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15 Mar 2002 description
report UN Security Council

General Assembly
Tenth emergency special session
Agenda item 5
Illegal Israeli actions in Occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Security Council

14 Mar 2002 description

Bruxelles, 14.03.2002 - Le Gouvernement belge demeure effrayé du niveau atteint par la violence dans les territoires palestiniens et en Israël même et réitère sa conviction que le cycle de représailles et de contre-rétorsions ne fait qu'éloigner les parties d'une solution au conflit.

Plus que jamais, il reste convaincu que seule la création d'une perspective politique offre une issue à un processus de paix crédible tant pour les Palestiniens que pour les Israëliens.

Le Gouvernement est particulièrement préoccupé de ce que l'ampleur de la violence met en danger les …

14 Mar 2002 description
report Cruz Roja Española

En virtud de los Convenios de Ginebra y el cumplimiento del Derecho Internacional Humanitario

14 Mar 2002 description


The United States expects "a complete [Israeli] withdrawal from Palestinian-controlled areas," State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher told reporters March 14.

Boucher said the Israeli military needed to vacate the areas it had recently entered, including the Palestinian city of Ramallah.

"We remain very deeply concerned about the tragic loss of life and escalating violence in the last days. Both sides, we think, need to take immediate steps to create an environment in which progress is possible," he said.

Boucher noted a complete Israeli …

14 Mar 2002 description

By Paul Holmes

RAMALLAH, West Bank, March 14 (Reuters) - When Youssef al-Nabali wants to see what's going on outside his own front door, he switches on the television.

"That's our house," he said on Thursday, pointing to the top left hand corner of the screen.

14 Mar 2002 description
report UN News Service

The top United Nations envoy in the Middle East today met with the commanders of the three UN peacekeeping missions in the region to discuss the current, "bleak" situation, according to a UN spokesperson in New York.

14 Mar 2002 description

By Helena Cobban

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. - President George W. Bush, crafter of peace in the Holy Land? It could still happen. Most Israelis and Palestinians are reeling from the terrible casualties both communities have suffered in recent months. Now, with wise leadership from Washington, presidential envoy Anthony Zinni can urge these two beleaguered peoples to draw back from the abyss of destruction, whose horrors they have glimpsed, and to work rapidly toward a viable and hope-filled peace.

14 Mar 2002 description

By Timothy Heritage

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered a phased troop withdrawal from the West Bank city of Ramallah on Thursday as a U.S. envoy began a mission to broker a cease-fire between Israelis and Palestinians.

Retired Marine Corps general Anthony Zinni flew in to Ben-Gurion airport in Tel Aviv and then headed for Jerusalem, the U.S. embassy said.

Zinni was due to meet Sharon for talks later on Thursday (3:30 p.m. EST), and Palestinian President Yasser Arafat on Friday.

14 Mar 2002 description

Tel Aviv, 04 March 2002 (ICRC) - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is gravely concerned over the latest upsurge in violence and the loss of civilian lives in the Palestinian Occupied and Autonomous territories and in Israel. It condemns all acts of violence that cause death or injury to civilians, especially to children, who enjoy special protection under international humanitarian law (IHL).

14 Mar 2002 description


March 14, 2002 - Vienna, Austria - The OPEC Fund for International Development today approved grant assistance amounting to US$195,000 in support of two schemes aimed at addressing some of the immediate social needs of Palestinians affected by the ongoing violence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Since the onset of the Intifada in September 2000, the Palestinians' living conditions have deteriorated drastically. Unemployment rates are rising, and movement restrictions imposed on the Palestinians have undermined their access to medical supplies, food and health care …

13 Mar 2002 description
report UN News Service

In Jerusalem today, representatives of the 'quartet' - the United Nations, the United States, the Russian Federation and the European Union - held talks on security issues in advance of tomorrow's arrival of the US envoy to the region, according to a senior UN official.

13 Mar 2002 description

By Richard Waddington

GENEVA, March 13 (Reuters) - A United Nations rights investigator on Wednesday accused both Israelis and Palestinians of abuses in their 17-month-old conflict but said Israel's military occupation was the root cause of the problem.

"International humanitarian law and human rights norms have been seriously violated in the present conflict by both parties," special rapporteur John Dugard said in a report to the Geneva-based U.N.

13 Mar 2002 description

By Irwin Arieff

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. Security Council has passed a U.S.-drafted resolution referring for the first time to a Palestinian state existing side by side with Israel.

The 14-0 vote late on Tuesday, with Syria abstaining, also marked the first time the 15-nation council had approved a resolution on the Middle East since October 2000 and was the first text in recent memory touching on the troubled region to be written by Washington.

13 Mar 2002 description
report AlertNet

Since the start of the latest intifada -- the Palestinian uprising against Israel in the West Bank and Gaza Strip -- Islamic Relief has implemented an aid programme worth more than $1.2 million.

13 Mar 2002 description

President George W. Bush said he believed the dispatch of Special Envoy Anthony Zinni to the Middle East was "the right course of action at this point."

"[I]f I didn't think he could make progress, I wouldn't have asked him to go," said Bush. "[W]e had a lot of phone conversations with people in the Middle East which led us to believe that there is a chance ...