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18 Mar 2019 description
report World Bank

Ninety percent of disasters are weather-related, according to the United Nations. Major disasters can have significant impacts on people’s lives and communities, even jeopardizing a country’s economic progress. 2017 was the costliest year on record, from hurricanes and wildfires to droughts and floods; global economic losses totaled more than $330 billion that year.

14 Mar 2019 description


In February, just over 3,600 refugees and migrants entered Europe via Italy, Greece and Spain. Overall arrivals to Spain (1,366 versus 4,612) decreased by just over 70% compared with the previous month while arrivals through routes to Greece (2,316 versus 2,652) and Italy (60 versus 202) decreased compared with the previous month. So far this year some 8,700 refugees and migrants arrived to Europe by sea compared to nearly 10,700 that arrived in the same period last year, marking an 18% decrease.

14 Mar 2019 description


Between 1 January and 28 February 2019, 262 refugees and migrants arrived in Italy by sea, compared to 5,247 and 13,439 in the same period in 2018 and 2017, respectively. In February 2019, 60 persons reached Italian shores. During the month, there were five disembarkation events of comparatively small groups – ranging from 8 to 14 sea arrivals on the islands of Lampedusa, Pantelleria, and Sardinia.

Nationality of arrivals

08 Mar 2019 description


Russia is the world’s largest country stretching from the Baltic Sea in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east, spanning eleven time zones. With the seventh highest population of all countries, Russia is home to over 146 million people and over 200 ethnic groups. Regarded as one of the most heterogeneous countries in the world, Russia has considerable variations in population distribution, ethnic composition, cultures and socio-economic contexts.

22 Feb 2019 description

El presidente de la República, Nicolás Maduro, encabezó este jueves una jornada de trabajo con la finalidad de fortalecer el sistema de salud que ofrece el Estado al pueblo venezolano, informando que arribaron este jueves al país 7.5 toneladas de medicamentos provenientes de Rusia.

“Llegó a Venezuela un lote importante de medicamentos por vía aérea, un conjunto de insumos médicos, mediante cooperación entre la Federación de Rusia y la Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS)”, expresó.

20 Feb 2019 description
report Insecurity Insight


Burkina Faso

04 January 2019: In Petanaye town, Nord region, unidentified perpetrators assumed to be militants from the JNIM terrorist group set fire to a school, resulting in moderate damage to the building.
Source: ACLED

09 January 2019: In Kiembara department, Sourou province, threatening posters of unknown origin forced the closure schools, including the Kiembara County High School and the College of General Education – as a measure of precaution. Source: aOuaga


07 Feb 2019 description

Protracted complex emergencies and natural disasters, including drought, earthquakes, floods, and wildfires, present significant challenges to vulnerable populations in Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia (EMCA). Between FY 2009 and FY 2018, USAID’s Office of U.S.

23 Jan 2019 description


  • Area planted with 2019 winter cereals forecast at above average level

  • Cereal production in 2018 estimated slightly below average

  • Cereal exports in 2018/19 forecast at second highest level after last year’s record

  • In November, export prices of wheat higher than year earlier

Area planted with 2019 winter cereals forecast at above average level

09 Jan 2019 description


Description of the disaster

On 25 March 2018, a fire broke out on the fourth floor of the shopping and entertainment centre Zimnyaya Vishnya in Kemerovo, Russia. The area of the fire was reported to be approximately 1,600 square metres. According to the official data, 64 people died in the fire, including 41 children. 79 people were injured, 12 of them were hospitalised.

22 Dec 2018 description

The UN Refugee Agency has been working in Ukraine since 1994 and established a country office the following year. A host country agreement was signed in September 1996.

Ukraine acceded to the 1951 Convention relating to the status of refugees and the 1967 Protocol in 2002. A 2011 law regulates the treatment of refugees and other persons of concern in Ukraine.

In 2013, Ukraine acceded to the two UN Conventions relating to the status of stateless persons (1954) and on the reduction of statelessness (1961).


19 Dec 2018 description

This publication highlights a set of 24 UNFPA good practices on South-South cooperation (SSC) in the areas of sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, gender equality, youth empowerment, and population data for development. It includes SSC case studies on family planning, maternal and child health, midwifery, obstetric fistula, HIV and AIDS, SRH in humanitarian setting, population data and population ageing. It demonstrates the successes and commitment of UNFPA and its partners in promoting South-South partnerships for the achievement of the SDGs.

19 Dec 2018 description

New project aims to restore agricultural livelihoods and strengthen resilience of conflict-affected households in Aleppo

19 December 2018, Rome - The Russian Federation has donated $3 million to help FAO provide conflict-affected farmers and herders in Syria with critical livelihood and nutrition support. This is the first FAO emergency project funded by Russia.