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27 Sep 2013 description
report CORD

We have continued to report on the incredible academic achievements of the Sudanese refugees in Chad. The standard has been incredible and our work is yielding real, measurable results.

The final examination results, across the Bredjine, Treguine, Farchana and Gaga camps, representing just over 24,000 children, revealed an 86.7% success rate. The performance is outstanding and whilst the examinations and age groups are very different, the UK success rate of pupils gaining five or more GCSE grade A—C is 81.1%.

18 Jun 2013 description
report CORD

Imagine having to flee the genocide in your own country to a refugee camp with few resources. What would you do? How would you forge a life?

For Mustapha Sinine Bara the choice was simple. Formerly a teacher in Sudan, he quickly became involved in education at Gaga camp. Today, nearly ten years after his arrival, he is director of the Djabal Mara School, the largest in the camp with 1,200 students.

09 Aug 2012 description
report CORD

Our latest behind the scene’s pictures show how, in Farchana refugee camp, a team of ten volunteers, refugees themselves, are putting together a proportion of the cookers needed in total as the materials are delivered. They will be making 2350 cookers!

The cookers help prevent conflict between the Sudanese population in the camps and the local Chadian community, who are both competing for scarce firewood. Women, who traditionally collect wood to cook with, face violence outside the camps. The solar cookers need only the sun to cook food, one thing Chad has in abundance!

16 Feb 2012 description
report CORD

The power of the sun holds the key to at least some of the challenges facing Sudanese refugees Eastern Chad.

That was the conclusion of Cord’s research, validated by a successful pilot and is now the focus of a new programme which will see around 16,000 people benefit from the cooking power of the sun.

12 Dec 2011 description
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Tuesday, 13 December 2011 11:09

As the year draws to a close we asked three of our education team in Bredjing refugee camp in Chad to tell us why peace is paramount to the young generation of Sudanese growing up in their care:

Abdarhamane Ibrahim Abdallah, Teacher
“Peace is one of the names of God, the Creator. Without peace the world would not exist. It’s the reason why, as an educator I must always strive for peace by teaching children, students and parents to have the spirit of tolerance, forgiveness and peaceful coexistence.”

03 Oct 2011 description
report CORD

As the new school year begins, Parents’ Associations in the Sudanese refugee camps of Eastern Chad are taking greater control of their children’s education.

It is seven years since the camps were set up as more than 250,000 Sudanese fled across the border from the genocide in Darfur, during which time the camp communities have become increasingly self supporting.

In a shift from relying on aid, Cord is equipping the Sudanese to not only manage the 23 primary and 36 pre-schools across four camps, but also to support them financially.

21 Jun 2011 description
report CORD

Meschac Bondo, Cord’s Programme Coordinator in Chad, is Congolese. Having lived through years of war and atrocities in his homeland where he worked with Food for the Hungry, he chose to leave the DRC to support the Sudanese refugees from Darfur living in eastern Chad. Meschac wanted to help them overcome the difficulties of surviving in a country of refuge and to experience management in a predominantly Muslim country, with the challenge of integrating different religions into the fragile world of the camps and the workplace. Here are his thoughts.

12 Dec 2007 description
report CORD

CORD is appealing for =A3100,000 to stay in Chad, where major fighting which has broken out between the government and rebel forces. Thousands are reported dead or injured, and the security of the Sudanese refugees from Darfur and displaced Chadian people with whom CORD work is in jeopardy.

The charity's humanitarian team are also in danger- from getting caught in crossfire or attack by armed bandits - as they travel between the four camps where we have been based for the past three years. The road has become a battle scene, with CORD staff witnessing heavy gunfire.

20 Feb 2007 description
report CORD

CORD has sent out its Chad Programme Manager to assess how the charity's relief programme for refugees can best continue to operate in the country, as fears grow of a potential genocide.

Jeremy Taylor, who is based at CORD'S UK HQ in Leamington Spa, is travelling to the Eastern border, where the agency has been working with 75,000 Sudanese refugees across four camps since 2004.

24 Mar 2006 description
report CORD

Vanessa Tyler, CORD's HR Manager, has just returned from a two week trip to coup-threatened Chad where she visited four camps for homeless people from Sudan.

24 Mar 2006 description
report CORD

CORD has taken over responsibility from Medicins sans Frontiers for the health care programme in Gaga Camp. This programme caters for the healthcare needs of Sudanese refugees as well as locals in surrounding areas.

21 Jul 2004 description
report CORD

CORD, the UK based aid agency, said today that thousands of refugee child who have fled into Chad to escape the conflict in West Darfur, Sudan, are suffering trauma.