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10 Apr 2013 description
report War Child UK


  1. Sexual violence is not geographically or demographically discrete; it is a global issue that affects all ages and genders.

  2. Children are a key target group due to their societal status and multiple vulnerabilities in areas affected by conflict.

  3. Sexual violence is pervasive in all settings (public and private) and is more likely to be opportunistic than a tactic of war.

  4. The perpetrators of sexual violence are more often civilian than they are combatants.

14 Dec 2010 description


On Christmas Eve 2008 and over the following three weeks, 865 women, men and children were savagely beaten to death and hundreds more abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in a remote corner in the north-east of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and in southern Sudan. The attack was a murderous backlash in response to Operation "Lightning Thunder", a military offensive launched some 10 days before against the LRA by Uganda, DRC and southern Sudan.

14 Dec 2010 description


A la veille de Noël 2008 et pendant les trois semaines qui ont suivi, 865 hommes, femmes et enfants furent sauvagement battus à mort et des centaines d'autres enlevés par l'Armée de Résistance du Seigneur (connue sous son sigle anglais : la LRA) dans un coin reculé du nord-est de la République démocratique du Congo (RDC) et au Sud Soudan. L'attaque était une action de représailles contre l'opération « Eclair de Tonnerre », une offensive militaire lancée contre la LRA quelque 10 jours plus tôt par l'Ouganda, la RDC et le Sud Soudan.

31 Mar 2001 description
report War Child UK


19 Mar 2001 description
report War Child UK

Johnie McGlade, Emergency Aid co-ordinator, recently returned from an assessment trip to southern Sudan, Northen Kenya and Ethiopia. There is a serious food shortage throughout this region which also now stretches into the Great Lakes and as far south as Tanzania.

08 Sep 2000 description
report War Child UK

by War Child
Kosovo 08/09/2000


The Safe Play Area Programme - War Child is working in co-operation with KFOR, other NGOs and local people to create safe play areas for children throughout Kosovo. Many sports facilities and playgrounds lie in ruins after the recent conflict, covered in rubble and rubbish and often contaminated with landmines and unexploded ordinance.