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08 Apr 1997 description
report World Vision

Background: In late July of 1996 the country was affected by floods for the second year in succession, though the severity was not comparable to the devastation caused by floods in 1995, when 5.2 million people's lives were affected and property damage estimated at US$15 billion.

08 Apr 1997 description

TOKYO (Reuter) - International relief efforts for North Korea gathered pace Tuesday as fears about its military intentions gave way to urgent action to avert the "hell" of a severe famine.

Underscoring the urgency, North Korea told aid agencies in Pyongyang that 134 children had died of malnutrition so far in the country's food crisis, the first figure it has given on deaths, according to Hans Olsen of the U.N. Children's Fund UNICEF speaking in Geneva.

04 Apr 1997 description

Half a bowl of rice. That's the rationed daily amount of food for North Koreans. Two years of devastating floods and years of declining agricultural yields have created widespread food shortages. MCC is joining with other groups to send emergency food shipments to North Korea to try to stave off famine, which appears imminent. MCC will provide $200,000 Cdn./$150,000 U.S. to purchase corn and rice in Vietnam that is scheduled to arrive in North Korea this month. From its warehouses in Pennsylvania and Kansas, MCC is also shipping 115,200 cans of beef to arrive by May.

02 Apr 1997 description

SEOUL, South Korea (Reuter) - Red Cross officials on Wednesday warned of imminent famine in North Korea, saying kitchens were bare except for grass and tree bark, children were weak and cattle were being slaughtered to save feed grain.

Yasuo Tanaka, an officer of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies who visited the impoverished nation last week, confirmed reports that food stocks had almost completely dried up.

''In some kitchens, there was no rice, no food at all.

01 Apr 1997 description

WASHINGTON (Reuter) - The U.N. World Food Program planned to double its appeal for aid to North Korea after recent inspections found the potential for starvation "quite rapidly on a massive scale," one program official said Tuesday,

"As a result of our trip, we have decided to double our appeal to 200,000 metric tons of food and to increase our caseload to include all children under six in the country," Michael Ross, a member of the program's inspection team, said.

26 Mar 1997 description

Korean Americans' Nationwide Campaign Kickoff for Humanitarian Aid to North Korea
Nat'l Kickoff Conference to be held in May
Appeal for $5 Million with 5,000 Members by December
Washington-Baltimore Chapter has already raised about $85,000 in 6 weeks

25 Mar 1997 description
report UN Children's Fund

Tuesday, 25 March 1997: UNICEF will appeal for special high energy milk to deal with severe child malnutrition in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. "We have just been informed that the DPR Korea government food distribution system expects its supplies to be exhausted in May-June," said UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy." Given the widespread dependence in the country on this public distribution of food, and scattered reports already of severe child malnutrition, we feel the international community should be ready to act quickly."

24 Mar 1997 description

Church World Service is providing emergency assistance to help alleviate the extreme food shortage in North Korea, where millions are on the edge of starvation. As the March 19 Chicago Tribune reported, people are supplementing their government ration of 100 grams of rice a day--or 350 calories, just a quarter of the daily minimum needed for survival--with roots, leaves and bark foraged from the countryside.

21 Mar 1997 description

New York, March 21, 1997 -- Lutheran World Relief is joining other church agencies to send food to hungry people in North Korea. Food stocks in that isolated country will run out by mid-year, according to U.N. and U.S. estimates, well before the next harvest in September. A $2.1 million appeal from ACT, Action by Churches Together, is providing food shipments for the country, plus 500 metric tons of barley seed which have arrived in time for spring planting. LWR is contributing $15,000, with special assistance from LCMS World Relief. LWR also helped North Korea last year.

19 Mar 1997 description

Beijing - The U.N. World Food Programme plans to increase its emergency assistance to North Korea, where critical food shortages caused by two years of heavy flooding have brought the country to the brink of a major humanitarian disaster, WFP Executive Director Catherine Bertini said
Ms. Bertini, who returned earlier in the day from a three-day visit to the DPRK, said that WFP plans to expand its current emergency program to feed all children under the age of six in North Korea through supplementary feeding at nurseries and kindergartens.