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10 Dec 2013 description


  • Despite the 2013 harvest in the Sahel being equivalent to the last five years average, preliminary figures indicate that at least 13 million people (excluding Nigeria) are still food insecure, due to limited access to food. The agricultural production of the poorest households is insufficient to restore their livelihoods and is expected to cover only their nutritional needs for the next two to three months. Thereafter they will depend entirely on markets.

04 Nov 2013 description

Avec sa stratégie décennale 2013-2022 “Au cœur de la transformation de l’Afrique”, la Banque africaine de développement promeut plus que jamais le développement des compétences en lien avec les opportunités d’emplois et la compétitivité.

Les investissements du Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement (BAD) dans les pays du Sahel en appui à l’effort public en faveur de l’éducation ont permis d’accélérer fortement les taux de scolarisation dans l’ensemble des pays du Sahel (voir plus bas).

24 Oct 2013 description

Le CERF alloue 25 millions de dollars, au second trimestre, pour des programmes d’urgence en Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre

24 Oct 2013 description

For the third quarter of 2013, CERF disburses US$ 25 million for Life saving programs in West and Central Africa

27 Sep 2013 description
  • The lean season continues in the Sahel, and the poorest households are still facing difficulties accessing adequate food.

  • Floods have caused crop losses and affected livelihoods in the Niger and Nigeria.

  • With the USD 20.9 million received so far in 2013, FAO is assisting more than 1.7 million beneficiaries by supporting food and livestock production, and providing livelihood protection and technical assistance.

26 Aug 2013 description


  • The Sahel crisis, with more than 11 million food insecure persons, has entered its peak with the ongoing lean season when poor households’ food stocks are exhausted and people face food shortages and high food prices until the next harvest in September.

  • The food security situation in northern Mali, northern Nigeria and neighbouring countries, where coarse grain prices continue to increase, are of particular concern.

19 Jul 2013 description

ABUJA, July 18 (Reuters) - Nigeria plans to withdraw much of its 1,200-strong contingent from international peacekeeping missions in Mali and Sudan's Darfur region saying the troops are needed to beef up security at home, sources familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

Read the full article on Reuters - AlertNet

18 Jul 2013 description
report ACTED

Food crisis, drought, chronic hunger, rising food prices: the Sahel region continues yet again to suffer from recurrent food and nutrition crises. After 2005 and 2010, the populations of the Sahel region have had to face yet another crisis in 2012, following a disastrous agricultural season in 2011.

16 Jul 2013 description

16th July 2013

Dryness over the bi-modal zone will adversely affect maize harvest in July


  • In much of the bi-modal zone, rainfall levels in mid-June ranged from approximately 10 to 100+ mm below-average (Figures 1 and 2). These recent deficits are in addition to significant rainfall deficits that occurred in much of this zone in late April. As a result, a significant decline in maize yields is expected for the first season harvest in July.

10 Jul 2013 description
  • Moderate to heavy rains continue to push north across the Sahel.
  • Moderate seasonal rainfall deficits grow across northwestern Ethiopia, southern Eritrea and bordering Sudan.

1) During much of May and the beginning of June, intermittent and insufficient rains had increased rainfall deficits over parts of northeastern Nigeria, resulting in poor NDVI values and delayed planting. However, recent moderate to heavy rains have decreased seasonal rainfall deficits.

04 Jul 2013 description

(Dakar, 4 juillet 2013): Le Coordonnateur Régional Humanitaire des Nations Unies pour le Sahel a lancé hier la version révisée de l’appel de fonds 2013 pour le Sahel. Les acteurs humanitaires du Sahel ont revu leur requête qui passe de 1,6 milliard de dollars à 1,7 milliard de dollars pour répondre aux besoins persistants, pour le restant de l’année 2013, au Burkina Faso, en Gambie, au Mali, en Mauritanie, au Sénégal, au Tchad et dans les parties nord du Cameroun.

04 Jul 2013 description

(Dakar, 4 July 2013): The UN Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Sahel, Robert Piper, launched yesterday the updated 2013 Sahel appeal. Humanitarian actors in the Sahel revised their request to $1.7 billion up from $1.6 billion to respond to the continued needs for the remainder of 2013 in Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, The Gambia and northern parts of Cameroon.

03 Jul 2013 description
  • Moderate to heavy rains began to push north into the Sahel in Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali

  • Seasonal rainfall deficits continue across northwestern Ethiopia and bordering regions in Sudan.

02 Jul 2013 description
report UN General Assembly

General Assembly GA/11390

Sixty-seventh General Assembly
90th Meeting (PM)

Acting on the recommendations of its Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary), the General Assembly today adopted its peacekeeping budget for the period 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014.

01 Jul 2013 description
report UN General Assembly


Assemblée générale
Soixante-septième session
90e séance - après-midi

Peu après la clôture, cet après-midi, de la session de la Cinquième Commission chargée des questions administratives et budgétaires*, l’Assemblée générale a approuvé un budget de 7,525 milliards de dollars pour le financement de 14 opérations de maintien de la paix des Nations Unies, pour l’exercice budgétaire de 12 mois allant du 1er juillet 2013 au 30 juin 2014.

27 Jun 2013 description
report UN News Service

26 June 2013 – Presenting his eagerly-awaited strategy to put the strife-torn Sahel back on its feet, the United Nations Special Envoy for the region called today on the Security Council to back a framework that would guide the Organization’s collective efforts in capacity building to address resilience, cross-border threats and inclusive governance.

26 Jun 2013 description
report UN General Assembly


Sixty-seventh General Assembly Fifth Committee
35th Meeting (PM)

Creation of New Mission for Mali Pushes Budget beyond Total for Current Year

Concluding its second resumed substantive session, the Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary) today recommended financial arrangements for 14 United Nations peacekeeping operations for the year beginning 1 July 2013 and ending 30 June 2014, which, once approved by the General Assembly, would exceed the previous year’s figure due to the addition of a new mission for Mali.

19 Jun 2013 description
  • Abnormal dryness has settled in across western Mali.
  • A slight reduction in rainfall observed over Ethiopia.

1) The delayed onset of the March-May rainfall has negatively impacted ground conditions over the Belg-producing areas of northern Ethiopia. Despite an increase in rain since mid-April, the accumulated rainfall has remained below-average. Limited rain is forecast over the area during the next outlook period, likely maintaining rainfall deficits.

17 Jun 2013 description

The European Commission is responding to growing humanitarian needs in the Sahel region of Africa by increasing its support with an additional €69 million. The new funds will provide food assistance, clean water and access to basic health services to women and children suffering from hunger and food insecurity. It will also help vulnerable people affected by the conflict in Mali as well as refugees in Chad fleeing conflict in neighbouring countries.