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23 Dec 1996 description

$500,000 APPEAL
North Korea will only be able to meet food requirements of itspopulation for the first seven months of 1997 without international aid.
100% of All Denominational Contributions
To Church World Service
Are Used for Disaster Relief & Recovery Programs

Disaster Bulletin No. 7633U


- CWS is issuing this new appeal for $500,000 within the context of the worldwide appeal for $2,146,133 from Action by Churches Together - the international emergency response consortium of churches and their agencies.

10 Dec 1996 description

Rome, 6 December - North Korea approaches 1997 in a far worse position than 1996 and still needs large scale amounts of international food assistance just to meet its minimum food needs, two UN agencies reported Friday.

20 Nov 1996 description

Pyongyang, November 20 (KCNA) -- Vice-premier Kong Jin Thae who is heading a delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea made a speech at the World Food Summit meeting.

He expressed support to the Rome Declaration and action program and referred to the matters of achieving the security of world food.

17 Oct 1996 description

Key Points

  • Over the past two years there has been a remarkable transition in perceptions among Washington-based policy makers regarding the nature of the threat posed on the Korean Peninsula, from a focus on North Korea's nuclear program and military strength to a focus on the potential instability arising from North Korea's economic vulnerabilities and political uncertainties.
  • The Geneva Agreed Framework has provided the basis for defusing potential confrontation associated with the North Korean nuclear program, but--as the North Korean spy submarine incident …
28 Sep 1996 description

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) -- The total quantity of the 100,000 tons of food which the Chinese Party and government decided to offer to the DPRK free of charge in connection with last year's flood damage in Korea has arrived. The Chinese government contributed to deepening the friendly and cooperative relations between the Parties, governments and peoples of the two countries by organizing the provision of food with sincerity this time.

14 Sep 1996 description
report Associated Press

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- North Korea thanked international organizations Saturday for unprecedented humanitarian aid for flood victims.

Flooding this year and last created food shortages that have left nearly all 24 million North Koreans on the brink of starvation, U.N. officials say. For the first time, the isolated communist state that preaches self-reliance publicly requested outside help.

13 Sep 1996 description

DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF KOREA : FLOOD RELIEF appeal no. 06/96 situation report no. 06 period covered: 7 August to 12 September 1996

13 Sep 1996 description
report Associated Press


BEIJING (AP) -- Almost all of North Korea's 24 million people are suffering from prolonged, severe hunger, particularly the children and elderly who are most vulnerable to disease and starvation, a U.N. official said today.

Famine in the isolated communist country may grow more severe next year unless there is an immediate infusion of aid, warned Robert Hauser, of the World Food Program's office in North Korea.

13 Sep 1996 description

This report includes: A) Liberia B) Burundi, Rwanda, Zaire and Tanzania C) Iraq D) Democratic People's Republic of

13 Sep 1996 description

BEIJING (Reuter) - Malnourished children with protruding bellies and stick-like arms can be seen in North Korea, and many of the nation's 22 million people could die if food shortages worsen next year, a U.N. official said Friday.

Savage floods have destroyed 10 percent of North Korea's grain harvest this year, aggravating food shortages in the already hungry nation, Robert Hauser, former country director of the United Nations World Food Program in North Korea, told a news conference in Beijing.

13 Sep 1996 description
report Voice of America


12 Sep 1996 description
report Associated Press

SEOUL (AP) -- Famine is biting ever harder into North Korea, with children and the elderly especially threatened and the government reducing food rations still further.

Aid experts say North Korea will need substantial food aid again next year, and possibly for much longer.

South Korean officials said Thursday that North Korea's food crisis won't ease unless the Communist country fundamentally changes its economic policies.

10 Sep 1996 description
report Oxfam

The Oxfam Emergencies Report gives an overview of Oxfam's recent emergency work around the world, for use in communications work. For further information on any of the emergencies outlined below, email Supporter Services on Oxfam@oxfam.org.uk or phone +44 1865 313600.

09 Sep 1996 description
report Associated Press

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- The South Korean Red Cross shipped $105,000 worth of flour to North Korea today to help the communist country care for its needy.

It was the eighth shipment sent to North Korea since last November to help residents affected by massive 1995 floods that swept away homes and fields.

Previous shipments had included blankets, instant noodles, powered milk, and cooking oil worth $1.5 million.

The next shipment of $222,000 worth of flour is to depart from Inchon port next Monday.