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14 Sep 2010 description

Le Conseil des droits de l'homme se penche sur le sort des enfants dans le cadre de conflits armés

Conseil des droits de l'homme

MATIN 14 septembre 2010

Le Conseil des droits de l'homme a examiné, ce matin, le rapport de la Représentante spéciale du Secrétaire général pour les enfants et les conflits armés, Mme Radhika Coomaraswamy, avec laquelle il a tenu un débat interactif.

Présentant son rapport, Mme Coomaraswamy a souligné les progrès accomplis en ce qui concerne la situation des enfants dans les conflits, s'agissant notamment de la lutte contre les …

31 Oct 2008 description
report UN General Assembly


Sixty-third General Assembly
Third Committee
32nd Meeting (PM)

Council President Says 'Implementation Phase' Has Been Reached; Two Groups of Countries Already Reviewed under Universal Mechanism

27 Jun 2007 description
report UN General Assembly


Cinquième Commission
Deuxième partie de la reprise de session
58e séance – après-midi

Les délégations adoptent plusieurs projets de résolution sur les aspects administratifs et budgétaires de treize de ces opérations

27 Jun 2007 description
report UN General Assembly

Sixty-first General Assembly
Fifth Committee

58th Meeting (PM)

Text Call for Offices of Military Affairs, Rule of Law As Organization Moves to Strengthen Capacity, Meet Surging Demand

05 Sep 2006 description

Briefing correspondents at Headquarters today on the Security Council's calendar for September, Council President for the month, Adamantios Vassilakis ( Greece), said that events in the Middle East would continue to preoccupy the 15-member body, which would also take up several ongoing situations in Africa.

14 Jan 2003 description

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen - -- and Happy New Year!

We start the year with anxiety -- anxiety over the prospect of war in Iraq, over nuclear proliferation in the Korean Peninsula, and over what seems like violence without end in the Middle East. Even Côte d'Ivoire, which used to be one of the most stable and prosperous countries in Africa, is now caught in the downward spiral of conflict.

The threat of global terror hangs over all of us. We don't know where or when it will strike next.

And these are only the crises in the headlines!