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28 Dec 2001 description
report Xinhua

SEOUL, Dec 28, 2001 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- The Korean Sharing Movement (KSM) said Friday it will donate 50,000 sets of winter clothes worth 632, 000 U.S. dollars to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

The donation will be shipped to the flood-stricken Kangwon Province in the DPRK Saturday morning.


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03 Dec 2001 description

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea welcomed on Monday the new United Nations appeal for $258 million in food aid and said it hoped the world would continue the donations which feed a third of the impoverished communist state's 23 million people.

"The U.N.'s appeal for humanitarian aid is a manifestation of the international community's concern for the DPRK for which it feels thankful," said North Korean Foreign Ministry statement carried on the Korea Central News Agency.

DPRK is the acronym for North Korea's official name -- the Democratic People's Republic …

29 Nov 2001 description
report Chosun Ilbo

A top World Health Organization (WHO) official recently disclosed how critical the spread of contagious diseases is in North Korea when she revealed, "North Koreans infected with malaria number 300,000." WHO Secretary General Bruntland made the disclosure in a press conference she held in Seoul following a North Korea tour during which she opened the permanent WHO mission in Pyongyang.

"In June communicable diseases raged in Hamgyong and Yanggang provinces of the North, causing a sharp rise in the number of graves in public cemeteries.

28 Nov 2001 description

By John Ruwitch

BEIJING, Nov 28 (Reuters) - The United Nations called on Wednesday for $258 million in aid for impoverished North Korea in 2002, but says getting it could be tough due to competition from other crisis-hit areas and strained relations with major donors.

Diversion of aid to war-torn Afghanistan, where a growing humanitarian crisis has attracted worldwide attention, and other needy countries would hinder the effort to help Pyongyang, U.N. representatives said.

"This year we are faced with competing demands in the world for the limited resources available for …

13 Nov 2001 description

Pyongyang, November 13 (KCNA) -- 6,000 tons of frozen beef were donated to the DPRK by the German government as humanitarian aid material with due ceremony at Nampho port today. Present there were Ri Yong Sok, vice-chairman of the DPRK Flood Damage Rehabilitation Committee, officials concerned, Claus Peter Woerner, charge d'affaires ad interim of Germany in Pyongyang, embassy officials and members of the visiting cooperation delegation of Germany headed by Christoph J. Burk, adviser to the association for technical cooperation of Germany.

Speeches were made at the ceremony.

08 Nov 2001 description

Pyongyang, November 8 (KCNA) -- The government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea will make positive efforts for the implementation of the action program of the world food summit while boosting the relations with the food and agriculture organization of the united nations and its members keen to achieve the world food security. Minister of Agriculture Kim Chang Sik, head of the DPRK delegation, said this, addressing the 31st conference of FAO on Nov. 5.

29 Oct 2001 description

Pyongyang, October 29 (KCNA) -- Sincere assistance is given to the people in the flood-afflicted areas of Kangwon Province. The areas of the province were hard hit by torrential rain and tidal wave between October 9 and 10, something unprecedented in the history of meteorological observation.

Tens of thousands of hectares of cultivated land were inundated or washed away, so that no harvest is expected from there.

Dwelling houses for over 30,000 families, nurseries, kindergartens, hospitals and other public and production buildings were destroyed.

19 Oct 2001 description
report Xinhua

SEOUL, Oct 19, 2001 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- The (South) Korean National Red Cross Friday said it will soon supply 100,000 U.S. dollars in aid to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) for flood victims.

The aid will be transferred by the International Federation of Red Cross to the DPRK.

Flood killed 81 people, with 33 missing after a heavy rainfall hit the DPRK's eastern coast on October 9-10.

Some 60,000 DPRK people have reportedly suffered from the flood.


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16 Oct 2001 description

Pyongyang, October 16 (KCNA) -- The Australian government sent wheat worth five million Australian dollars in humanitarian aid to the DPRK through the World Food Program in connection with the drought that hit the DPRK this year. The Australian government provided humanitarian aid to the DPRK on several occasions from 1997 as regards the natural calamities that lasted for several years in the country.

