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15 Feb 2011 description
report World Bank

February 15, 2011-Three years after the 2008 food and financial crises, food prices are again surging on global markets - and the result could be another 44 million people in poverty. What is behind higher prices?

24 Jul 2009 description

In 2008, armed conflicts and other situations of violence shattered the lives of large numbers of children, women and men in many countries among which the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Georgia, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Chad and Colombia. Direct attacks on civilian communities, general insecurity and the destruction of livelihoods forced innumerable civilians to flee their homes.

13 Mar 2009 description

Human Rights Council

The Human Rights Council this morning held an interactive discussion on the reports of the Representative of the Secretary-General on internally displaced persons, the Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children, the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on the prevention of genocide, and the Independent Expert on Minority Issues.

18 Sep 2007 description

THAM HIN REFUGEE CAMP, Thailand (UNHCR) - In Thailand refugee toddlers get a pre-school headstart on education and teenagers learn vital computer skills. In Azerbaijan refugee children have new playgrounds and learn to swim. In Uganda, thousands of refugee children are getting text books for the first time.

The unifying reason in these countries, together with help provided in Kenya, Liberia and Chad, is the funds raised through the ninemillion programme to help children driven from their homes by conflict and violence.

22 Dec 2006 description
report UN Children's Fund

Over 200 million for Education in Emergency and Post Crisis Countries

GENEVA/THE HAGUE, 22 December 2006 - Millions of children in the developing world have a new ray of hope as the Dutch government today announced it has pledged $201 million to UNICEF to radically expand the agency's ongoing efforts to ensure that children in conflict, natural disasters and emerging from crisis can go to school.

It is the single largest earmarked donation UNICEF has received in its 60-year history.

10 Oct 2006 description


UMCOR is helping more children in South Sudan to have the opportunity to go to school. Of the 1.6 million school-aged children currently in Sudan, only 20 percent attend school. Of those, 7 percent are girls. UMCOR Sudan is working in Morobo and Yei counties to increase awareness for the need for education, establish Parent Teacher Associations, provide teachers with further training, and give schools basic materials that they currently lack, like books and paper.

10 Jan 2006 description


Oksana, 9, and Alyena, 10, were found by police in the basement of an apartment building. Their mother was a heavy drinker and left them there with no one to care for them. Through UMCOR Azerbaijan's primary health care programs these girls now have a new life. They receive supplements to combat the effects of malnutrition along with needed medical care. The girls were not able to stay together as one sister has disabilities and lives at a facility for children with needs like hers.

15 Nov 2004 description

United Nations Trust Fund Grants Awarded to 17 Initiatives From 20 Countries

United Nations, New York - The United Nations Trust Fund to Eliminate Violence Against Women will grant US$900,000 to 17 groups in developing countries, who are addressing gender-based violence in conflict and post-conflict situations.

Through Trust Fund grants:

  • Community leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo will be trained to address the communal impact of violence against women;

28 Jun 2000 description

While earthquakes and floods capture media headlines and donor dollars, the uncontrolled spread of infectious disease takes the most lives. Shocking figures are contained in this year's World Disasters Report released today by the International Federation of Red Cross and Crescent Societies.