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31 Dec 2013 description

In the final quarter of 2013, between October to December, WFP conducted 763 field visits to Super Cereal factories, child institutions and private households to oversee the arrival of food commodities. Read more about the progress of this two-year project which aims to assist about 2.4 million people, especially children and pregnant and breastfeeding women, in 87 counties of DPRKorea.

17 Dec 2013 description

In Syria, government military aircraft targeted rebel-held districts in the northern city of Aleppo, killing at least 15 people according to opposition activists. In parallel, Damascus announced that it had retaken control of the key Damascus – Homs supply highway after gaining ground in the battle for the strategic Qalamoun region. London and Washington decided to suspend all non-lethal assistance to the Syrian opposition fearing that military equipment may fall under the control of Islamic radical groups.

16 Dec 2013 description

Recurrent floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, and seasonal typhoons present significant challenges to vulnerable populations in the East Asia and the Pacific (EAP) region. Some countries also face civil unrest and associated humanitarian impacts, as well as limited government capacity to respond to disasters. Between FY 2004 and FY 2013, USAID’s Office of U.S.

13 Dec 2013 description


  • 2013 cereal harvest forecast to increase

  • Larger harvest reduces cereal import requirements in 2013/14 marketing year (November/October)

  • Despite the improved harvest, severe food insecurity persists

11 Dec 2013 description

Key messages

  • The European Commission has been responding to humanitarian needs in DPRK since 1995 with over EUR 135 million in total.

  • The European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department ECHO, together with its partner organisations, is providing relief assistance when an immediate response is needed, such as during and following flooding, drought or food crises.

10 Dec 2013 description

Snapshot 3 - 10 December

In Syria, the conflict has been going on for over 1,000 days, and to date, the war has displaced 6.5 million people internally and forced 2.3 million to cross into neighbouring countries. Meanwhile, Washington indicated that it has been in talks with Islamist opposition factions non-linked to Al-Qaeda, in order to push for a negotiated settlement to the crisis.

05 Dec 2013 description

New satellite images show scale of North Korea’s repressive prison camps

At a Glance

  • Kwanliso 16 is the largest political prison camp in North Korea.

  • Satellite images of kwanliso show new housing blocks and an expansion of production facilities.

  • A former security official at the camp who has never spoken publicly before described detainees being forced to dig their own graves and women being raped and then disappearing.

03 Dec 2013 description

In Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that an estimated 126,000 people have died during the conflict, more than a third of them civilians. Meanwhile, Turkey and Iran, which support opposing sides within the crisis, jointly called for a ceasefire before the beginning of the peace talks, set for 22 January in Geneva.

29 Nov 2013 description
report Fida International

Fida provided North Korea with 60 tons of food aid. The distribution from mid-May to mid-June ensured a daily meal for 10 000 children for a month.

Food aid, consisting of maize, was sent to 18 kindergartens and 12 day-care centres in the northwest region of Jongju. In addition, for the first time food was also delivered to the remote mountains of Sepo in Kangwŏn.

28 Nov 2013 description

Harvests in DPR Korea up for third year but chronic malnutrition persists

FAO and WFP publish new assessment report

28 November 2013, Pyongyang/Rome - A nationwide assessment by two United Nations agencies shows an increase in staple food production in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) for the third year running.

26 Nov 2013 description

In Syria, government forces fully control the town of Qara after almost a week of heavy fighting which caused over 15,000 Syrian refugees to cross into Lebanon. Meanwhile, the UN stated that it has brokered an agreement allowing for the Government of Syria and opposition negotiators to meet for peace talks in Geneva on January 22. The opposition reaffirmed the conditions of its participation: the release of prisoners, humanitarian assistance for besieged towns, and the exclusion of President Assad from the new transitional government.

20 Nov 2013 description
report UN General Assembly


Sixty-eighth General Assembly
Third Committee
47th & 48th Meetings (AM & PM)

Recognizing the positive economic and political development occurring in Myanmar, speakers called today upon the Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) to discontinue future action on the relevant draft resolution, as it took action on four country-specific texts.

15 Nov 2013 description

SEOUL (15 November 2013) – The time has come for us to look at issues related to North Korean human rights with a perspective that will pave the way for justice and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula, said Marzuki Darusman, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) today in Seoul, the Republic of Korea (RoK).

12 Nov 2013 description

Snapshot 5 – 12 November

In Syria, the opposition agreed to participate in international peace talks in Geneva under the condition that President al-Assad is excluded from any transitional government, which constitutes a major obstacle to the initiation of the process as the Government stated it will not enter discussion if this demand is upheld. The peace dialogue has been repeatedly postponed and will not go ahead as planned in November. To date, the overall number of Syrian refugees is over 2.2 million and the number of people in need in the country stands at 9.3 million.

06 Nov 2013 description
report British Red Cross

Flooding and landslides in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) – also known as North Korea – have left the country unable to produce enough food to feed its 24 million population.

The British Red Cross – through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies – is helping vulnerable communities reduce the impact of these natural disasters, improve water and sanitation, and improve volunteer management within the DPRK Red Cross.

05 Nov 2013 description
report UN General Assembly

In the present report, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Marzuki Darusman, provides an overview of the latest development concerning human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea since the submission of his previous report to the General Assembly (A/67/370 ).

05 Nov 2013 description

Snapshot 29 October – 5 November

In Syria, the opposition remains divided over their participation to proposed peace talks in Geneva, with a decision being expected by 9 November. In Damascus, the Government repeated that it will not enter discussions if President al-Assad is forced to resign. While the overall number of Syrian refugees went over 2.2 million, revised estimates indicated that the number of people in need in Syria has increased from 6.8 million in April to 9.3 million in late October. An estimated 6.5 million are internally displaced.

01 Nov 2013 description
report Voice of America

Michael Lipin

October 31, 2013

A U.N. investigator says he has asked China to grant access to his team as it conducts an inquiry into suspected human rights abuses in neighboring North Korea.

In an interview with VOA in Washington Thursday, retired Australian judge Michael Kirby said he hopes his U.N.-mandated Commission of Inquiry will be able to visit China within the next two months.

30 Oct 2013 description
report UN News Service

29 October 2013 – Members of the United Nations-appointed inquiry into human rights violations in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) today reiterated that they are not biased against Pyongyang, as they are poised to finalize their investigative work this week.