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27 May 2014 description

Naseem Munir has been shot dead.

Brave, funny, feisty, clever, hard working and above all, determined.

Perhaps that was what brought her down, in the end. She could not be cowed.

Foreign Correspondent was filming in Karachi with Naseem just a few weeks ago, there to make a story about polio.

Although the wild virus has almost been eradicated throughout the world, it is on the rise in Pakistan.

In a society where it is often hard to persuade women to appear on camera, she was up for anything, articulate and passionate.

27 May 2014 description

Senior Pakistani health officials have welcomed a move by US intelligence agencies to stop using immunisation programs as a cover for their operations.

But the move comes amid a resurgence of polio cases in Pakistan, a country once thought to be on the verge of eradicating the deadly disease.

"It is good news. If they stick to it then it will help with convincing people that vaccines are not part of a conspiracy," Dr Nima Abid, a senior official with the World Health Organisation in Islamabad, said.

14 Nov 2012 description

By George Roberts in Jakarta

The United Nations' High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has said that hunger strikes at Australia's asylum seeker processing centre on Nauru indicates that conditions are unbearable.

Audio: UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay discusses the situation on Nauru

27 Sep 2012 description

By Indonesia correspondent George Roberts

Indonesian authorities have arrested more than 120 asylum seekers who were trying to reach Australia.

Water police intercepted them at the mouth of a river in west Java as they attempted to make their way to the ocean and beyond to Australia.

On board were 126 asylum seekers from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, but five managed to escape from authorities.

21 Jul 2011 description

Around 12 million Pakistanis are still trying to rebuild their lives a year after floods devastated the country, according to a global humanitarian group.

The 2010 floods saw around a fifth of the country under water with the disaster killing at least 2,000 people, and directly affecting another 20 million.

Caroline Austin, from the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies, has been in Pakistan since shortly after the disaster, managing communication with flood victims via SMS, print, radio and television.

23 Oct 2010 description

Bomb attacks have killed 10 Pakistanis, hitting a military patrol and worshippers at a mosque in the northwest.

The attack near the mosque in the city of Peshawar, killed four people including two children.

The attacks came as Washington held out an offer of two billion dollars in fresh military aid to Pakistan, where it wants the military to do more to fight insurgents in the northwestern tribal belt.

07 Oct 2010 description

Two bomb explosions at a shrine in the Pakistani city of Karachi have killed at least eight people and wounded several others.

Police reports say the two explosions at the Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine in Karachi happened in quick succession.

The first blast came as the suspected bomber went through a metal detector to the main shrine.

The second, about ten seconds later further inside the shrine as body parts and shoes were littered across the floor of the building.

Pakistani leaders were quick to condemn the attack promising an immediate and detailed investigation

"It …

16 Sep 2010 description

Jane Cowan

European Union leaders are to decide if they would back a call by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, for trade-linked aid to help Pakistan battle flood devastation and fears of rising Islamist extremism.

The floods which first struck at the end of July following extremely heavy monsoon rains in the northwest, then surged down the Indus river to the south claiming over 17 hundred lives and affecting 20 million others.

There are signs the country's flood crisis could be deepening, with reports of new flooding in the province of Sindh.

Officials estimate …

13 Sep 2010 description

Liz Jackson

Six weeks after the devastating floods began in Pakistan, the urgent need for assistance continues to rise while donations to the United Nations' relief fund are now stalling.

Last week the Pakistan government conceded that over one million of its flood-affected people received no assistance at all.

In this climate, Pakistan's foreign minister tells tonight's Four Corners program that extremist groups will want to exploit the difficulties the country faces.

"But we must not permit them to do so.

06 Sep 2010 description

By Alison Middleton

An Australian medical team sent to help victims of the floods in Pakistan is treating more than 170 patients per day.

The team - which includes 10 people from the Northern Territory, five from Western Australia and one each from Victoria and Queensland - is in the town of Kot Addu in southern Pakistan.

Dr Len Notaras from the Trauma Response Centre in Darwin says the team is well prepared for the tough conditions.

"They're working from 6 in the morning through until 8 at night," he said.

"The temperatures have been reported as …

30 Aug 2010 description

Pakistani troops and workers are trying to save the southern city of Thatta that's in the path of the continuing flood.

Most of the population of 300,000 have fled the advancing waters that are about two kilometres away.

Most roads into the city are flooded and closed to all traffic.

Army engineers say they have repaired an important embankment and are trying to protect the highway linking Thatta with Karachi.

