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05 Nov 1997 description
report Korea Herald


Moscow has delivered 370 tons of food relief to North Korea, the second shipment of such aid, its embassy in Seoul
announced Monday.

''In accordance with the Russian government's decree, the humanitarian aid, totaling 370 tons of food, has been delivered to North Koreans who have suffered from natural calamities,'' the embassy press release said.

The aid included canned meat, milk and sugar, it said.

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07 Jul 1997 description
report Korea Herald

Pyongyang Puts Soldiers Along the DMZ on the Alert

North Korea has strengthened its ability to wage war despite its serious food shortage, pending the third anniversary of the death of the late leader Kim Il-sung, the Defense Ministry said yesterday. The isolated Stalinist country could launch an attack or provocation at any time, but there seem to be no unusual signs at the moment that the North would launch an immediate attack against the South, an informed ministry intelligence official said.
07 Jul 1997 description
report Korea Herald
A group of religious and civic leaders yesterday launched a signature campaign to advocate food and medicine aid for
hungry North Koreans. ''We are starting a signature-collecting campaign to help the famine-stricken North Koreans,''
they said in a statement, adding that it aims to ship 1 million tons of food to the North. The group leaders, including
Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan and the Buddhist Rev. Song Wol-ju,[urged greater roles on the part of the South
Korean government to help the North Korean people.
19 Jun 1997 description
report Korea Herald
President Kim Young-sam said yesterday that he cannot rule out the possibility that North Korea diverted part of the
rice it received from South Korea in 1995 for military use.

''The North's food shortage problem is so serious that even its soldiers are not being fed properly,'' Kim said during a
visit to an air base. Kim visited the air base ahead of the June 25 anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War.
''There is no guarantee that part of the rice aid we donated didn't go to the military,'' he said.
18 Jun 1997 description
report Korea Herald
A South Korean-flag ship carrying food aid will arrive at the Hungnam port in North Korea next Monday, a Red Cross official said yesterday.

The Sangyoung-ho, which will carry 1,000 tons of corn flour and 150,000 boxes of ramyon (instant noodles), will leave Pusan Saturday for the North, said the official. It will be the first South Korean vessel to dock at a North Korean port with relief goods from private organizations.
18 Jun 1997 description
report Korea Herald
The government is working on measures to check the quality and quantity of corn which is purchased and packed in
China for delivery to North Korea, officials said yesterday.

The move follows a North Korean complaint Monday that the corn packed in 50kg bags was substandard and, in some
cases, contained impurities such as plaster powder. In a message to his South Korean counterpart, Li Song-ho, acting
president of North Korea's Red Cross, also said there were even stones and pieces of wood in some bags.