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18 Jan 2014 description
report Miraya FM

(Jan. 18, 2014) A delegation from the Sudanese Parliament has arrived in Juba with a donation of medicines and food for IDPs affected by conflict.

The delegation has brought in 35 tonnes of medicines, food and temporary shelter equipment.

Speaking to Journalists upon arrival Sudan parliamentary representative Omar Adam Rahma said the donation is a show of solidarity.

“People in Sudan or whether the government of Sudan and South Sudan we are one people we will stay one people not necessary in one country." says Omar Adam Rahma

08 Jan 2014 description
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(Jan. 6,2014) Authorities in Upper Nile say they are trying to open the border with Sudan to get food items into the state.

Speaking to Radio Miraya, the State Minister of Information Philip Jiben says the situation is calm and citizens are returning to Malakal..

He added that traders are trying to bring commodities from other counties to Malakal as the town was looted during recent fighting.

15 Dec 2013 description
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(Dec. 13, 2013) - A steamer carrying a consignment of 20,000 bags of sorghum donated by Sudan to flood victims in South Sudan arrived at Renk Port in Upper Nile state on Friday.

The Director of River Transport in Renk, Daniel Michael Reath, said the steamer had a smooth journey and will arrive at its final destination in Malakal on Saturday.

15 Dec 2013 description
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(Dec. 14, 2013) - The Council of Ministers Friday approved SSP 50 million for repatriation of 40,000 South Sudanese from Sudan early next year.

The Minster of Telecommunication and Postal Services, Rebecca Joshua Okwaci, said ministerial and technical committees will determine the best way forward for the repatriation in the coming dry season.

She said thousands of people are waiting in some 38 locations in Khartoum in open places without shelter.

07 Nov 2013 description
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(November 7, 2013) - More than 2,500 returnees who left Kosti early this week have started arriving in Renk, Upper Nile State.

The first group of 56 individuals, traveling in one bus and 2 small trucks, has arrived in Renk town.

A statement from the International Organization for Migration stated that the returnees are being accommodated at Payuer transit site as they await transportation to their final destinations.

06 Nov 2013 description
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(November 5, 2013) - All camps housing South Sudanese in Sudan will be closed by the end of this year, the Khartoum and Juba governments have said.

President Salva Kiir has directed for provision of transport for South Sudanese willing to return home ahead of the closure, said South Sudan’s Ambassador to Khartoum, Mayen Dut.

“We do not want any camps here; these camps should be taken over by the police,” the ambassador said.

30 Oct 2013 description
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The Misseriya tribe has announced on Tuesday it will hold a counter-referendum in November to determine the fate of Abyei area.

The announcement came as the Ngok Dinka community in Abyei start counting votes for a referendum they conducted this week.

The Chairperson of the Misseirya’s Youth Association to Support Abyei, Mahmoud Abdulkarim, said in a press conference in Khartoum that the planned vote will be held north of Bahr Al-arab (river Kiir).

27 Oct 2013 description
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(October 26, 2013) - The National Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) said humanitarian assistance donated by Sudan will be delivered to the people next week.

The Chairperson of the Commission, Peter Lam, said the relief including sorghum, millet, lentils, oil, blankets, plastic sheets and tents is currently at their stores awaiting clearance for distribution.

“The RRC has received it and we have now put it in our stores because some of these humanitarian supplies are medical supplies so they have to pass through our checking process,” he said.

21 Oct 2013 description
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(October 21, 2013) - A group of about 900 returnees from Sudan who had been stranded in Renk in Upper Nile State have arrived in Juba.

The returnees were transported in two luggage-and-passenger barges hired by IOM. Two returnees were said to have died along the way.

07 Oct 2013 description
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(October 7, 2013) - A team from the Warrap State government that paid a visit to Abyei to assess the living conditions of the people in the area has said “the situation is bad.”

In recent weeks, Abyei has seen an influx of people returning home to take part in a referendum proposed for October to determine the status of the disputed region.

“The situation is very bad, there are no shelters for the returnees, and also there are problems of health facilities, no drugs,” said Nyanaguek Kuol Marieng, the state’s information minister and head of the delegation.

06 Oct 2013 description
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(October 5, 2013) - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said 947 returnees have left Renk, Upper Nile State for Juba after being stranded for up to two years.

Speaking to Radio Miraya, IOM Operations Officer, Meriam Mutalu said the returnees started travelling on Friday and will arrive in Juba in two weeks’ time. He explained that the returnees are coming in four barges.