Torrential monsoon rains triggered the floods that have moved steadily down the Indus River Valley from north to south over the past month.

Over 17 million people …

27 Aug 2010 description

By South Asia correspondent Sally Sara

Aid agencies in Pakistan say they will continue to deliver emergency assistance to flood victims despite warnings of possible attacks by the Taliban.

The United Nations is reviewing its security measures after the US said it had credible evidence that the Pakistani Taliban was planning to attack foreigners who are helping in the aid response to the country's devastating floods.

The threats have added to the challenges of relief workers in the midst of Pakistan's worst natural disaster.

Some foreign aid agencies are reviewing their …

25 Aug 2010 description

Sally Sara, Sukkur

The Pakistani government is warning of a possible epidemic of waterborne diseases as the nation's flood crisis worsens.

Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has held talks with government and international health officials, because of fears of widespread outbreaks of water borne diseases.

Millions of victims of Pakistan's flood disaster still don't have any clean drinking water.

The situation is worsening in the south of the country.

09 Aug 2010 description

By South Asia correspondent Sally Sara

Pakistani prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is appealing for urgent international help for 15 million people affected by the country's record-breaking floods.

Mr Gilani has met flood victims and rescue teams in the city of Sukkur and is pleading for international help as the disaster worsens.

Up to 1 million people have been evacuated from rural areas in the southern province of Sindh, but many do not have enough food or clean water.

Some angry flood survivors threw rocks at police, who baton charged a crowd demanding food.

Vast …

04 Aug 2010 description

By South Asia correspondent Sally Sara

The Pakistani government has issued new flood warnings, as the number of people affected by what have been labelled the nation's worst floods in 80 years passes more than 3 million.

Officials say the disaster is escalating as more rain is expected in the next two days and river levels are rising in the south of the country.

The government has defended its response to the crisis and will hold an emergency cabinet meeting later today.

Federal secretary of information Sohail Mansoor says the nation has never dealt with flooding on this …

21 Jul 2010 description

By South Asia correspondent Sally Sara

Pakistani immigration officials say the Federal Government's six-month freeze on processing new applications from Afghan asylum seekers has failed to stop the flow.

Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) says the measure has not delivered any change in the numbers of Afghans travelling through Pakistan and hoping to get to Australia

Pakistani officials now want Australian permission to interrogate asylum seekers on Christmas Island in an attempt to break people smuggling rings in Pakistan.

Thousands of Afghan refugees cross …

05 Jul 2010 description

Sally Sara

Pakistan's prime minister has announced plans for a national peace conference to find a way to stop the country's deadly insurgency.

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has issued an invitation for Pakistan's deeply divided political leaders and parties to come together.

He is urging political parties and religious leaders to help the state and army fight the terrorists.

Prime Minister Gilani made the announcement after last week's deadly double suicide attack on a shrine in the city of Lahore, which killed more than 40 people.

The Pakistani …

23 May 2009 description

A car bomb has exploded outside a cinema in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar killing at least 10 people and wounding 70 others.

The blast comes as troops battle Taliban rebels in a major operation in a valley 140 kilometres away, with officials saying it is likely the bomb was revenge for the offensive in Swat.

Desperate families have sought shelter in Peshawar after escaping the military offensive in Swat and nearby areas.

Pakistan's military says its troops have killed 17 militants in the latest fighting to stop the rebels encroaching further into the country.

06 May 2009 description

Aid agencies are warning of a humanitarian crisis in Pakistan's Swat Valley, estimating 500,000 people could flee the area.

The Asia director for Human Rights Watch, Brad Adams, told Radio Australia's Connect Asia program civilians will be caught up in fighting.

"Civilians are once again in Pakistan going to be the real victims between the Taliban and the government," Mr Adams said.

"The government doesn't seem to have any notion about how to root out the Taliban without proposing a flat earth policy that has destroyed villages all over the Frontier …

06 Apr 2009 description

Police in Pakistan say at least 24 people have been killed and 50 injured in a suicide bomb attack near a Shiite mosque in Punjab province.

The blast took place in Chakwal, about 60 kilometres south of Islamabad, where hundreds of Shiite Muslims had gathered for a religious ceremony.

Police say a suicide bomber, who eyewitnesses described as a teenage boy dressed in black, blew himself up at the entrance to the mosque.

No group has admitted responsibility for the bombing, but analysts say it appears to be sectarian in nature.

It follows a spate of attacks on …