mizan, or On the Scale, investigates justice issues affecting people's everyday lives and is translated into Arabic as well as three local languages: Fur, …

19 Nov 2010 description

ICC prosecutors say situation is further evidence of an ongoing genocide campaign in Darfur.

By Tajeldin Abdhalla, Assadig Mustafa, Katy Glassborrow, Simon Jennings - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 277, 19 Nov 10

The Sudanese government is hampering international efforts to address chronic levels of malnutrition in camps for displaced people in Darfur, according to the country head of the United Nations children's agency UNICEF.

Nils Kastberg told the justice programme of Dutch-based broadcaster Radio Dabanga, an IWPR co-production, that Khartoum was blocking access …

10 Nov 2010 description

Growing concern that vulnerable youngsters being trafficked or lured by promises they can make good money across border in Sudan.

By Florence Ogola - International Justice - ICC

ACR Issue 276,

10 Nov 10

Mother-of-four Acullu Rose has not seen her daughter since the 13-year-old left the family home in Atiak, northern Uganda, to travel to Sudan two months ago.

Rose fears the teenager has been lured into a life of prostitution by a merchant from Sudan who was doing business in Atiak, a trading centre only 50 kilometres south of the border.

"I have looked for my daughter …

28 Sep 2010 description

Some believe traditional ways of resolving disputes should be encouraged to assist with conflict resolution.

By Tajeldin Adam, Assadig Mustafa, Simon Jennings, Blake Evans-Pritchard - International Justice - ICC ACR Issue 271, 28 Sep 10

The tribal justice system in Darfur is in tatters after years of conflict and political manipulation from Khartoum, but could it be restored and serve an important role in peace-making and reconciliation?

Although the scale of atrocities in the region is such that specialist war crimes courts will inevitably be needed, commentators still believe …

16 Sep 2010 description

Stories by

Tajeldin Abdhalla Adam, Assadig Mustafa Zakaria Musa, Katy Glassborow, Blake Evans-Pritchard, Bill Oketch, Florence Ogola, Evelyn Kiapi, Moses Odokonyero, Simon Jennings.

March - July 2010


The first-ever review conference of the Rome Statute, the founding treaty of the International Criminal Court, ICC, took place in the Ugandan capital of Kampala between May  31 and June 11.

The landmark event brought together ICC states parties, observer states, international organisations and NGOs to take stock of what the court has achieved so far, and to discuss …