“They are coming by barge-two barge passengers and two barge luggage and normally it takes 10-15 days,” he said.

29 Aug 2013 description
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(August 29, 2013) - More than 450 returnees have been transported from Juba to Wau, Western Bahr el Ghazal State.

The returnees were part of a group from Khartoum that was stranded at the Malakal way station in Upper Nile for up to two years.

The state’s relief and rehabilitation commission said the returnees would receive food and non-food items before being transported to their final destinations.

18 Aug 2013 description
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(17th August, 2013) - Authorities in Fashoda County, Upper Nile State said thousands of people from Sudan’s region of Southern Kordofan have been arriving to the county in recent days.

Speaking to Radio Miraya, the Commissioner of Fashoda County, Jokino Fidel Mikayo, said some humanitarian agencies including International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) are assessing the refugees in order to give them humanitarian assistance.

14 Aug 2013 description
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(14th August, 2013) - The South Sudan Embassy in Khartoum revealed that 12 South Sudanese citizens living in Khartoum have lost their lives due to recent flooding in the city.

The Embassy’s Secretary for Information, Gabriel Akot Deng, said the humanitarian situation is bad for South Sudanese nationals stranded in Khartoum, mostly in the areas of Shajara, Haj Yousif, Jebel Aulia and Ombada.

In an interview with Radio Miraya, Deng said the Sudanese government has yet to extend assistance to South Sudanese affected by floods.

01 Aug 2013 description
report Miraya FM

The Abyei coordination office in Western Bar el Ghazal State said more than 1,500 people has registered for voluntary repatriation to Abyei.

Calls for voluntary repatriation have been made in advance of a proposed referendum on the status of Abyei in October.

Three registration centers have been opened in Wau particularly in Bilpam, Hai Jedid, and Bahr al Sherqi.

Speaking to Radio Miraya, Arop Deng Jong, from the coordination office urged all citizens of Abyei to register to ensure the referendum is conducted successfully.

01 Jul 2013 description
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(30th June, 2013) - 127 children and women who were abducted by the Sudan Armed Forces in Jaunary have been handed over to the Northern Bhar al-Ghazal State (NBG) government.

The SAF and allied militias seized the victims during an attack on Kitkit area in Raja County, Western Bhar al-Ghazal State, and held them as captives in Sudan’s Eastern Darfur.

Former members of the Committee for the Eradication of Abduction of Women and Children (CEAWC) negotiated and secured the release of the abductees with the help of Rezigat tribal chiefs.

13 Jun 2013 description
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(13th June, 2013) - The World Food Programme (WFP) Country Director, Lucy Mukami, said the organization has pre-positioned over 20,000 metric tons of food aid for Upper Nile State.

Director Mukami stated that the emergency food aid will be stored in warehouses in Maban, Upper Nile State and Ethiopia.

She also said that rations will be distributed to refugees every month for the rest of the year.

“We have cereals in the form of sorghum or maize including vegetable oil and salt to be distributed refugees monthly,” she said.

11 Jun 2013 description
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(8th June, 2013) - The Sudanese refugees in Doro Camp in Maban County, Upper Nile State face a shortage of water.

One of the residents, Hassen Madila, told Radio Miraya on Saturday that the only generator operated by International Organization on Migration (IOM) lacks fuel.

Madila also said that the overcrowding at the water points make life difficult.

Doro Camp is a home to thousands of refugees fleeing conflicts in Southern Khordofan and they mainly depend on water supply pumped by generators.

04 Jun 2013 description
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(3rd June, 2013) - More than 700 South Sudanese returnees from Khartoum arrived in Malakal on Monday.

A group of 725 returnees left the Shajara camp in Khartoum on Saturday, facilitated by the South Sudan Embassy and the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs in Khartoum.

The returnees were transported on 27 trucks and arrived at the border town of Renk on Sunday, according to Jacob Malek, a repatriation officer based in Renk.

He said more returnees were expected in the next few days.

08 May 2013 description
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(8th May, 2013) - About 700 Sudanese refugees have been relocated from Jamam camp to Kaya, both in Upper Nile state, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has said.

The move, which could see all the 18,000 refugees camped Jamam relocated to the new camp, is in search for better services, the UNHCR said.

“No one is being forced to go, but the conditions and the infrastructure at the Kaya camp are better than those at the Jamam site where they are now,” said Tim Irwin, UNHCR spokesperson.