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24 Jul 2018 description

Marwah Maqbool Malik of Oxford Policy Management introduces the Financing Framework for Resilient Growth and some lessons learned from its application in Pakistan.

09 Oct 2017 description

In 2010, CDKN was established as a demand-led initiative, bringing the best resources available from across the global market to support decision-makers in developing countries to develop the necessary policies and plans to tackle climate change. Although at first CDKN took a broader geographic approach in 70 countries, from 2013 onwards, CDKN focused its resources on 12 priority countries: Bangladesh, Colombia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda and Uganda; and on one subregion: the Caribbean.

19 Aug 2016 description

CDKN has undertaken a project to facilitate stakeholders in developing the heatwave management plan for Karachi, Pakistan. Syed Muhammad Abubakar, Knowledge Officer, CDKN Asia highlights how this project will initiate a process at the local level to help the development of the heatwave management plan, in coordination with and through the consensus of all stakeholders.

03 Feb 2016 description

In the aftermath of a devastating heat wave in Karachi Pakistan, CKDN held consultations with key stakeholders to facilitate Karachi city in heat wave management. Zofeen T. Ebrahim, a freelance journalist based in Karachi, Pakistan with interest in environmental issues reports on the event and the implications for the city of Karachi.

In the heatwave that hit Karachi, Pakistan in June 2015, a majority of those who perished were the poor, the elderly, outdoor labourers and the homeless. Half of them were women.

30 Jun 2015 description

CDKN’s Abdur Rahman and Charlotte Finlay reflect on how Pakistan could learn to plan better for heat waves and reduce the risks to its population.

28 Apr 2015 description

Tawanger Hussein from LEAD Pakistan outlines the challenges policy makers in Pakistan are confronted with as it works towards suitable policies for ensuring a “Food Secure” Pakistan.

A cornerstone of CDKN’s recent Climate and Development Knowledge Network’s Policy Dialogue in Islamabad was to understand the issues behind an increasingly food-insecure Pakistan, and define sustainable policies by bringing together people who matter the most – officials from the government, farmers, lawmakers and experts in the fields of agriculture and food security.

28 Apr 2015 description

With Climate Change a reality, Pakistan’s future water needs are coming under greater scrutiny. A burgeoning population and rapid urbanisation are changing are presenting new challenges to policy makers. Saad Sultan of LEAD Pakistan explores how Pakistan will cope with the changed realities.

13 Apr 2015 description

The team from LEAD Pakistan reports on a policy dialogue with the Government of Pakistan last week to explore how development of the country’s water resources could be more ‘climate compatible’.

18 Jul 2014 description

Shelter design is one of the greatest factors influencing the loss of lives and assets during extreme climate events and is therefore a significant cost for governments, the private sector, and nongovernmental organizations working on disaster risk reduction or post-disaster reconstruction. The project, Sheltering From a Gathering Storm, has generated substantive information on the costs and benefits of climate resilient shelter designs.