21 Aug 2001 description

By Tamora Vidaillet

BEIJING, Aug 21 (Reuters) - Hungry North Korea will need aid to feed its people for years to come as structural problems stunt the country's economic growth, the head of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said on Tuesday.

WFP Executive Director Catherine Bertini also told reporters she had heard no talk among Pyongyang officials of Chinese-style economic reform despite two recent unofficial visits by North Korean leader Kim Jong-il to China.

"We will continue to appeal to donors to give generously for our programme next year but …

15 Aug 2001 description

Pyongyang, August 15 (KCNA) -- Damage done by torrential rain is on the increase in the DPRK, according to a survey. This torrential rain that followed drought, the severest in 1000 years, did severe damage not only to various areas on the east and west coasts but intermediary and mountainous areas.

320 mm downpour that hit Hyesan, Ryanggang Province, in early august, was accompanied by strong wind which lasted for at least six hours.

Downpour registered over 53 mm per hour, an all-time high in the rainfall in that area.

03 Aug 2001 description

Pyongyang, August 3 (KCNA) -- All areas of the DPRK are hard hit by torrential rain. Unusual torrential rain persists in areas of Kangwon, north and south Hwanghae provinces and Kaesong city.

According to information available, 50 percent of the average annual rainfall was recorded in those areas in 5 days from July 27.

For example, rainfall stood at 607mm in Phyonggang county, 402mm in Sepho county, Kangwon Province and 517mm in Paechon county and 429mm in Yonan county, South Hwanghae Province.

11 Jul 2001 description

By David Brunnstrom

HANOI (Reuters) - North Korean head of state Kim Yong-nam began a visit to Vietnam on Wednesday in which he is expected to seek food aid and diplomatic support for his hungry country from one of the world's few other communist states.

Arriving in Hanoi on a special Air Koryu flight, Kim was the most senior North Korean to visit in more than 40 years. He will stay three days before heading to Vietnam's communist neighbor Laos and formerly communist Cambodia.

His tour of the rice-rich region comes ahead of a key regional security forum in Hanoi this month …

14 Jun 2001 description

By Song Jung-a

SEOUL (Reuters) - North Korea, grappling with chronic food shortages, has been parched by its worst spring drought in more than 80 years and needs more international aid to feed its people, experts said on Thursday.

"North Korea is experiencing a worsening food crisis because of the dry weather," said Kim Woo-keun, research director at the Korea Rural Economic Research Institute.

"They will have a harder time getting through the summer as their crops of wheat, barley and potatoes are expected to drop."

Communist North Korea depends on …

16 May 2001 description

An advocate hopes the UN, S. Korea, and China can aid the hungry at the border.

By Michael Baker Special to The Christian Science Monitor

Gathering 11.8 million signatures was the easy part.

But Kim Sang-chul knows that the goal of his petition - comprehensive relief for North Korean refugees - is a long way off.

Today, Mr. Kim plans to present the document to an assistant secretary general of the United Nations in New York.

15 May 2001 description

By Tim Large

TOKYO (Reuters) - A day after the EU established diplomatic ties with North Korea, a German doctor who traveled widely in the impoverished communist nation described on Tuesday the bleak conditions facing most of the population.

Norbert Vollertsen, expelled by Pyongyang in December after taking Western journalists on unauthorized tours of the North Korean countryside, said health conditions there seemed to be getting worse.

He said hospitals lacked basic facilities, leaving patients vulnerable to poor hygiene and extreme temperatures.

"They have no running …

11 May 2001 description

SEOUL, May 11 (Reuters) - Isolated North Korea, which has seen an estimated one million people die of hunger and related illness since 1995, has warned of another bad year because of an unprecedented drought.

"An unprecedentedly long spell of drought persists in the DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea)," according to the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

"Agriculture has been badly affected."

02 May 2001 description

STOCKHOLM, May 2 (Reuters) - Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson on Wednesday became the first Western government leader to meet isolated North Korea's reclusive leader Kim Jong-il and said he found his host attentive and well informed.